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  • Welcome to the home of the Las Vegas Lobos the 2009 Latin League Spring Champs!
  • Lobos are taking a 15 game winning streak going into the next season
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  • Lobos would like to proudy thank all of our fans, friends, family, sponsors for all of your support!
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The Lobos Baseball Organization

The Las Vegas Lobos compete all year long in a 18 and over aluminum bat baseball league (Semi-Pro Latin Baseball League), as well as other tournaments, and practice games. Manager Cesar Perez joined the Latino league in March of 2009 and is looking to build a competitive baseball team to play together, win, and have fun. The Lobos consist of players who have high school, college, and even professional level baseball experience. The Lobos baseball team plays the game with heart and class because that is what American's favorite past time is all about. If you are interested in a try out please contact the Lobos by email at cesarp1972@yahoo.com.





 Recent news, Updates, Transactions, and  Game Results



7-19-2009 - Lobos (1st seed) Vs. Coyotos Rios (2nd seed) W 21-9
(Championship Series)
Lobos win the championship! They took the first two out of three games from the Coyotas winning the 2009 Latin League Summer Championship! Chris Gschwender tosses the first 5 innings earning the win striking out 8. Adrian Gutierrez followed him getting into some trouble but backing him up right away was Rudy Hernandez. Lobos combined as a team with 29 base hits! They clearly dominated the Coyotas pitchers. Rudy Hernandez the hot hitter of the team goes 6 for 6 hitting for the cycle in the game. Mike Johns, Jason Gschwender, Chris Gschwender, Ernie Gutierrez, Dallas Tracy, and Issak Gutierrez all each had 3 hits as well. Lobos finished the season on top and taking there well deserved championship trophy!

7-12-2009 - Lobos(1st seed) Vs. Coyotos Rios(2nd seed) W 19-11
(Championship Series)
1st game of this best of 3 series and the Lobos stay hot and continue there great season. As a team they put up 19 hits compared to the Coyotas 15. Chris Gschwender started on the hill and earned himself another win striking out 6. He also hit a towering homerun to help his run support. Rudy Hernandez has a hot day at the plate going 6 for 6 and leading the way of the Lobos offense. Jason Gschwender also stay hot going 4 for 5 with a homerun and a double. Lobos will finish the series next sunday hoping to end this series in only two games.

6-28-2009 - Lobos(1st seed) Vs. Guerreros (4th seed) W

Coming soon...

6-22-2009 - Lobos(1st seed) Vs. Guerreros(4th seed) W 11-1
The Lobos meet there Rivals again and dont let the score fool you this was a very interesting match. Two teams who are so competitive that the umpires couldnt control the contest. Chris Gschwender on the hill going 7 innings striking out a career and team high of 18 hitters. He game up 0 earned runs and earned another win for the Lobos. Adrian Gutierrez  came in and pitched the final two innings and finished the game off for Chris. He struck out 5 hitters in his 2 innings of work giving them a combined total of 23 strike outs in a 9 inning game. Hot sticks this game were Ernie Gutierrez, Dallas Tracy, and Jason Gschwender. Ernie 3-4 1 walk, 2 doubles, and 3 RBI's. Dallas went 3-4 with 3 singles, 3 RBI's and 2 stollen bases as well. Jason's stick came alive as he went 3-3 with 2 walks, 2 singles, 1 double, and 2 RBI's. Those three players led the sticks for the Lobos as they went threw a total of 4 pitchers for the Guerreros. Lobos take game one of this three game series and hope to finish them off in only 2 games to send those Guerreros home.

6-14-2009 - Lobos Vs. All Stars W 15-0
Rudy Hernandez gets his debut on the mound for the Lobos. He does a great job throwing 4 innings of shutout baseball striking out 4 and only giving up 1 hit. He also has a hot day at the plate going 3 for 3 with a walk and 2 RBI's on the day. The Lobos defense was great behind him as well. Keoki Wright came in the game in the 5th inning to get his work in and close the door. Chris Gschwender went 3 for 4 at the plate with 2 stollen bases finishing off the season with a total of (9) leading the team. Keoki Wright hitting second for the Lobos for the first time had a good day at the plate as well with 2 hits. Angel Tirado stayed hot at the plate as well going 2 for 4 with 3 RBI's as the Lobos will look for him to keep his hot stick going threw playoffs. This game wrapped up the Lobos spring season as they finish in first place. They earned the 1st seed going into playoffs and will be taking on the 4th seed team.

6-7-2009 - Lobos Vs. Guerreros W 14-6
Lobos sticks come out alive as they put up a total of 22 hits against the Guerreros 2 different pitchers. Chris Gschwender started the game on the hill earning the win throwing 5 innings giving up 1 earned run and striking out 10. Behind him Edgar Lopez came in with a rocky start but he got the job done. Keoki Wright finished the game getting the final 2 outs for the Lobos. The Lobos sticks were led by Angel Tirado and Keoki Wright. Angel having a hot day went 5 for 5. Keoki went 4 for 5. Angel Tirado earned the player of the game proving that his stick is lively and starting to come threw. 7 Lobos had multi hit games which has to be a record. Not only that but every player in the game had a hit for the Lobos. This game was important for the Lobos being that the Guerreros were one of the top teams in the league. The Lobos won this game 14-6 and clinched first place. Go Lobos!

