Jun 18/24
2:43 am

Troy 14U Lady Sting Hockey Club





How to spot a HOCKEY MOM.........(From “I am a Hockey Mom” FB site)

Tells people her kid's age by the year he was born...I have a "97”...


Shops for a new car by how many hockey bags she can fit in the back.

Can multi-task like nobody's business!  Organize rides to practice/games while watching a game and texting spouse about score of sibling's game, all while downing the Dunkin Donuts large coffee and thinking about when to go buy the Gatorade, and where are we going for breakfast/lunch after the game. Not to mention cheering kids on and "helping" the referee make a few calls.

She has no social life on the weekends due to early hockey games or practices.

She tells people "I can't, we have hockey tomorrow".

Only family vacations are tournaments!

Does a little tailgating between periods with other hockey moms...and then when we miss the beginning of next period, we call that the walk of shame to get back to our seats.

The only car on the road in the middle of a raging blizzard because rinks never ever close.

Her sons/daughters valance is made of hockey sticks, jerseys, & socks!

Her password is "hockey" or her son's team.

She owns a cat named Zamboni.

She buys car air fresheners by the case - In the back of her van.

She carries a fleece blanket and a winter coat - in August.

Instead of putting her kids in time-out, she sends them to the penalty box.

She has a mouthguard, tape, neck guard, Gatorade, Tylenol, screwdriver, and scissors in her pocketbook!

Your child's clothing attire consists of 95 percent hockey tournament t-shirts and sweatsuits from the various teams they played for.

SPOT a hockey mom?? Usually you can HEAR a hockey mom from very, very far away .... ;)

She wears Uggs all year long!!!

Your Christmas tree has more hockey ornaments than actual "Christmas" ornaments on it.

When people ask what that rancid smell coming from your trunk is, you say what smell?

She carries a copy of "The Miracle" in her car for long rides.

Her garage door is damaged from all the goals scored!

Has a bumper sticker that says ‘the rink is our home, our house is someplace we visit.’

Hockey decals on your back window and every rink is programmed into your GPS!!

If she is a mom of young ones she has calluses on the outside of her pinkies from tying skates.

She can't lease her car because she goes over the miles!!!

She's the one, during the first lacrosse parents' meeting, when they say the player fee for the lacrosse season is $127, says, "Is that all?"

She's got everything with her kids team name on it…jackets, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and buys clothes that are the team colors!!!

Wearing a fur coat to the rink and sitting in your mini van with the other hockey mothers having SIPPY CUP time!

Is seen entering a rink in mid-summer, 90 degree heat, carrying blankets, sweats, and shoes to replace flip-flops...

Has changed a communion and a confirmation to accommodate a tournament.

She lets her child attend CCD if its practice and not a game :0).

She knows in what order the equipment HAS to go on, how to stack it in the bag so it closes, & can tape a stick in 30 secs.

When two moms are talking, and you overhear one say, "I have a 98, and 99 instead of their ages.

She asks what period they are in during a football game.

Always has hand wipes in the car for the long rides home! Hockey hands are brutal!

She refers to cities or states she's visited by associating them with an ice rink (i.e. "I've been to Maryland, my son played hockey in Annapolis", etc.)

She's familiar with every restaurant within a 10 minute drive from any ice rink.

They know where all the Dunkin Donuts are by each rink.

She has an entire wardrobe considered 'rink attire'. So sad when you walk right by those fabulous sandals, because you'll never wear them to the rink!

Had to explain to a child that the turkey was not killed in the "shoot-out " for the tournament and NO, the pilgrims were NOT a hockey team.

You don't attend Holidays with your family because you’re on a hockey tournament!

Our favorite saying is "If you don't play hockey, you don't get it!"

Wants to remodel the mudroom so the bags can fit- has hockey gear hung in the kitchen-the dining room looks like a locker room.

She laughs (under her breath of course) when someone tells her that their kids plays roller hockey.

Has a power converter in the back of the SUV so she can cook dinner in a crock pot on game nights...the smell of food takes the edge off of the smell of equipment...

Has a bumper sticker on back window that says "Be kind to animals, Hug a hockey player.”

Has told family members that their family cannot attend a wedding, shower, surprise party etc., because her son has a hockey game.

A true hockey mom can cook a full meal on a George Forman in her hotel room on a tournament and also feed the rest of her kids team!

Our luggage consists of hockey bags!

You can use hockey tape to wrap a gift!

Her license plate says 'HockiMom'.

She is lady in Home Depot or Lowes pushing around a cart of PVC tubing - not to fix the plumbing, but to build the hockey nets the kids use year around in front of her house for street hockey!

A hockey mom is someone who gets a t-shirt from a co-worker at the Christmas gift exchange that says, " Hockey is life, the rest is just details."

You take a hockey bag with you when you buy a new car to make sure it’s going to fit.

You’re a Hockey mom when you not only spend the day at the arena for both your sons games/practices,,,, but your older son is a Referee and you stay to watch the game when you don't know either team.


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