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Burlington Township



Burlington Township

Team Ticker:
  • Thanks for a great season!!!
  • Have a wonderful and safe summer.
  • Keep swinging those bats!
  • Congratulations to J-Rod %26 Joe K for making the 10u District/Tournament team.
  • Congratulations to Jeffrey %26 Mike L. for making the 9u Tournament team.
Player of the year:
(May 7/07)
Jordan Rodriguez

J-Rod was selected to play SS for the 10u District/Tournament Team.


Congratulations to Jordan "J-Rod" Rodriguez & Joey Kelly for being selected and making the 10u Allstar Tournament/District team and to Michael Luden & Jeffrey Konzelman for making the 9u Tournament Team. Good Luck!

 The Explorers Team Party is being held at Mulligan's Ice Cream/Restuarant on Wed. June 20th. @ 6:00pm.

Team, Thanks for a fun Season. I hope to see all of you at Closing Day and at the Team Party.

Schedule for closing day June 2nd is as follows: 10:45 Teams Report to Skimmer 1 (in uniform) 11:00 Closing ceremonies (team introductions, speeches, prize drawings) 11:30 T-Ball games on Skimmer 3 (rookie field) and Skimmer 1 1:15 Rookie All Star Game on Skimmer 3 2:00 AAA Championship on Skimmer 1

Welcome to the website for the Burlington Township Explorers (Minor's Team). Our full game schedule is posted on the Calendar. Click on any of the tab buttons in the top left corner to view schedule, roster, etc. A game summary will be posted after each game. Look for the player of the game under the Team Ticker.



Semi-final Playoff Summary: The Mighty Explorers lose their Semi-final game vs. the BT Cougars. The Explorers stopped the Cougars from putting anymore runs on the board after the first inning but came up short themselves in what was a thrilling game. Hits were provided by Joey (double), Kyrel (single, RBI), and Mr. October Abhay, who smacked a big triple bringing in a run, and also had a double. The season is now over for The Mighty Explorers, but what a great season it has been. Have a Safe Summer!

Quarterfinal Playoff Summary: The Mighty Explorers advance to the semifinals with a 10-3 victory over the BT Owls. Big Hits were provided by J-Rod (double), Isaiah (triple), Greg (single), Abhay (single), Joe (2 singles) and Zachary Hopson, who got his first hit of the season (single) Congratulations, Way to go! Aggressive base running and pitching by Isaiah, Mike, J-Rod and Joey was key to our victory.

Game 12 Summary: The Mighty Explorers (8-3-1) end the regular season with a lose against the BT Hawks (9-3) and end up taking second place in the minors division. With the regular season behind them, expect the Explorers to come out swinging big bats at the start of the Playoffs.

Game 11 Summary: The Mighty Explorers bounce right back and avenge their Lost against the BT Cougars by defeating them to take first place. The team pulled together and played great offensive and defensive to put this one in the books! Hits were provided by Mike (single), Isaiah (triple), Joey (double), Greg (single) and J-Rod (2 singles). Strong pitching by Isaiah, J-Rod and Joey helped seal the deal in this one. Only one game remains and the Explorers enter tonight's game with a 8-2-1 record so come on out and lets cheer on our Mighty Explorers to a final victory for a first round bye in the Playoffs!

Game 01 Summary: The Mighty Explorers started out with two runs in the first inning but couldnt come up with enough defense to stop the BT Hawks from winning and lose their second game. Greg and Isaiah scored the teams only runs while Kyrel had the teams only hits, (single & triple). The Explorers have only two regular games left and look at adding to their winning record which now stands at 7-2-1.

Game 10 Summary: The Mighty Explorers winning streak of six games came to a halt when the game ended in a 6-6 tie vs. the Burlington City/Dairy Queen team. The Mighty Explorers record now stands at 7-1-1. The City team started out strong but the Explorers kept chipping away at Citys lead to tie the game in the 5th inning. Although the boys fought back they couldnt put any runs on the board in their final at bat to win the game. The Highlights of this game came started when Abhay got his first hit of the season in the 3rd inning by hitting a single. Jeff, Joey, Kyrel and Greg also hit singles, while runs were scored by Jeff, Joey, Greg, J-Rod and Kyrel (2 runs).

Game 9 Summary: The Mighty Explorers brought the lumber to this game with an 11-1 victory over the Burlington City/Dairy Queen team, to improve their record to 7-1. The game was pretty quiet until the 3rd inning when the bats woke up with Joey, Kyrel, Jeff and Isaiah each recording singles. Greg Taylor then hit a two run inside the park homerun giving the Explorers 5 runs to end the inning. Top of the 5th inning, with 2 runs already scored and 2 men (Boys) on base, Player of the Game, Isaiah Hall, blast a 3 run homerun past the second fence, onto the other field! Key hits were provided by Jeff (2) singles, Isaiah (HR, single), Greg (HR), Joey (single, triple), and Kyrel (single). The team again showed good base running with 13 stolen bases. J-Rod, Joey & Mike looked good on the mound shutting the City team down with strong pitching. The Explorers continue on a 6 game winning streak.

