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  • Black Sox are new and improved from and impressive Summer season.
Countdown to Playoffs vs. Mustangs
(Dec 7/08)

 Black Sox Finish Fall Season 4-6-1
Enter the Playoffs as the 4 seed.

Welcome To the Las Vegas Black Sox website. We are proudly part of the Las Vegas Zone Baseball league and are in the 18+ Wood Bat league. For info regarding the Black Sox email me at abrownizzle@hotmail.com
L  - Black Sox 6 vs Bulls 16. Nov 23rd

L  - Black Sox 3 vs Mustangs 14. Nov 16th

W  - Black Sox 10 vs Legacy 6. Nov 4th

Sox bounce back form a humiliating defeat on a short week by pounding team Legacy with 19 hits. Legacy has beaten us twice before, once to eliminate us from the playoffs, but we had no problem with them tonight. It was a cold dark night out at Silverado ranch but our bats kept us hot all game long, costantly putting pressure on "The Legacy". The highlights: Eric Simpson pitched a complete game going 9innings strong striking out 8 giving up 6runs 2 earned. Damien Sisto was hit the ball hard all night going 4-4 with a double and blasting 3 of his hits off the out field wall. Mike Campo was 2-4 with a 2run HR. Our outfield combo of Sam Tofte, Jake Brown, Matt Boggess, and Jason Harkness, were solid not making one error. Matt came up huge in the ninth by catching a fly ball and making a long throw to the plate too catch the runner who was tagging up, to get us a double play. But the definate player of the game goes to Lew LaFayette who hit a huge go ahead 2run HR to give us a 7-6 lead and swing the momentium in our favor. On the deffensive side Lew was solid making no errors and catching to high fly ball at second in tuff spots to solidify his stake at player of the game! General Manager Notes:  We played a solid game not getting down after making a error and hitting the ball hard all night, against a good Legacy team. We have 2 more games and one against an undefeated Mustangs. Do we have what it takes to finish this season strong.

L  - Black Sox 6 vs Coyotes 10. Nov 4th

We lost too a team that had not won all season. We had the lead all game and blew it in the last inning giving up 6 runs. We played well the whole game not making many mistakes and hit the ball decently. A player leaving early and a late game ejection stopped us from having any hope to mount a come back.

W  - Black Sox 14 vs Raptors 4. Nov 2nd

We come out swinging the sticks great today and playing a solid defense to take a early lead and only add more and more through out the game. The energy was up and we played a great game all the way around. A much needed win to put us back to 500% and now a record of 3-3-1. The highlights: Eric Simpson throws a great game behind a huge lead hitting spots and throwing strikes right out the gate too improve his record to 2-2. Mike Campo does it again week after week like usuall going 4-4 with 2 HR's and 6RBIS! Adam Brown rounded out the day going 2-3 and making his debut at catcher and getting his first victory as the starting catcher. General Manager Notes: We jumped on the Raptors early and never laid off and never looked back. We only had one error that didnt turn out to be costly. We still were high up in the  K's at the plate striking out 14 times, but we were solid when runners were on in scoring position. Great game guys hope we can take this into the next weeks.

L  - Black Sox 7 vs Lobos 9. Oct 29th

Sox were unable to to seal the game. We lead the game through six innings but a error to prevent the Sox from rolling a double play lead to a go ahead Home Run from the Lobos that took the wind out of us.  The highlights: Adam Brown threw 6 1/3 innings with 14 strike outs before surrendering the go ahead home run. Mike Campo was 1-1 with three walks and a 2R HR. Joe Stratton had a break out game at the plate going 3-3 with a double. General Manager Notes: Even  thought Lobos took lead in the sixth we still scored runs but 2 more errors in the eigth lead too more runs we couldnt close the gap. Umpires did not do us any good blowing a huge double play in the sixth that lead to runs. Also showing up to the field late and calling the game early when we had top of the line up, up and momentum.

W - Black Sox 9 vs Coyotes 0. Oct 21st

Thankfully we were able to field a team, with a bunch of our players out of town. But Coyotes only showed up with 2 so we win by Forfeit.

