2016 Fines


SLP Game

Code - FNG

Kyle - FNG

Mason - Check Swing Doors

Mason - Foul Ball Fiasco

Kahtan - score fiasco

Kahtan - can't remember outs after 1st out

Krause - didnt want to keep playing

Code - 3rd base coaching fiasco

Lenny - Bat switcheroo

Sean - Suicide watch after bat break

Mason - didnt bring wallet to twins / bars

JE - debt sheet drinks

Germar - fantasy golf draft - wifi stealing

Sammy B - fantasy baseball draft - wifi stealing


Forest Lake

Sammy B - went to outfield for infield outfield

Code - Book fiasco

Germar - behold then airmail first pitch

Anthony - FNG

Anthony - came back inbounds!

Reyes - Likes pube triming

Mason - Nike Route

Kahtan - in the zone


River Falls

Germar - base running fiasco

Marvkis - FNG

Mason - Hook!

Kahtan - running man

Lenny - struggle bus late to game

Code - indifferent 3rd base coach

TA - parked on JEs lawn



Gunz - left glove at BP

Cotton - everything is in 3D!

Mason - stanky leg

Gunz - bat toss assassin

Krause - 2 down self fine

Gunz - ran into baseball

Germar - can you hear me?

Mason - lob throw 

Gunz - lob relay on lob throw

TA - Thought games were 9 innings.



Kahtan - email chain fiasco

Kahtan - hashtag in email

Gunz - hit him in the palm

Matty B - doggin it

Mason - "this guys not gonna beat you", beats him

Reyes - cuts in for 3 way catch, airmails first throw.



Lutmer - FNG

Lutmer - looks like an athlete...then overthrow

Reyes - lack of belt

Reyes - treasure island ball

Germar - giving signs with no one on

Matty B - centerenterpoint 


Coon Rapids

Reyes - forest gump run

Reyes - jersey fiasco

Mason - scenic route on grounder

JE - mega slow run and celebration



Krause - L Screen conference call

Gunz - backing up first on single to left

Gunz - picked off horribly



Kahtan - full count fiasco

Germar - dropped throw being cocky

Krause - bugs wont bite

Lenny - almost breaks mvps tibia

Wengy - pants fiasco

Lenny - pre game ball fiasco

Youngy - baby ball fiasco



Lenny - bailout failout

Gabe - crossed munsterman up on first pitch of game

Youngy - are we playing 9 or 6?

JE - left chair at previous game


Blue sox

Gabe - running from 2nd to 3rd to make the 4th out

Germar - toast!

JE - i hit a bomb

Kahtan - all "fagged out" hanging krause out to dry

Krause - out fiasco

Lenny - coming down fiasco


New market Tournament 

Germar - Shoooo we got one!

JE - no backup

Papi - got the yips

Germar - no caffine coffee

Papi - ejecto mitt

Papi - Hold Sign



Kahtan - all 3 around the horn fiasco 

Kahtan - rubs arm after bad throw

Lutty - jersey fiasco

Gunz - pants on the ground

Gunz - yelled in on ball to fence

Lenny - seed handoff fiasco

Papi - violently gave sean head

Gabe - coming down mega juggle

Sammy B - throw around horn after 3rd out

Lenny - no 90

Lenny - underhand to 1b

Mason - mega slow no hustle

Gabe - hat chew fail

Gabe - grenade throw

Lutty - lost Youngquists thumb gay

Mason - going up after saying he was going down hard

Kahtan - trying to avoid being fined



Krause - spit on snack bag

Mason - donut fiasco

Kahtan - dancing for JE

Matty B - street clothes in 5th


Lutty - missed sign pinch running

Kahtan - bitching about hit

Lutty - mumbling the lineup

Kahtan - ladies night golf fiasco (banged by cobras girlfri ends)



Germar - turf monster

Gabe - pelligrino yips

Kahtan - sad seany at golf tourney

Germar - ta tp switcheroo

Matty B - dance dance video



Mason - arm guard swag

Gabe - what number are you? 9

Kahtan - pre ejaculate fine

Mason - horse jizz sticky fingers



Gus - fist bump line leader

Gunz - no go on pass ball

TA - "gets deeper down the line"

Gabe - around the horn fiasco

TA - thats further south (very north)

JE - short hopped papi on pop fly

JE - fielding fiasco

Germar - wait! My seatbelt! (Puts on sunglasses)

Germar - multiple phone calls pregame regarding weather



Younquist - 30 min thumb guard


Angels and Spamtown

Kahtan - throwing in front of dugout

Kahtan - fuckin putting gimmies!

