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     Runnin' Rebels is here to develop young ladies  & gentlemen into individuals who will be able to succeed in life. The mission of our organization is to provide an opportunity for players of all abilities to develop their overall basketball game and increase self confidence, by creating an environment where they can learn, grow, improve individual skills, develop character and compete against the best athletes in the county, state, region and nation, while balancing the needs and responsibilities of family, school, and community.

     Our goal is to provide a quality, well organized, basketball program for girls & boys ages 10-17 that offer advanced instruction in basketball fundamentals and team play concepts. This instruction, along with participation and exposure in competitive tournaments and off season basketball camps and training sessions, will prepare our players for the next level.

     This program is more than just about the game of basketball, it is about the young ladies & gentlemen of our organization. Our program will continue to give positive reinforcement to our players and open up new doors and opportunities for them to reach new heights in their lives, as they move through the different stages of our club, they will be able to develop the concept of what team work is all about. Making them prepared to be EXCELLENT TEAM PLAYERS of LIFE!

     WE BELIEVE that we (Players, Parents, Siblings, Volunteers, & Coaches) all can be successful in all that we set out to accomplish. Our players are honest & respectful towards everyone they encounter. They take responsibility for their actions on & off the court. As Rebels we will constantly improve on our fundamentals, teamwork & character. We will always learn from our mistakes, improve on our weaknesses and move on to become great in all areas of our lives. Our young ladies & gentlemen lead by example through all that they do on & off the basketball court, and by making everyone around them better!

     Our parents are an amazing group of people, who have EXCELLENT MORALS, VALUES, PRINCIPLES, & CHARACTER . They are dedicated not only to their daughters & families but to this organization. They not only bring their daughters to practices, they stay & help out. They encourage & root for all of our players.  

     Runnin' Rebels believes in making our players, parents, and our communities true believers in their abilities, as they become successful members of our society on and off the basketball court. Runnin' Rebels is a club for girls & boys who love the game of basketball, and have the desire to improve their play and knowledge about the game. Runnin' Rebels will provide your daughter/son with the opportunity to develop and grow into a well rounded individual. Being a part of the Runnin' Rebels will prepare your child for the many challenges in life, making her/him a team player that is equipped to become successful in his/her life.


Become a part of the Runnin' Rebels experience.



Steven King

Founder/President/NCAA Certified Head Coach


King's Runnin' Rebels Club is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization formed to promote sports competition and the overall development of local student athletes of Botetourt County who desire to compete at the highest athletic levels. We are registered with the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).




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