Graduating Class of 2010 - 

- Attending SMU


- Attending OU


Attending UT in Austin

Graduation class of 2009  

Where are you now?

I am the loudest and proudest member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2013! (a.k.a. Texas A&M University) Currently, I do not have a job. However, this summer I will be working at T Bar M Camp Travis on Lake Travis, a summer Christian camp, and am so excited to see what God has in store! I am an active member of the Texas Eta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi Sorority and I am also on The Big Event Committee here at Texas A&M. The Big Event is the largest, student-run, service project in the nation as a way that we can say “thanks” to our community. This year, we got over 13,000 Aggies and over 1,500 jobs in the community. Whoop!
Major in college -  As of right now, my major is Business Honors, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration. I’m not sure what field I am going to specialize in yet. I am also pursuing an International Business Certificate. 
 What (if anything; volleyball related or not) do you wish you would have been told before graduating high school?
I wish I would have been told:
*Academic- take as many dual credit courses as you can to get college credit out of the way!
*Volleyball- don’t take it for granted and don’t ever stop playing especially if you love the sport. Play intramurals in college if anything!
*Other- Learn how to balance a checkbook and know how to save money
(See advice below for more!)
What did you learn while being a part of the Seven Lakes Volleyball program that has helped you succeed reaching your goals? Being part of the Seven Lakes Volleyball program throughout my high school life has certainly helped me succeed in reaching my goals. Having the opportunity to be on the volleyball team all four years of high school taught me immensely. I learned camaraderie, the importance of encouragement and support, communication, and I learned how to compromise. I believe that all of these factors are key to achieving success in life, not only in regards to dreams but with relationships as well. Being part of the Seven Lakes Volleyball program I learned discipline, responsibility, and how to give 100% effort in everything that I do. I learned from my Coaches, I learned from my teammates, and through success and failure I learned about myself. These have all helped me in achieving my academic, physical, and spiritual goals.
Random facts (pets, hobbies, etc).
I have a slight obsession with: Jesus, spring time, the color green, art and drawing, flowers, country music/dancing, playing the piano, cowgirl boots, sunshine, laughter J, The Big Event, coffee shops, reading, my family, sunsets, Dubai, traveling, the beach, my Westie, TLC, Italian food, and frozen yogurt. I have a twin brother who goes to school in Orange, California (jealous) and I have an older brother who is a Senior Yell Leader at Texas A&M.



Where are you now?
I’m at the University of Texas at Austin – Hook ‘Em Horns!
I’m a Kappa Delta J and I’m also involved in Senate of College Councils and Biology Scholars Program.
Are you playing volleyball?
I played for the UT Women’s Volleyball Club fall semester of my freshman year.
Major in college
Biology/ Pre-Medicine with a minor in Business and Spanish
Athletic awards while at SLHS
 2008 First Team All-District and 2009 Academic All-District (17-5A)
2007 First Team All-District and 2008 Academic All-District (24-4A)
2006 Second Team All-District and 2006 Academic All-District (24-4A)
 Academic awards at SLHS.
SLHS Honor Roll – all four years     
Spartans Out Serving Scholarship in 2009
What (if anything; volleyball related or not) do you wish you would have been told before graduating high school? Life just gets harder, so enjoy every moment of it!
What did you learn while being a part of the Seven Lakes Volleyball program that has helped you succeed reaching your goals? A lot of things: leadership, teamwork, commitment.  They are qualities that I’ve been able to use both on and off the court and have always become in handy, even in college.
Advice for graduating seniors.
Do not take your freshman year of college lightly – be ready for a big change! (in every possible sense of the word). Get involved in college (whether it be an academic organization, sorority, club, etc.), that way you can get some leadership experience and, at the same time, meet new people – very important; it can make a 50,000 student college seem a lot smaller.
Advice for Seven Lakes Volleyball players. Give it your all on the court, because when it’s done, it’s done and you can’t go back. Volleyball season flies by, so put forth the effort for those 4 years of high school and you’ll be successful in your athletic endeavors. Have fun loving the game but also set goals for yourself and your team and stay focused! 