Kahtan - golf excuse

Germar - ball in play during warmup

Germar - prancercising after strikeout

Kahtan - cigar holder fiasco

Lutmer - first pitch airmail

Kahtan - my glove is too heavy

JE - hit in eye with frisbee

Mason - no belt

Germar- jersey

Germar - Jersey



Munst - x Ray shades (i fuckin dice)

Mason - girl carrying his bag


Blue Sox

Gunz - standing up matty b for warmups in 1st

Patterson - early bat toss on strike 2

Germar - go go go on ball back to pitcher

Gabe - Hydraulic view

Gabe - nestled next to JE in court

Sammy B - Chatter fiasco



Germar - eyes are fucked

Lutty - phantom fence

Mase - you didnt help me!

Krause - Out! (In)



Gabe - no sleeves (was the suns out?)

Gunz - phantom catch in rain

Gunz - medicinal space cadet

Germar - premature celebration


Cold Spring

Matty B - no 90

Gabe - pants pen

JE - used a demarini

Lenny - 4.1 percent alcohol (3.2)

Patterson - hit golfer with club, horse jizz remedy!

Code - first pitch crossup

Gabe - using st johns signs



Kuks - all hate gabe



TP - guard point

Sean - spit on self

Gabe - intimidated by shon

Matty b - in! (Back)

JE - loved kyles warped ball

Germar - cart fender bender



Gunz - lutty lutty lutty (krause)

Germar - Mase in! (Patterson)

Mason - double walk attempt 

Germar - mean mugging

Kuks - shook off fastball after doorsing guy

Gabe - shorthop



Kahtan - sending link during game

Papi - hold sign on pass ball

Kahtan - space cadet cut 4

Code - gronk spike the ump

Code - truck sticked at home

Gunz - third base coach fiasco

Germar - missed sign wilst hitting

Patterson - got fined

Krause - infield nazi



Mason - ground rule double

Krause - double play, walks off field

Matty B - one second late

Germar - across diamond suck off



Sammy B - cant figure out 2s for rallies

Kahtan - backwards jersey

Lenny - overthrew pitcher

Germar - down down down (up)

Gabe - you didnt want that one!

Gunz - hazard lights 

Kuks - left glove in dugout

Munsterman - no jersey

Lenny - ejecto fro kahtan. "Moved too much"

Gabe - tell him what STREET YOU LIVE ON! (Voice crack)

Gunz - infield nazi

Gabe - parking ticket fiasco



Gunz- wrong gate bro

Sammy - 2 and 2 fiasco again

Papi - love defense more than hitting

Gunz - hazard lights

Gabe - (star wars song) Batman!!!

Kahtan - amateur hour at first


2015 Fines

Cottage Grove

  • Adams - FNG
  • Kahtan - FNG again
  • Bunnett - FNG
  • Urseth - no offseason recap
  • Lenny - 60 wings, 6 people. 12 a piece
  • Lenny - Revis getting burned by Vereen (same team)
  • Kahtan - wednesday is not tomorrow. Screenshot.
  • Lenny - Bug Eye Cry


  • Beck - FNG
  • Kahtan - missed 1st on double turned into single
  • Germar - threw foul ball back in and short hopped 1st baseman
  • Mason - not gonna make quamba "where u going?" "Not sure yet"


