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Countdown to The Texas Football League 2018 Season
(Apr 7/18)
Posted Nov 15/17 - Academy Showcase Event

Wednesday April 25,2018 pre NFL Draft Texas Football League game event.

The TFL presents is a league special showcase event,the game will feature the Dallas Vaqueros verses the Fort Worth Bulls.

The game would take place pre 2018 NFL Draft day to be in the AT&T stadium, there will be lots of event's taking place around the Dallas Ft.Worth area around the draft, the TFL showcase will allow the public and other professional leagues the opportunity to see two RFDL/TFL academy teams play using adjusted rules,the league features no punting nor kickoff's extra points.

These rules are being tested with data research during the season on the number of concussions and other injuries that could be reduced by eliminating  player contact,  being a prospect professional development league, adjusted rules and other research opportunities can be introduced as part of the training and game system.

The game will use 12 minute quarters, indoor football veteran coach Roderic Boatman will lead the Fort Worth Bulls.

Professional league coaches will attend the game, alone with professional league front office representitives, the concept of an academy developmental league has been discussed as one model that could be further developed.

Game time and location are TBA ,the teams represent two of the original teams of the Texas Football League the Fort Worth Braves (Bulls) and Dallas Rockets (Vaqueros) will renew the DFW bragging rights battle.

Posted Nov 13/17 - America's New Civic Religion

America's new civic religion is big time sports and football is its central sacrament

-The Nones-

Designating those who identify with no religious tradition at all.

1.Modern sports stadiums function much like great cathedrals bringing communities together and focusing their colletive energy

2.Many children parents and grandparents would not miss a scheduled practice, much less a game or competitive event

3.Secularization does not necessarily mean the disappearance of religious faith, but merely the demotion of religious involvement and identification to a level lower than those granted to sports.

The Shared Inclinations of Sports and Religion


2.Epic Battles

3.Ritual Dress

4.The Concept of Destiny

5.And the aforementioned ability to influence events you're not directly involved in

6.Through Prayer



From the Book (Where Religion and Sports Collide and Sports Win) by Derek Beres

Posted Nov 12/17 - Guide On

Guide On

Posted November 11, 2017

Social Network Marketing

Guide On

Active duty military and Veterans can use this innovative service to let companies know about the skills they have to offer,The details of military experience go way beyond the occupation codes. developed by former military personnel understand the service persons capabilities.

We say thank you!

Posted Oct 26/17 - The Player Development Contract !

The Player Development Contract !

Posted October 26, 2017

What is a player development contract?

It is used within minor sports that operate in a relationship structure, players are assessed by a professional level organization as to future talent that is developed or being developed for a possible opportunity to perform at the next level of the sport.

The RDFL academy TFL operate's as a Tier 1 level class A rookie developmental skills player development school program specific to finding prospect or pro ready talent, the league uses a (Contract To Hire) system instead of the current model used in other sports that contract in this type of system it puts less burden on the current system in NFL Arena/Indoor football the infrasture just isn't there yet.

We're building that infrasture, with the vision of developing a base for the sport, the league is currently in talks with organizations who understand this is a much needed tool for the sport, (A Letter of Intent) is the first step, the TFL RDFL/Academy does not sell player contracts

The Letter of Intent establishes the organizational relationship starting point allowing players within the guideline's of the academy league to take that first step into the sports next level.

Posted Oct 25/17 - Is Football the Average Man

Is Football the average Man's Sport?

 October 25, 2017


The question is whether today’s NFL game can be considered an average man's sport? its being packaged away from that model, one could argue that the early years of the sport was modeled in that direction of yes you can be one of the few.

That started to change once they started looking at the draft as a marketing tool, so today’s marketing is players that are bigger than life model, completely moving away from the number of participates from the neighborhood street level of the sport. Kids used to play pick up games in the street, not so much today, and to be honest the on field product of the NFL is not good either over half of the league is not up to the challenge.

In the era of non dominate defenses many offenses have trouble scoring,the attention span of fans have shortend and find it more interesting to follow the sport through fantasy play.

That level of young fans playing the sport in the street  in the past made up a large percentage of the fan base, the concussion concerns and other problems have reduced numbers, simply look at soccer the street level support in other countries is that sports base and feeder fan system.

Today the average man and even women participate from the standpoint of fantasy football, understanding this point offer many opportunities.

 The Texas Football League and the RDFL academy school Institute model operates as a Trades, Technical school, that develop pro prospect talent for the upper level of the sport unlike other development leagues that have come and gone.

Our game rules are amended, the operating model is totally different, and we are using a lot of data instead of big names to build the academy league.

Game rules also eliminate kickoff's extra point and field goal attempts as a safety measure, data will be tracked as to how many players are tagged for concussion and other injuries, something other leagues aren't conducting,that currently call themselves development leagues on the semi pro level.

And from the school academy development operating standpoint, we will track everything happening week to week so as to develop programs around feed back instead of fitting a round circle into a square simply because we are playing football,doesn't mean it should scale.




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