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Go to fullsize image         Welcome to the Brunswick Elite Tigers New Home **PLAYERS** our training field is now open it is located in the arco neighborhood right off Wyilly road around the curve. But practice times are as followed Tuesday thru Thursday 1st practice 8am and 2nd practice at 5pm on Saturday 1st pratice 10am and 2nd practice 5pm. Also every Sunday is mandatory practice at 3 pm All ELITE players please try your best to come to practice only in our team color Also players be ready to get ur height and weight taken while we are at the training field **Players** practice times are as follows Tuesday thru Saturday first practice 8 Page.


We will soon open our elite training camp grounds to all players on our team. We will give you time and directions to the field.

Players note that the elite training campground is a place to work to the extreme, its private from people riding by. Nobody can just come on our field unless they are coming to watch you and you are aware and so is the coaches.

GUYS WE HAVE A VERY ELITE SCHEDULE AND THERE ARE TEAMS OUT THERE WHO WANT YOU BAD. They kno of the Glynn County Revolution but they want the Elite becasue they no we are the best at what we do which is football.

Ladies we are getting together a dance team and also a cheerleading team. We are accepting all age groups.

Parents we are opening a little tigers football team and for the young adults we will have a tigers team so please call the phone numbers for more info.

** Players please note there will be a fee for getting your workout clothes and your practice clothes somewhere around $15 we will let you kno when to be ready.

** Players there will also be a monthly fee so we can use a workout gym, but we will let you know as we get closer into the need of it.

We are also in search for sponsors and more players. If you are interested in sponsoring this team, or playing for this team please feel free to call our team hotline at 1-888-495-4065 or email me at also you can call head coach Jamal 912-222-5890

*Players please note that if your are trying out for this team that we are to meet NFL standards to the best of our ability, and we train very hard maybe harder than you use to play when playing school ball. We are all adults looking for that second scholarship or that oppurtunity to get that prefessional deal.

Each and everyday you should expect scouts of some sort to be watching wheather at a game or maybe just practice.

Please continue to check back on our webpage to check the NFL standards for each position that we expect our players to obtain or at least close to.

*sponsors please also continue to check our webpage for any updates for meetings, practice, and games

All sponsors name will be annouced and shown on our sponsor board at every game.

We will have two different sponsorship you can have which is: sponsor 1 is anything less than $50 (NAME SHOWN AND ANNOUNCED AT EVERY GAME) Sponsor 2 which will be called Gold Sponsor is anything more than $50 (NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR A GAME, AND VIP SECTION FOR EVERY GAME, NAME SHOWN AND ANNOUNCED AS GOLD SPONSOR AT EVERY GAME

We appreciate all that is donated to the team and we would like to thank everybody who gave and would like to give but is unable but we do expect to see all of Brunswick, ga at every game cheering for there team.

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