  • Germar - Hit Lenny with helmet throw
  • JE - ball stuck in net at hopkins

St. Anthony

  • Patterson -FNG
  • JE - Peoria Carp Hunter Car Keys
  • Kahtan - walking dead texting
  • Mason - helicopter bat toss after walk nearly killing seany
  • Germar - fucked up signs as coach
  • Lenny - ****im slow
  • Kahtan - no slide at 2
  • KT - texting JE the game result 5 feet from him
  • Matty B - stretching double into single


  • JE - hit self in head
  • Reyes - jersey chaser via facetime
  • Borman - pimping flare to 3rd
  • JE - seizure jump thing


  • Gabe - 95...pause...miles per hour
  • Wengy - no cover at first PAID
  • JE - streaming Syndergaard
  • Bunnett - mudpuddle splash


  • Lenny - space cadet round the horn
  • Kahtan - faked to 2nd on grounder with 2 outs
  • Gabe - CPR Cooler
  • Germar - clarifying signs with JE and Munsterstreet


  • Gabe - bag fiasco
  • Germar - fell over when matty slid at 2nd
  • Germar - get here get here back!

Forest Lake

  • Reyes - delay of game
  • Kahtan - new batter i mean pitcher
  • Patterson - 3rd out at 3rd

Blue Sox

  • DeLaHunt - door already shut
  • Kahtan - violent walking tendencies
  • Kahtan - premeditated water bottle suicide
  • Gabe - picked the wrong guy in the police lineup
  • Kahtan - someone has to out flare reyes

New market

  • Germar - sign fiasco again
  • Lenny - my fingers hurt! (Wore the gate)
  • Lenny - fast fast fast
  • Mason - mega slow trot
  • Mason - mallard / parachute RF
  • Matty B - Ray Charles Jump on fly ball
  • Pat De La - pinch runner? (Reyes defense)
  • Pat De La - listening to reyes
  • JE - glass found in field (cutting joke)
  • Kahtan - phone rang in dugout
  • Matty B - pimped single off wall
  • Germar - phone alarm went off
  • Lenny - Nike Route at first
  • Lenny - fraternizing during court
  • Kahtan - tagged in baseline on double play


  • Gabe $2 - overthrows
  • Gabe - foot short slide
  • Sammy - lost track of count
  • Kahtan - lenny is a right handed joe mauer
  • Germar - late bar mat placement
  • Kahtan - debated riding bike to stretch out at field
  • Germar - forced JE to bring golf clubs then didnt bring golf clubs
  • Matty Borman- didnt run 3-2 2 outs
  • Mason - pimping a wild pitch
  • Germar - spilling drink during hamerschlagen
  • Germar - not hitting cutoff
  • Kahtan - went hard on foul
  • Lenny - airmailing douche catcher
  • kahtan - breaking maul


  • Reyes - eye black + sunglasses on cap loses ball in sun
  • Reyes - no belt
  • Gabe - keep the glove warm (dry)
  • Matty B - rain game rules
  • Germar - no lineup in dugout
  • Gabe - 2 outs! (1 out)
  • Seany - not scoring on pop up
  • Kahtan - eye black fiasco
  • Kahtan - space cadet
  • Kahtan - baseball will suck snapchat
  • Germar - go go go! (Reyes pickoff)
  • Germar - lets go street hit
  • Patterson - hates teammates
  • Matty B - terrible bat flip after walk
  • Kahtan - scoop attempt at ball in air
  • Gabe - air mail around the horn
  • Matty B - billiard cue
  • Matty B - late coverup on pickoff


  • Beck - coaching first in fair territory
  • Lenny - ran through 2nd
  • Wengy - left phone in truck bed
  • Tyler patterson - very gay fine (homosexual)


  • Gabe - airmailed beck
  • JE - almost turned into one way
  • Gabe - bat flip on bomb
  • Lenny - freaked out about lost jersey
  • Patterson - i guarantee i can get this guy hitting bombs by the end of the summer
  • Kahtan - farted in beer cave


  • Tyler Adams - left jersey
  • TP - germared lenny at 3b
  • Gabe - hit and run right?
  • Lenny - no slide
  • Gabe - nice potty mouth dirtbag
  • Germar - on the transfer!
  • Mason - missing pub game (aquasocks)