T - Black Sox 8 vs Lobos 8. Oct 14th

Sox rally big down 6, by scoring 4 in the 7th and 2 in the 9th to pull out a much needed Tie. Eric throughs another solid game keeping it close and keeping his composure through a couple costly errors to give the Sox a chance to rally back late. Falling behind early 8-2 Sox could have easily let the game get out of hand on a cold windy Sunday but chose not to and competed all the way to the end. The highlights: Player of the game goes to Mike Campo again after hitting 2 huge doubles late in the game, and scoring the tieing run after timing a infield hit and cashing in huge on the the throw. George also stepped up big with a late inning double and 2 RBI'S to contribute to rallying us back. General Manager Notes: Strike outs once again plague us from getting a much needed win with us striking out a season tieing high of 20 times. But we were unusually patient at the same time walking 10 times and also gathering 3HBP 2 of them on Eric Simpson. Down 6 early we could have packed it in and gotten blown out but im proud that we didnt and battled back to get a huge tie. We need to try hard to cut our strike outs down but on the Defensive side we only commited two errors. Great come back guys keep battling.

L - Black Sox 7 vs Spartans 13. Oct 7th

Eric comes out after only one day rest and battles his ass off to try to give the Sox a chance at the defending spring champions. Throwing well for three innings but a few errors and a couple hard hit balls put us in a whole early.  Trailing 10-3 earlier it appeared to be enroute to a blow out but Mike Campo steps it up as usual hitting 2HR's to bring it close. But relief pitching kept us out of contention by allowing to many runs to come back from. The highlights: Player of the game definiatly goes to Mike Campo for going 3-3 with 2HR's. General Manager Notes: We stepped it up again this week in only striking out a team total of 10 times cutting this number in half from the first game, but we had a team BA of 211% a number we must get up. All though we were down early we battled all game and got withing 3 at one point but pitching couldnt keep us close enough too finish a come back. Defense was ok but still made three errors one crucial with two outs that led to un earned runs.

W - Black Sox 11 vs Bulls 2. Oct 5

Huge improvement from Week 1 the sox come out swinging taking a early lead and not letting go. This was a solid team effort with every player contributing. From a 2 out fly ball to right with the sun in our face to rolling a huge 1-4-3 double play to end a big inning. The highlights: Player of the game was a tuff decision this week with three players getting nominations, Mike Campo was 2-5 with 5 RBI'S and a late game grand slam to take the hearts out of the Bulls, George Vaughn was 3-4 with 2 Runs Scored and a Double, But player of the week went to Eric Simpson who had 9IN pitched and allowed 1ER while also going 2-4 at the plate. General Manager Notes: While being a improvement from last week we still struck out 14times at the plate. If we can get the K's down and just put the ball in play we will be lethal. Our defense stepped it up making only one error. On the pitching side Eric worked fast and effecint throwing strikes only walking two. Great game guys lets take this win into Tuesday and keep it going!
L - Black Sox 8 vs Mustangs 17. Sept 28

Black Sox lose to probably the best team in the league the Mustangs by the final of 17-8. Black Sox kept the game close for most of the game, from home runs with Mike Campo hitting 2 2run Home Runs, Adam Brown 1 2run HR, and Joe Stratton a Solo home run. The game was close tell the final two innings when the Mustangs finally broke the game loose with 2 in the 7th and 4 in the 8th, putting the sox in a whole, unable of being dug out of. The highlight was the power of black sox hitters, picking up where they left off in the summer season which they hit 15 homeruns, by hitting 4 sunday. The down side of the game was the same old Black Sox problems, commiting 5 errors 4 with two outs, and having a team total of 20 strike outs, with most hitters striking out 3 times. General Manager Notes: In order to win we must make basic basic defensive plays, we have lost too many games in our history by routine plays turning into a circus. I do feel that we have a strong core, obvious decent hitters but just need to step it up on defense. Good news is that we are only 0-1, and played the number one team tuff.

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