6-1-2009 - (Updated Standings Top 6)
1. Las Vegas Lobos (9-1)
2. Coyotas Rios (8-2)
3. Guerreros (8-2)
4. Cafeteros (8-3)

5. Padres (7-3)
6. Marineros (6-4)

5-31-2009 - Lobos Vs. Padres W 7-2
Keoki Wright gets the start on the hill for the Lobos and does his job going 5 innings giving up only 1 earned run. He kept the Padres hitter off balanced all game using 3 different pitches. The Lobos sticks were led by Chris Gschwender, and Rudy Hernandez. Chris with a huge long ball earned the player of the game playing solid defense and going 2 for 3 at the plate. Rudy also had a hot day going 3 for 4. Edgar Lopez came into the game on the hill in the 6th and finished the game for Keoki. He tossed 4 scoreless innings for the Lobos and was pretty close to untouchable with his stuff all working. Issac Gutierrez and Jason Gschwender also both had two hits a peace to help the Lobos win this game 7 to 2.

5-17-2009 - Lobos Vs. Cafeteros W 13-7
Can the Lobos be stopped? They finally meet a decent match the Cafeteros led by a strong pitcher. Lobos come out with there bats popping and rack up 18 hits in this 8 inning game which was called due to time. Chris Gschwender starts on the hill but does not have his strongest outing as he was a little under the weather. He still keeps his team in the game but runs out of gas in the 5th inning. Picking him up was Edgar Lopez getting him out of the inning with no dammage. After him it was Keoki Wright and he keeps the Cafeteros bats quit. Big days at the plate as 6 Lobos have multi hit games. Mike Johns goes 3-5. Edgar Lopez has a big day at the plate going 2-5 with 2 homeruns in good timing. Ernie Gutierrez stays hot at the plate having yet another 3-4 day with 2 doubles and is swinging the hottest stick on the team. Adrian Gutierrez also had a big day 3-5 with 2 doubles. Lobos sticks were hot crushing both Cafeteros pitchers. Lobos win and continue there win streak 13-7.

5-10-2009 - Lobos Vs. Cardenales W 12-5
The weather turns hot and so are the Las Vegas Lobos. Coming out on Mother's day the Lobos put up a total of 19 hits raking the Cardenales pitchers. On the bump for the Lobos was Adrian Gutierrez throwing 5 innings, striking out 5 and earning the win for the Lobos. He showed true heart in the 5th inning getting threw his biggest jam and keeping the Lobos on top. The big sticks at the plate this game were Issak Gutierrez with 4 hits, Ernie Gutierrez with 3, and Chris Gschwender with 3 as well. This weeks player of game goes to Issak Gutierrez going 4 for 4 at the plate playing solid defense all game as well as pitching a shutout inning. The Lobos would also like to thank all the mothers for there support on Mother's day.  The Lobos improve there record to 7-1.

5-3-2009 - Lobos Vs. Calaveras W 8-1
Lobos stay hot taking another win from the Calaveras. Leading the Lobos was Mike Johns having himself a hot day at the plate going 5-5 with 2 doubles and 3 singles. His stick was looking lively hitting two off of the outfield fence. Chris Gschwender cruised threw 7 innings of work earning himself another win striking out 15 and giving up 0 earned runs. Rudy Hernandez came in and shut the door tossing the 8th and 9th, both scoreless innings. The Lobos come out playing ball like they have been and improve there record to 6 wins and 1 loss.

4-26-2009 - Lobos Vs. Dodgers W 9-6 (Extra innings)
Lobos face the Dodgers and it is an amazing game that goes into extra innings. Starting pitcher for the game was Adrian Gutierrez as he kept his team in the game the whole way. He pitched 5 and 2/3 innings striking out 12. Behind him was Chris Gschwender holding the Dodgers down to 0 runs in 4 1/3 innings and giving them a chance to rally back and beat the Dodgers. Lobos sticks were again led by Ernie Gutierrez having a huge day at the plate going 5 for 5 with 2 doubles and a big homerun. He also had 4 RBI's and earned this weeks game ball (back to back weeks). Rudy Hernandez also had a good day at the plate going 3 for 5 with 2 RBI's and he also caught the whole game doing a great job. This win was a big win for the Lobos as they truely showed how much heart this team truely has. There league record is now 5 wins and 1 loss with a 5 game winning streak.

4-19-2009 - Lobos Vs. Koras W-12-0
Lobos bats come out banging as they put up a 4 run first inning, and never look back. Chris Gschwender gets the start again and appears as advertised un-touchable on the hill. He tossed 5 innings, striking out 10. Behind him was Adrian Gutierrez for an inning coming in to strike out the side fo. Joe Stratton then came in getting his debut pitching the last inning and finished the game off. All of the Lobos pitchers were truely on and never gave the Koras a chance. There bats were led by Ernie Gutierrez going 3 for 4 with 4 RBI's. He earned the Lobos game ball by driving the most runs in on the team. Lobos defense was great being that the field was in poor condition. Lobos beat up on the Koras pitching with 14 hits in 7 innings and winning this game 12-0. Lobos improve there league record to 4 wins and 1 loss with a 4 game winning streak!

