Sep 19/21
5:11 pm

Rockford Fire Department B Team




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Countdown to Vegas fallen firefighter tourney
(May 5/13)

Happy New Year! now that all that hoopla is over lets get down to business.  We have a lot of new additions to the B team family.  The Browns(Dez), Jordals(Maddyn), Brodericks(Bella). and Cantus(Isabella) all welcome new additions to their families.  We look forward to seeing all the new faces this summer at the games.


Practice will start soon at the indoor facility. 


The new season starts end of april.  We will play tuesday nights  and sign up for both summer and fallball. 


As usual we have tournaments all summer long which always end up being a good time. 

So far we have vegas,swedes,turtle,and riverhawk stadium against the cops.  If you know of any you would like to play in  notify me and we will set it up. 


Cost will be up this year due to the fact that there are new bat laws in effect for 2013.  None of our bats are legal.  We need to restock our whole collection.


I will try to establish two captains per shift.  I have a little bit of new responsibility, so help would be appreciated.  All you would do is coach the team in my absence.  I will take care of all notifications. 


Uniforms orders will be taken soon.


We have two new recruit classes on board.  I need help getting us some new blood to the team.  please talk to the recruits see who plays or is interested and contact me thanks. 



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