Game 8 Summary: The Mighty Explorers improve their winning record to 6-1, and continue on their winning streak by defeating the BT Owls again by a score of 11-8. This game started out slooow, but after the first inning, the Mighty Explorers scored runs in every inning to stay on top and not look back. Player of the Game, Jeffrey Konzelman, ripped a triple into right field and then stole home on the next play to score a run. The next inning, Jeffrey continued with his Big Stick ripping a single to drive in another run. The boys again showed good base running with Jeffrey, Anthony R, Joey K, Greg, Abhay, Brandon and J-Rod combining for 18 stolen bases. Also adding big hits today were Joey K. (single) and Greg (triple). Jeffrey, Joey K, Greg, Abhay, each scored 2 runs, Brandon, J-Rod and Isaiah, each scored 1 run. J-Rod and Kyrel teamed up for a great game ending defensive play when Joe K, struck out the batter at the plate and J-Rod (catching) threw to Kyrel (3B) who literally put the tag on the runner trying to steal. What a way to end the game!

Game 7 Summary: The Mighty Explorers go on a three game winning streak by beating the BT Owls 12-4, to improve their record to 5-1. Once again, excellent pitching by Mike, the Dynamic Duo, J-Rod and Joe K (who both faced 7 batters, striking out 5) was the key to our victory. Big hits by Mike (single), Jeffrey (single), Joe K (single), J-Rod (single) and Player of the Game, Greg Taylor with(3 singles) was also key in our win. The boys again showed excellent base running with Isaiah scoring 3 runs, Jeff and Joe K, each with 2 runs and Anthony R, J-Rod, Kyrel, Abhay, and Greg, each with 1 run. Jeffrey, Anthony R, Joe K, J-Rod, Kyrel, Abhay, Isaiah, Greg, and Zach each had key stolen bases. J-Rod and Greg teamed up to make a good defensive play when J-Rod (from home plate) threw to Greg, (covering 2nd base) putting the tag on the runner as he tried to steal.

Game 6 Summary: The Mighty Explorers get another victory over the Burlington Township Wildcats team #5, to improve thier record to 4-1. Excellent base running by Greg, J-Rod, Anthony R., Jeffrey, Brandon, Joey and Player of the Game Michael Luden, who all scored runs. Congratulations to Lil' Nick, who got his first hit of the season. Shout outs to Mike, J-Rod, Jeffrey, and Joey who also recored hits. The entire team did well tonight and made some good defensive plays to help seal the deal.

Game 5 Summary: The Explorers get a 11-9 victory over the Burlington City Team #7, by beating them a second time at home to improve our record to 3-1. Although we didn't see many good pitches, the boys did an excellent job with base running which definitely won the game for us. J-Rod, Joe K. and Greg T. did well on the mound.

Game 4 Summary: The boys bounced right back with a 11-3 victory over the Burlington City Team #7. Pitching was definitly the key to this one with Mike L. pitching two strong innings striking out two. Isaiah H. pitched the final inning facing 3 batters and striked out 2. Joe K. went 3 for 3 hitting 2 singles and a double and Greg T. hit a double to help the Explorers in thier victory to improve thier record to 2-0-1. 

Game 3 Summary: The Explorers go to 1-0-1, with a tie against the Cougars. Anthony R. made a nice defensive play in the 4th inning, holding the Cougars from scoring a run. This game was a nail biter up until the final inning when Greg T. hit a triple driving in two runs, and then J-Rod hit a double to drive in another run to tie the game.

*Game 3 will go down as a loss for the Explorers since the Cougars did not have thier last at bat due to loss of daylight making it unsafe, therefore the score of the last complete inning will be used to determine the final score which had the Cougars up at that point*

Game 2 Summary: What a way to start things out! Season opening victory over the Burlington Township Wildcats team #5. J-Rod got things started with superb pitching the first 2 innings of the game. Player of the Game; Isaiah Hall scored two runs with a inside the park homerun. Joe Kelly and Greg Taylor both made great defensive plays and had good showings behind the plate. Joe K. pitched a solid final inning to help seal the deal. Although the bats were not really that strong, eveyone showed good base running.

Game 1 Summary: Canceled due to weather! This game has been re-scheduled and will now be played on Thursday, May 17, @ 6:00 P.M. at Walnut Field.

Burlington Township

2007 Baseball Season Team Rules and Information

Another baseball season is upon us. My primary goal for the season is for everybody to have fun while learning the game of baseball. In order to do this I need to make sure that there is a positive and safe environment. There are some ground rules I would like to share with you.

Being on time is important. Please try to come at least 15 minutes before the game starts. The games are on time limits and if we do not start on time, we will lose playing time. Please let me know if your child will not be attending a game or practice. Unless you hear otherwise, we will always have practice or games. In the event we have to cancel a game or practice, I will call you.

Please make sure your child brings a glove and water bottle, and wears either sneakers or rubber cleats. Please make sure everything has their name on it. Players are not to make fun of, or disparaging remarks to, or fight with teammates and opponents. Players are not permitted to throw equipment.

Only team members are allowed on the bench during games. Players are not permitted to leave the dugout during games without permission. Players are not allowed to argue with or show disrespect to any coaches or umpires. Any players who violate these rules will be warned and if the behavior persists, they may be benched for the remainder of the game. All parents are required to sign the code of conduct form. I have a list of players whose parents need to sign one. Parents, please remember that you are bound by the code of conduct on this form.

I am looking for volunteers to help with coaching. The more help I get, the more we can do with the kids, and they can have more fun in practice and games. If you would like to have snacks for the kids after games, I will need a volunteer to set this up and coordinate it. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact my assistant or me. Thank you for your help.

Joe Kelly 609-386-8534 (home)

609-668-3036 (cell)

Joe Rodriguez 609-841-3280 (cell)

609-742-2076 (home)

You can access our roster by clicking on the roster button.

Click the contact button for phone numbers and e-mail addresses for myself and my assistant Joe Rodriguez. I will also use e-mail for disseminating information that is not time sensitive.


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