Where are you now?

I am at Texas A&M (GIG’ EM AGS) and I am in Chi Omega (sorority) and I will be working as a counselor at Pine Cove camp this summer!!!!!

Major in college
My major is Allied Health (Nursing).
Athletic awards while at SLHS
-Academic all-district 2007,2008
Favorite thing about SLHS   a. Volleyball – The group of girls and coaches we started off the new program with, and knowing that I got to be a part of building the traditions that the volleyball program would stick to. Our team was basically my family, and my closest friends to this day are from the SLHS team.
b. High school – My awesome teachers (seriously), they were great and taught me so many things I use in college now. Academic awards at SLHS. - Honor Roll all 4 years, Academic Excellence Achievement, Honor Society
What (if anything; volleyball related or not) do you wish you would have been told before graduating high school?
Don’t wish the time away- ever since I have been in college time goes a million times faster than it ever did in high school, and I’m not ready for the real world! It’s fun, but seriously cherish the memories you make in high school and in the volleyball program.

 Random facts (pets, hobbies, etc).
-I LOVE reading, but not for school…. For leisure J
-I have a beautiful chocolate lab at home and I miss her almost more than my parents…
-I LOVE, LOVE kids… I can’t wait for this summer
-spending time with my wonderful friends & family
-I like hospitals…. Which is why I want to be a nurse.

Where are you now?

I am now at University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. I rushed and pledged Chi Omega sorority in the fall and love everything about it. No current job, unfortunately, but there just isn’t time!  I am excited for this summer though because I will be working with a Physical Therapist in Baton Rouge which will be a great experience.
Major in college
I’m majoring in Kinesiology pre professional in hopes of getting into PT school to earn my doctorate in physical therapy.
Favorite thing about SLHS
 a. Volleyballour team and how close we were. Also I liked being the underdog or the “new school”. It was nice that my class were the girl who led the program from day 1. Being the first ones was pretty cool
b. High schoolMeeting some of the greatest friends and experiencing being the first full class to graduate from SLHS. What did you learn while being a part of the Seven Lakes Volleyball program that has helped you succeed reaching your goals? Being unselfish because on a team, even if you don’t like it, you have to be unselfish at times and do what’s best for the team. Also working hard and then seeing it pay off (i.e. playoffs) is something that feels so great especially carried over to your school work.
Advice for Seven Lakes Volleyball players. Even when it seems like certain things in practice or a game sucks, still work your butt off because you’re totally going to miss it when it’s over. Also play without regrets because nothing it worse when that last game is finished with and all you think about are regrets from the past 4 years of what you could have done or those days you slacked off in practice that could have made an impact.


Jana Tucker


Where are you now?

 I am at Trinity University in San Antonio. We are a division three school and I am currently playing basketball here. So basically, my day consists of school, basketball, and then homework. 
 Major in college. 
Right now I am undecided as to my major. However, I plan to do the five year masters in education program.
Athletic awards while at SLHS
My sophomore year I was 2nd team all-district in volleyball and 1st team all-district in basketball. My junior year I was co-MVP in volleyball. My senior year (5A!) I was 1st team all-district in volleyball and basketball. I was MVP of Seven Lakes volleyball my junior and senior year.
What (if anything; volleyball related or not) do you wish you would have been told before graduating high school?
I wish I had been told how fast my years of high school sports would go by, so that I could have made the most of them. 
 What did you learn while being a part of the Seven Lakes Volleyball program that has helped you succeed reaching your goals? 
 I learned that success is hard work whether in sports or in school. There is no substitute for the effort that you invest in your actions. This has helped me work through my ACL injury and make myself stronger than I have ever been previously.
Advice for Seven Lakes Volleyball players.
Relax and have fun!! Work hard in practice and in games because those might be the only chances you ever get to play volleyball competitively.







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