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  • Big Bucks Boogie's 2007 Quaker Bridge Landscaping
  • RV Truck Tires for Sale ... get them cheap!
Countdown to Team Mtg at the PlayHouse
(Jan 1/08)

December 10, 2008 - Close one!

NSA Rhode Island Road Trip
During the next few days, we will be counting down the top 10 memories from the Rhode Island trip for the NSA National ....

Number 1 ... *** Myrtle has a MySpace page ... check the links section for the url ***

Number 2 ... If it looks like butter, smells like butter and tastes like butter, it must be DAN BUTTERWORTH
Number 3 ... Someone had her cherry busted at Desire ... then got all dizzy in the parking lot and lost out on the Brazilian babe
Number 4 ... Butter swears he is good for it ... thats good for $2 million dollars
Number 5 ... All I know is Howie had the tiny little Asian girl with the red panties locked up until he knocked his meal all over her and the floor ... way to go THUMBS
Number 6 ... Big Bucks Boogie still thinks he is playing HR Derby on the Playstation
Number 7 ... Myrtle called and told me she left her teeth under the bed in Room 202 by the air conditioner
Number 8 ... A couple of new nicknames came out of the weekend as Triple B (Big Bucks Boogie) and B Squared (Butters Boy) were born while Sanjia was finally put to rest.
Number 9 ... One of the best quotes of the weekend, "I only need 5 more minutes and I can close the deal .. She was nibbling on my neck"
Number 10 .... Never leave home without 5 spare tires for your RV or a full Nascar pit crew

Honorable Mentions ....

The best dressed jeans player in Jackson softball history actually owns pants and looked good in them

Waverly police are looking for #11 who was seen on camera stealing a tire

Doc has the most game out of all you single guys ... he was pimpin!

Sell one hot dog, eat two hot dogs, sell one coke, drink 2 cokes ... it was no wonder the hot dog truck ran out of food with the trio inside working

The Comfort Inn wants their phone book back

Team meeting at the PlayHouse every Tuesday and Thursday


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