  • Beck - spectating on grounder to first
  • JE - blunt bat boy
  • Kahtan - MAX FINE went to softball instead of game
  • JE - mad face
  • Kahtan - pissed we were winning

Blue Sox

  • KT - left helmet
  • Germar - crouching tiger hidden germar

Patriots 40 day

  • Matty B - left helmet
  • Kahtan - splooged the 40s
  • JE - spilled on self


  • Kahtan - pooping during infield
  • Beck - wore warmup out to pitch
  • Gabe - 2-3-5!


  • Germar - lost track of outs
  • Germar - lost track of outs x2


  • Lenny - pissed self at cold spring
  • Sammy B - perfectly round puke
  • Sammy B - bunk bed fiasco
  • Gabe - missed fastball, ump wore it
  • Patterson - stirrups socks fiasco
  • Sean - thought game was over
  • Lenny - baseball 101
  • Borman - stretching triple into double


  • Kahtan - need these?
  • Mason - super popular foul ball chasing
  • Gabe - foul / fair pop fiasco
  • Gabe - spit on self
  • Gabe - left gloves at field
  • JE - not getting fined
  • Gus - missing playoff game
  • Borman - shuttle run injury
  • Kahtan - high black socks at dundas
  • KT - horrible teammate during bike fight
  • Sean - walkin to first after bomb called foul...lost track of count
  • Mason - fined due to hulk hogan racism

Fines 2014

Carlson - FNG
Lenny - took base coach helmet with him
Krause - pimped broken bat
JE - bat bag clip
KT - rental glove E4
Q - tried to put book away with his fines remaining
Q - wanted to buy a real bat for game vs pros
JE - "this one will be on the ground" - immediate fly ball
Lenny - no show at grill out after multiple confirmations

Krause - suck off the saints redhawks
Germar - sniper at first
Lenny - Game ball in dugout after around the horn
JE - slipped on plate in bullpen
Mason - frantically looking for helmet when he wasnt up and he left his helmet in the other dugout
Lenny - horrible vote in court
Reyes - FNG

Barone - FNG
Borman - didnt want to pitch vs saints cause he didnt want a phone call the next day
Tyler miller - dan reyes
Lenny - no helmet on deck
Lenny - 2 outs ran off field
JE - not paying attention to around the horn
Gabe - trying to coach 3rd
Reyes - chest bump attempt
Q - he wont even challenge me
Reyes - broke bat in at bat and didnt replace bat
Lenny - nice hit q...after walk
JE - no book in slp game
Reyes - amazing secondary lead
Miller - long toss into field
Carlson - overthrew the pitcher

Eickman - FNG
Sean Borman - FNG
Mason - jersey fiasco
Q - around the horn fiasco
Germar - incorrect hand gesture
Krause - picked off first horribly
Krause - winning run at 2nd!  (Actually at 1st)
Miller - asked why he was pinch running

Gabe - suns out guns out
Munsterman - FNG
Germar - yelled at bench for not yelling when they yelled
Munsterman - white pants
Gabe - kung fu slide at 3rd
Lenny - "reyes'ing" after line out to CF

Barone - cut off Q in the parking lot
Reyes - space cadet during infield
Q - picked off 2nd

Gabe - voice crack
Krause - top of the 4th? (Home team)
Krause - 9 inning game!
Reyes - horrible warm up form
Reyes - almost threw foul into play
Germar - good luck tomorrow to krause when they already lost
Lenny - smells
Gabe - worst court listener ever
Reyes - dunning is ghetto

Krause - didnt get out if the way of pop fly
Nelson - david ortiz home run "why did the vikings get rid of him?"
Gabe - bat toss
Gus - book fiasco no proof no skate
Germar - talking in krauses backswing
Mason - same fine as germar
Reyes - girlfriend made him cut hair

