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New Bloomfield

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  • Welcome to the new home of the PnJfastpitch
  • All Tournaments will be played at Bob Hoffman Complex.
Countdown to Memorial Day Mayhem 2012
(May 26/12)

PnJ Fastpitch

 All tournaments will be played in State College and Lewistown Area.

 PnJfastpitch 2013 softball Tournaments

       Hess Fields, State College, PA and surrounding area

May 25,26     Spring Fling     10u,12u,14u        $350.00 4gg

July 19,20,21 Kick-Off Classic10,12,14,16,18,23U $700.00 8gg

Aug 10,11Fastpitch Extravaganza 10,12,14,16,18,23U $350.00 4gg

Aug 31,1st    2013 Slugfest    10,12,14,16,18,23U $350.00 4gg

Sept 28,29    End of Summer Blow Out 10,12,14,16,18,23U $350.00 4gg

Oct 19,20     Fall Brawl       10,12,14,16,18,23U $350.00 4gg




 Reminders on Entering Tournaments




    1. There may be confusion among some teams as to what effect entering tournaments online has on holding their place in those tournaments. Many times a team will register for a tournament online weeks, or months, in advance believing that ensures them a spot. Simply put, no entry is complete without the director receiving the entry fee. Even though we use an online tournament entry process, the receipt of the entry fee is still what guarantees a teams spot in an event. The date upon which a team completes the online entry has no bearing on the teams acceptance into a tournament. In fact, if anything, the longer the time passes between the online entry and the tournament deadline, the less valid that entry becomes. 


    For most tournaments, spots are awarded in the order that payment is received. Teams that send in payment, or request to send in payment, after the tournament has been filled will be placed on a waiting list.



    1. When you mail your entry fee check to the tournament director please remember to print off the confirmation email that you received when you entered the tournament online and include a copy of that email with your check. Weve had several instances where a check is the only thing thats put in the envelope. Without the accompanying email or at least some document describing the team, we have no way of knowing which team is actually paying. 



    1. If a team sends in one check for multiple tournaments, please include a copy of the confirmation email for each tournament to which the check applies, and make sure that the director to which youre sending the check is the one thats running all of those events. In other words, dont mail an entry to one director when the tournament for which youre paying is being run by another director.



    1. Do not make the check payable to the name of the tournament. Instead, to get the payment information (i.e., who to make the check payable to and where to mail it) click on the tournament name in the listing.


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