4-12-2009 - Lobos Vs. Pericos W 13-2
Easter sunday baseball as the Lobos take there third win. Issak Gutierrez gets the start and does ok but runs out of gas early. Keoki Wright enters on the hill after him and cruises for 4 innings earning his first Lobos win. He struck out 6. Chris Gschwender closed it out throwing the last two innings giving up 0 runs, 0 hits, and striking out 2. Lobos bats had trouble waking up early on but when they did (5th inning), there was no stopping them. Chris Gschwender had a hot day at the plate going 4 for 5 earning the player of the game. Issak Gutierrez, Dallas Tracy, and Edgar Lopez also had big days at the plate as they all put up 3 hits each. Lobos out hit the Pericos 20 hits to 5. Lobos improved there record to 3-1 in league play.

4-11-2009 - (Roster Movement)
Lobos place Robert Parra on the disabled list (30 Day). He will be out for 30 plus days due to pain in his back. Lobos are looking forward to having him back as soon as possible.

4-11-2009 - (Signing)
Lobos pick up 2 more, Keoki Wright (SP, Utility), and Dallas Tracy (Utility). Keoki adds to the team with being one of the most dominant pitchers in Vegas.  He pitches smart and plays the game with class, and heart. Dallas adds to the team being mid-lineup hitter. He has gap to gap as well as the long ball power. Dallas will be used as a utility player playing all positions on the field.

4-5-2009 - Lobos Vs. Vegas Sports W 12-3
Lobos are led by Jason Gschwender going 3 for 4 at the plate with 5 RBI's. He was truely Mr. Clutch coming up big when we needed him. Chris Gschwender earned the win striking out the first 9 hitters of the game out. He pitched 5 innings giving up 1 hit, and 0 runs.  Edgar Lopez came in relief to finish Vegas sports off. He struck out 3 hitters in 3 innings of work. Lobos bats all came out hot coming up with key hits when we needed them. Lobos improved there record to 2-1 with this W.

4-5-2009 - Lobos recieve new uniforms!!!

3-29-2009 - Lobos Vs. Las Vegas Indios W 21-3
Lobos come out strong with there pitching, hitting, and solid defense. Mike Johns, Chris Gschwender, and Adrian Gutierrez all homered and led the bats of the Lobos. Chris Gschwender started the game tossing 5 innings giving up only 1 earned run. Adrian Gutierrez came in and tossed a scoreless inning behind him, and Edgar Lopez came in and finished the game on the hill. Jose Lopez swung a hot bat going 3 for 5 with a double, triple, and 3 RBI's. Adrian Gutierrez not only pitched well but he also went 4-6 at the plate leading the Lobos bats and earning the game ball. Lobos improved there record to 1-1 with this W.

3-22-2009 (Opening day) - Lobos Vs. Las Vegas Coyotes L 6-0
have some comminication problems and only show up with only 8 players and have to forfeit opening day. Huge disappointment but learned from there mistake. Lobos start the season now with a 0-1 record.  

3-25-2009 - (Signing) 
Lobos finalize there roster by adding there last players (Mike Johns and Jason Gschwender). Mike helps the team with his strong bat being a leadoff hitter with power. He also has a vacumn like glove and strong all out player skills. Jason helps the team being able to play any position on the field with his all out type of attitiude.

3-17-2009 - (Signing)
Robert Parra(RP, OF, 1B) and Edgar Lopez (SP, SS, OF) are also picked up as free agents for the Lobos. Robert Parra is a side arm hard throwing righty who looks to help the Lobos bullpin. Edgar Lopez will be used as a starter on the mound as well as a utility playing all infield and outifleld positions.

3-14-2009 - (Signing) 
The Lobos are pleased to announce the signing of Chris Gschwender(SP, 1B).  Chris Gschwender has college and professional level baseball experience. He joins the team and hopes to help and lead the team with his powerfull arm pitching, and with power hitting. He hopes to be a team leader for the Lobos.

 Fall 2008 ABU runner ups!
12-14-2008 (Championship Game) - Vs. Las Vegas Mustangs L 3-1
The Lobos competed in the American Baseball union in the fall of 2008.  Lobos come out behind the arm of Chris Gschwender. He does well throwing a complete game, only giving up 1 hit and 1 earned run.  He struck out 11 and walked 4.  Lobos out hit the Mustangs 4 to 1 but there 4 errors got the best of them.  Mike Johns supplied the only run by the Lobos hitting a homerun. Lobos drop the championship game by a score of 3-1. It was a well faught season by the Lobos as they climbed all the way back from nearly last place.

 Spring 09 Season

-15 Game Regular Season + Playoffs

-Sunday Afternoon/Evening Games

-Opening Day March 22, 2009


The Lobos are always looking for sponsorship help. Any questions regarding this please contact us by email at cesarp1972@yahoo.com  or by phone at  (702) 326-6885. Also please check out our sponsor pages links. Thank you very much!












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