Germar - set your feet and throw
Wengy - same fine as germar
Matt Borman - mid baserun suckoff
Mase - fell down swinging
Krause - nicks fng
Lenny - picked off second with feet first slide
Sele - bat aggression
Sean borman - home run downshift
Gabe - bat toss helicopter at seles ankles

Rink - horrible bat toss to mason
Reyes - pimped walk
Reyes - 3-0 fake bunt
Nelson- book fiasco
Wengy - no tag at 3rd
JE - ran to coach 3rd with kt already at 3rd
Nelson - didnt know he stuck out (hanging chad vote)
Q - 0-4 stat mongering
Q - first base fiasco
Reyes - asked for time when ump said no.  (Fined by ump)

Germar - warm up throw behind him
Lenny - 5 hole in the 6th

Q - pimped a walk (big tyne!)
Lenny - not running 3-2
Gabe - 2 outs! (Only 1)
Gabe - on deck sleeper
Q - speaking in 3rd person
Borman -bout time you did something

Matt borman - lets get 2! (Needed 3)
Lenny - agreeing with borman
Gabe 3 dollar fine - lets hit a walk off(top7)

Gunz - voicemail
Sele - dove away from strike
Sele - stretching single into double down 6
Q - didnt pick ball JEd it
Borman - 3rd out at 3rd
Mason - didnt advance on throw
Youngquist - we play 7 right?
Reyes - cousin wearing packers shirt
Lenny - golf cart fiasco
Krause - pregame laker suck off

Gus - 8 top!
Gabe - overthrew JE
Lenny - bad directions
Gabe - blowing ump
KT - Nate Erickson
Gabe - cee lo green
Sele - fake doubleplay
Lenny - left chair
Lenny - (wants a coffee) she doesnt need to make a special batch just for me. (Single cup coffee maker)
Mase - cutting knees trying to be baller on a fall

Youngy - left one!
Krause - picked off first bases juiced
Gabe - ejecto glove mega frame
Reyes - pimped bat flip on hbp
Reyes - staredown of pitcher
JE - i got it! On weak pop to him
Barone - Louisiana BAYOU!!!
Reyes - two sets of batting gloves
Gabe - F9 double up
Barone - rambling defense of poor infield
Sele - Pepsi Pro-AM

Gabe - left mask
Gabe - fine happy
Youngy - courtesy runner in this league?
Mason - kirby puckett take

Barone - world cup pregame
Matt Borman - book fiasco
Matt borman - asked what signs were after giving signs
Reyes - didnt run out grounder
Barone - my hair looks so good i might not wear a hat today

Germar - sliding catch into bare hand catch attempt
Reyes - pimped single top 6
Gunz - i saw dust!!!
Gabe - wore legpads to plate
Reyes - bat flip 1/2 way up line
Mason - yelled yeah!!! On gabes ground out
Gabe - gave second sign with no one on 2nd
Mason - metal detector fiasco
Matt borman - poor friend of mason
Q - horrible baserunning on wall shot
JE - oh ****popup
Youngy - not covering 3rd on oh ****popout
JE - liking profession wrestling

Nelson- is this boat a 23 or a 24? "Its a 21...when you say your dicks a 6 its really a 4"
Nelson - flash picture of the stars
Gabe - talking
Gabe - ejecto glove
Q - voice crack
Mason - went in on home run

KT - old man hands
KT - old man hands x2
Gabe - book fiasco
Gabe - all JE does is Fs!
Gabe - mound mutton! (Rink) (over the shoulder banged!)
JE - didnt know job title for court

Gabe - horrible throw to barone
Krause - horrible leadership through handshake line
Gabe - brand new ejecto mitt
Q - how many 40s are you gonna get tomorrow?
Sele - 1st out at 3rd

KT- handcuffed my feet
Lenny - lets play fun
Germar - no helmet coaching 3rd
Wengy - forgot glove
Matt borman - hes out (own team)
Sean borman - lets get 9!  (Needed 10)
Gabe - bat through
JE - 12 seam curveball
Gabe - no jersey

