Dec 2/23
6:53 am

606 Jail
The finest darters this side of Leeds




Great Britain

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(Nov 26/08)
Fink O'Finkerton

Fink is great and everyone loves him.

Welcome to the website of Cleckheaton's best and most El Salvadorian darts team - 606 Jail.

Having formed in 1914 as a baker's co-operative, 606 Jail has moved from sport to sport trying to find their natural home ever since.

Their best ever finish came in 1968 when they came 7th (out of 9) in the Halifax Under 14s Marbles League J Division.

Having been expelled from the Wakefield Subbuteo League for smelling faintly of wee in 1994 they sailed their u-boat down the road to the Cleckheaton Darts League where they have resided in division 8 ever since.

Have a look round our site and happy darting.


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