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Welcome to the Gold Kodiak Cheerleaders Team Website!

Please check back often to be up to date on our schedule and all team information! Be sure to check out all the different links on the left and utilize them often!

Update 10/1/2010
Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in sending this. For some reason I thought I already did it. HA! I am loosing it!! Anyway game details:
Game is at 12:00 @ Carlsbad High School (yes again!)
Meet time @ location is 11:30. Tardy policy enforced.
Caravan meet time is 10:00. We'll leave at 10:15.
Please bring your liner no matter what the weather is like out here. It's been crazy lately and if it's cool enough in Carlsbad then we WILL wear them!
Looking forward to another great game! Go Golden Kodiaks!!
Update 7/31/10
Hi everyone! Practice starts Monday woo hoo! :) Here is some detailed information about how gym practices will go starting Monday:
Practice on Monday is 5:00-7:00 at PC Gym. If you don't remember the address, click on locations on the left.
The girls are to wear the shirt and shorts that I passed out. If you are waiting on new shorts, you can wear any black shorts.
Cheer shoes MUST be worn. THEY MAY NOT PRACTICE IN STREET SHOES!! They may wear their formal shoes to gym only- not field practices.
Hair must be up and out of face.
NO jewelry of any kind.
Bring a LABELED  water bottle.
Below are gym rules as directed to me. These MUST be followed at all times:
1.  No siblings, friends, or family members, etc., on the mat or in the gym area at any time. Only participants and ROSTERED Coaches are allowed in the gym. This includes before and after practices. This includes upstairs in the dance room as well.
2. I will be meeting you and the girls outside of the gym area. Once the entire team is there, the coaching staff and I will walk them all into the gym as a group. You are asked to drop off you daughter and pick her up from me outside of the gym area.
3. Do NOT bring any personal belongings to the gym. I can busy watching the training the girls, as is the staff, and none of us are responsible for lost or stolen items. Neither is anyone that works for PC Gym.
4. Please do NOT forget to bring a LABELED water bottle to practice each day. I will have tub where I will hold the team's bottles so that they will not be confused with other team's. They will all be grouped together and therefore must be labeled.
5. The Parents Area at the gym is EXTREMELY small. It is best that you drop off and pick up your child. We have enough staff to watch over them and we'll take good care of them. :)
6. PC Gym employees have NO knowlage of anything pertaining to Pop Warner. We are renting space from them and that is it. Please bring any questions or comments to me.
7. Please alert the girls now, we are only insured for mat usage. They kids can not play on or use any of the gym's equipment at ANY time. This includes at camp.
Thank you for taking the time to read over this rules. Looking forward to a fun practice Monday! If you have any questions, please let me know. Go Golden Kodiaks!
Update 7/28/10
Calendar Change!!! Click on the calendar section and print an updated version of the August calendar. We will not be practicing Monday, August 16th. If you paid me $25 in gym fees, you will receive a $5 credit toward September fees.
Update 7/26/10
3. ANY paperwork you are still missing. I sent out updates on missing paperwork last week. If you have questions please ask. The girls can NOT practice next Monday without everything in. There are no exceptions to this policy.
***Please note that the shorts are ment to fit like the briefs or spandex shorts so that you can't see up them.
The following is due by next Monday but can be paid today:
1. $18 check made out to TVPW for Poms
2. Uniform payments.
Answers to FAQ
*Spirit Camp and Uniform payments CAN be combined to one check. 
*Pom payments need to be on a separate check.
*ALL checks are ALWAYS made out to TVPW.
See you all tonight! :)
Update 7/24/10
**Please note that there is a change on our August calendar. Pictures will be done for all cheer teams on Saturday August 14th at 8:00 AM. Immediately following we will go to camp at 10:00 AM. More details coming soon**
Rummage Sale Update
 HUGE thank you to everyone who volunteered time, money, and items to the rummage sales. Thank you Suzy and Ron for allowing us to use your house twice and for storing all of the items! :)
Quick update on the Spirit Pack (clothes we ordered). I collected $25 per person because I was under the impression that that amount included taxes. Apparently it did not. The total owed in taxes for the team is $56.94. Instead of collecting another $2.19 per person, I am using $56.94 from the rummage sale profits.
The grand total for the two sales was: $658.02. After taking out the $56.94 for taxes, we have $601.08 being used towards camp. Each child will get a credit of $23.00.
The amount due for camp is $77.00.
Please make checks payable to TVPW and bring them to me this Monday at the park. I'll be there from 5:30-6:00. I will also be collecting Gym Fees for the month of August on Monday. I MUST have these 2 payments by Monday at the latest!!
**Clarification on the gym fees: For this month only, I do need the gym fees in cash. You will recieve a receipt. The reason why is because it is the beginning of the season and I did not have enough time to deposit all of the money and get a check cut to the gym. It takes 10 days for Pop Warner to cut me a check. After this month, I will be accepting checks and depositing everything into our cheer acount. All checks in the future need to be made out to TVPW, not to PC Gym. If you have any questions regarding this please let me know.
Thank you everyone! This is a great start to the season and I am so excited to get started on August 2nd!! Go Golden Kodiaks!
Update 7/19/10
I sent out personal updates to each person letting you know what paperwork and payments you still owe.
Please check the calendar section for an updated version of the next couple weeks.



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