Gabe - called time and stayed in box
Lenny - premature walk to plate on ball 2
Gabe - JE can you catch the 9th?
Reyes MAX FINE - aggressive cell phone usage
Barone - ejectomitt

Mason - doubled off 2 in first vs cold spring
Lenny - i dont want to sit in the dugout there is no breeze (huge breeze comes)
Matt borman - no lead at 1st
Youngy - suck coke for dicks
Youngy- didnt play day after wedding
Germar - didnt go out saturday at cold spring
Wengy - same
Lenny - same
JE - same

Gabe - cramping while giving signs
Gabe - MAX lost glove
Q - "i hit it last time"
Rink - The Bachelorette talk
Krause - same fine
Q - same fine
Gabe - rookie tin pack
Youngquist - late on bunt cover
Youngquist - salty post at bat

Coon Rapids
Gus - left shirt
Mason - swing and miss in cage
Gabe - spluging on face
Q - throw to rafters
Germar - pregame pep talk about not striking out
Gabe - forgot to put cleats on

Angels playoffs
KT - left batting gloves
Mason - batting jacket
Gunz - left shoes
Gunz - left pine tar stick
Gunz - no cap (borman stole it)
Gabe - telling Q how to do book
Gabe - you got room! ( almost out of stadium)
Q - lets get retarded throw
Mason - voice crack voice mail!
KT - mushroom stamped by Mike Carrell

2013 Fines


Gabe - Made ump wear one hard.


Goose - Wore JE's Jersey

Borman - Cell Phone Rang in Dugout

Borman - Wiped face with Krause's dirty undies


Gabe - Voice Crack

Krause - Wrinkled Jersey Again

Krause - Left phone in dugout

Lenny - Left Glove in dugout

Borman - "You've Got Room! (again)


Q - Got in the way of the wind.

Germar - Terrible Throws

Borman - Pregame Suck Off


Lenny - Brought helmet out to position.


Mason - 2 runners on 2nd

JE - Stat Mongering

Goose - Pinch hit pitchers in the beer frame - "Yah with two outs!"

Germar - Pterodactyl Walk

Lenny - "Leave it!" (Ball in play)

Youngquist - "You gotta get down!"

Nelson - "Why wouldnt we 10 run them?"


Youngy - Arm Guard

Mason - Walked to plate after 3 outs.

Ellis - Book Fiasco 2


Borman - Jersey Fiasco

Lenny - Alarm Fiasco

Lenny - You're Up! "Up Where?"

Kevin - Book Fiasco


Q - Belt

Krause - Left infield before warmups were done

Mason - Ball to backstop, didnt advance

Borman - Pimped 3-0 strike

Borman - You've got room!


Lenny - "Hit me in the palm."

Lenny - Rubbed up non-game ball.

Germar - Metrosexual waving in Mason to score.

Gabe - Rubbed wrong arm of JE

Gabe - Glove fell off while blocking ball...then seizured

Q - Aromashodu double move skinny post to first base

Gabe - Price sticker still on bat.

KT - Belt

KT - Points at Popup

KT - O Lay!

Gus - FNG



Nelson - "Where can I find a calendar of games on the website?" (The calendar page)

Borman - Liza Name Fiasco



Gabe - FNG (didnt pay last year)

Nelson - Golden Sombrerro

Nelson - Swung twice at a ball, ump said he didnt go.

Germar - Robot walk after a strikeout down 7 runs.

Borman - Caused a double play by not running hard.


Krause - FNG

Jesse - FNG

Krause - Left glove at field.

Shoberg - "Who sends out the emails?"

Rink - Talking to GF while in left field.

Q - Glove Fiasco

Shoberg - "Come on JT!"

JE - Bad write up, inaccurate


Sele - FNG

Youngquist - Keys locked in car (in Lino Lakes)

Sele - Wanted to play the 8th inning real bad.

Germar - "Better ingredients, better pizza.  Papa Murphys"

JE - Didnt run out pop up.

JE - Overthrew pitcher with bases loaded.

Mason - Tim Tebow-like throws.

