Apr 16/24
4:34 pm

Franklin Border Kings




Member of the Border League

Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the home of the Franklin Border Kings
  • It is official....the Franklin Border Kings win their 4th consecutive Border League title!
  • Ask about our windup on Sept. 26 at the DC Golf Course!
  • And remember...if you haven't seen it before, chances are you'll see it at a Border Kings game!
Countdown to Our next possible championship!
(Aug 15/10)
Welcome to the Franklin Border Kings Home Page.

To describe our team, I have to use the words of Matt Dyck: "If you haven't seen it happen, chances are you'll see it happen at a Border Kings game!
David "What kind Of Pills Do You Need" Smith
Matt "I've got a line on Puhols" Fetsch
Darren "Slowest Man on Earth...Really" Boutang
Louis "2 Walks and an HBP" Cote
Perry "The Beausejour Bomber" Nazarewich
Russ "Mr. Burns" Kihn
Tanner "Import #1" Carpenter
Greg "Hiway Hog" Smith
Delvyn "Version 2.0" Cote
Brendan "I'm Not That Grumpy!" Harz
Jared "I Am That F$*&#ing Grumpy!" Driedger
Jason "Yes, I do Make the Lineup and I Am Playing Shortstop" Mateychuk
Kelly "Does Anyone Know Where McDonald's Is?" Gregoire
Chad "Is Greg here yet" Hildebrand
Brett "I'm hoping to return" Stewart
Matt "Really With A Last Name Like Dyck...Do I need to Say More?" Dyck
Jon "Where's Joyce?" Heese
Jeremy "Try to Run On Me" Culleton
Pete "WTP (Warning Track Power)" Fehr
Marcus "All I have Left Is My Glove!" Samborski
Garet "Import #2" Molde
Luke "Yup...I am Invisible!" Paulson
Daryl "This game isn't that hard!" Rodewald
Chris "Why Do they Call Me Bernie?" Smook
Justin "Did You Really Think I Was Going To Show Up For More Than 1 Game" Smook


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