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(Jun 1/13)
Mary Lewis

Mary Lewis player of the week. 4'11 and can not be STOP!
Countdown to Week 3 Diamonds game
(Jun 15/13)
Posted Jun 16/13 - Diamonds now 3-0
Diamonds defeated the Mixers on June 15 game this passed Saturday 50-44.. go watch if you missed it at CONGRATS DIAMONDS 3-0
Posted Jun 9/13 - WBSL Week 2 game

Diamonds are now 2-0 starting off where they always leave off from. And that is winning. This year team do not have A superstar it has SUPERSTARS! So do not miss another great performance from your ATLANTA DIAMONDS! Next game June 15, 2013 @5:30pm located 231 Sycamore St. Decatur Ga. in the city of Decatur. 

ADMISSION IS FREE! It is WBSL adding back to the communities day. So bring family out and join us!

Posted Jun 1/13 - Week one tipoff WBSL

WBSL 2013 Season tipoff began yesterday June 1 at Fieldhouse Center located in peachtree City at 4pm. The reigning Champion Atlanta Diamonds defeated the new HOB in game 1. If you did not see it online or in the stands. Then today is your lucky day. WBSL game Diamonds vs HOB will re air tomorrow at 8pm eastern time on livestream network. WBSL channel is .Game 1 was filled with heart, sportsmanship and showmanship like WBSL has never seen. These players from both team came, saw and unfortunately for the HOB they did not conquer the win. Diamonds defeat the HOB 79-31.Congrats Diamonds!Diamonds lost jump ball and the HOB capitalized on it. HOB came out the gate charging towards a victory. The 1st basket to start season was by HOB #10 Crystal Scott with a three point basket. Giving HOB their first points of the season and WBSL first points on the records for 2013 season. #10 HOB C. Scott again second trip back down the court scored another basket 2pts following the Diamonds first miss of the season. Now giving the HOB 5-0 run on the Diamonds. Then it happen, the ATL Diamonds took wings and flew from city to city on a 19-0 run over the HOB. Diamonds PG Mary Lewis #3 who is ONLY 4'11 and plays like she is 6ft. was all over the HOB like fleas on a doggie. Everywhere the ball went Mary went and her lamps were sure to go. The lamps were the Diamonds. It was like the Diamonds were tag teaming each other and one by one someone shined bright like diamond. It was like pouring gasoline onto fire. Because the Diamonds burn down the house together. #3 Lewis who has returned to the Diamonds but first time as WBSL. Who is also one of the fans favorite. Lewis was stealing the ball every time HOB got the ball. Mostly through her hard work defense pressuring the ball and trapping the player. Lewis was a thief in the night. As the HOB keep heart and teamwork together it was hard to keep up with #3 Lewis who had struck the match to her Diamonds team and the match did just that and lit the Diamonds up to burn the house down. All Diamonds were then playing at Lewis energy that she ignited. Overall #3 Mary Lewis had 10pts 4rbs 5assist 9steals 2 TO.And a whole lot of other things that just doesn't make it onto the stat paper.Even  though #1 Alexis Harris from HOB hit a 3 pointer and Candyce #15 HOB made one of her free throws. HOB were still down at 1st quarter Diamonds led 19-9. It was raining Diamond Bills everywhere. #1 Felicia Drummonds had 6tps in the first quarter and crashing the boards and slicing and dicing the paint down low. The boards were easy like Sunday morning to the Diamonds. #1 Drummonds overall 14pts 11rbs 1steal 1TO . #22 Diamonds Shikiya Tarpkins had got into her zone that is fine like wine zone. Which is bad news for her opponents. Tarpkins snatched balls banking them in. Making assists to her teammates and reading the HOB on every move they made. She was stealing on each pass and getting her teammates involve. Overall #22 Tarpkins 9pts 11rbs 8assists 1block 4steals 1TO. What a outstanding player to watch. She to is one of the fans favorite and coaches.

HOB #10 C. Scott was doing all she could to keep her team involve. Crystal Scott and her twin sister #11 Brittany Scott were playing big down low in the paint from stealing the balls to rebounding the ball. And yes I did say twins. You get double the basketball plessure. #10 C. Scott overall 12pts 10rbs 1assist 2 steals 2TO. At many times you would get the two HOB twins mixed up. C. Scott got into early foul trouble but Coach William let her play. It was hard pulling her out the game. #11 Brittany Scott overall 2pt 5rbs 1 block 1TO.#1 Alexis McMillan HOB had 9pts which was all three's and 1rb 2assist 1 block 2steals 2TO for the new HOB.Diamonds #11 Shaquana Bleach is back with the Diamonds this year. She too is one of the fans favorite. With her flashing moves and looooong three points range that she loves to shoot. Bleach shows up and shows out on the court with 19pts that led the game and Diamonds 2rbs 4assist 1steal 2TO.Natasha Simmons #13 Diamonds 1st time with the Diamonds and WBSL has a long reach and rebound heavy. Which Diamonds has nicknamed her Mello. Because she plays at the same tempo the entire game. Overall Simmons had 6pts 12rbs 2 assist 2 steals 2TO. #24 Fahliah Watson of the Diamonds who also is new. And fans love her game. It took her a minute to find her zone. A minute like 60 sec. Then it was on. Back to back threes. Watson was on the boards like she does it in her sleep. She has some of the smoothes foot work down low. Watson can split defense very well with the ball. Overall leading in second with scoring 16pts 8rbs 1assist 2TO.#12 Anna Nething Diamonds who is another new comer to team and league had 2pts 1assist which was a nice assist by the way 1steal. Diamonds #44 Channelle Freeman who is also back with the Diamonds for a full season. Diamonds is happy to have a player of Channelle statue. She dominated the boards. Freeman got the rebound after her misses after the Diamonds misses and after the HOB misses. So other words the boards were mostly Freemans. Who are we kidding the Diamonds rule the board all the way around. The purple and white were everywhere on the boards. Diamonds had 60 rebounds combine. SIXTY! #44 Channelle overall had 12 rbs 4pts 1steal 2TO.Michelle Dixon #13 HOB newcomer had 1pt 5rbs 2assist 2TO. We are looking for Dixon to showcase her sweet footwork and dribbling handling the rock against her opponents this season. #15 HOB Candyce Howell help her team with snatching 5rbs 1assist 2TO.#21 HOB Sherrie Peden had 2pts 6rbs 2TO. who played with heart and great energy for her team. #05 Shamira Harris also tried and tried for her HOB and handling the rock overall 3pts 1steal 2TO.Now as you all have read how exciting the game was. To really get the feel and look tuned in tomorrow night and watch for yourselves. So go get your dinner and popcorns ready!!Read More...

Here we go again. 2013 season began June 1, 2013 with the WBSL. The ATLANTA DIAMONDS are ALREADY READY! The two time WBSL CHAMPIONS ATLANTA DIAMONDS has repeated and won 2012 WBSL CHAMPIONSHIP. GREAT JOB DIAMONDS! Welcome back to another season with the Champions your Atlanta Diamonds 2012 season with WBSL Women Basketball Showcase League. Welcome to the ATLANTA DIAMONDS New Home Page.



will be playing in the NEW WBSL  SEMI PRO LEAGUE 2011 season.


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