Shoberg - Latin league performance.

JE - Showboat in Liga with 3 outs.



2012 Fines


Youngquist $1: Coaching 3rd with Red Shorts on

Youngquist $1: Forgetting belt

Youngquist $1: Showing up late because he was at the Latin League All Star Game.

Q $1: Sneezing while playing 1st base

Q $1: Stat Mongering (i.e. making sure he got credited for an RBI on his HR)

JE $1: Terrible throw back to pitcher

JE $1: Throws ball into LF on around the horn.


JE $1: Saying that there were multiple languages being spoke at latin ball, english, spanish and dominican.

Shoberg $1: Putting bat weight on barrel side and getting it stuck, requiring assistance to remove.

Shoberg: Book Fiasco

Shoberg: Calling JE "Ryan"



Lenny $1 - No helmet in on deck circle (again)

KT $1- Being likened to Jerry Sandusky

JE $1- After Q remarked that the SS had soft hands, JE said, "How do you know his name?" Thinking the Shortstop's name was "Short Stop."

JE $1- Not advancing to 3rd on a grounder to 2nd base

Q $1- Being pissed when Youngquist took over the walks lead from him

Rink $1- Thinking the field we played at was the home of the "Carver Blue Sox" when directly next to his eyes on the dugout it said "Black Sox"

Borman $1- Asking what the final score was when he did the book the whole game.


Dave Germar: FNG

Dave Germar: Softball leadoff at first (actually)

Kahtan - Tight Pants

Kahtan - "KT could drag bunt" (bases loaded)



Germar $1- Helmet Toss

Borman $1- Saying "Let's get out of this!" while we are hitting

Lenny $1- Terrible hustle with 2 outs

Gabe $1- FNG

Germar $1- Popping out to 2nd base, but looking backwards because he inexplicably thought it was a foul ball

Lenny $1- Entire at bat with a game ball in his back pocket

Borman $1- Confusing rant about wanting to 10 run a team so Nelson wouldn't have to go pitch not this inning, but the next inning, and then confusing the issue more by trying to explain what he was talking about.



Borman - Misspelled Bat "Drop The Duces"

Mason - Sniper

Lenny - No Hustle on E7

Lenny - Bad throw to JE, not throwing around horn

Q - "F7" on a F9

Youngquist - Stepped on 3rd with no force.

Germar - PDA



Kahtan $1 - Being a terrible 3rd base coach and getting Wengy hurt.

Mason $1 - Horrible throw to dugout (supposed to go to first)

Kahtan $1 - Book Fiasco

Lenny $1 - Bad throw around the horn/

Mason $1 - Dropped pop up vs SLP

JE $1 - Attempted grenade toss with 2 outs

JE $1 - Dropped 3rd strike, hit runner in back with late throw.



Lenny $1 - no helmet in on deck circle

Nelson $1 - have we scored in the inning? (He scored)

Lenny $1 - No show helping JE move

Lenny $1 - Graco pullover

Lenny $1 - Do we need the bat bag?

Borman $1 - Back, you're on it..oh wait back!! (Over His Head)....

Germar $1 - Got room!!!

Goose $1 - JE'ing a ball that was only pitch not an out.


$1 Q - Thought about throwing around the horn w/guy on first.

$1 Q - Ran Mason off 3rd twice in one play.

$1 Jensen - Weirdest play in baseball history.  Involved falling down & getting hit by a thrown ball.

$1 Germar - " It's down, go! It's caught, get back!"


$1 Q- Leaving a practice without shagging balls to go watch a DVR'd soccer game

$1 Q- Going to a Mexican restaurant and ordering a bowl of soup

$1 Borman- FNG

$1 Nelson- FNG

$1 Youngquist- FNG

$1 Goose- Yelling "runner" when the guy from first was stealing and the guy at home walked

$1 JE- Throws over pitcher's head on 2nd pitch of the season. Found guilty due to a defense that had nothing to do with anything.

$1 Borman (Not Guilty)- Hitting on a waitress by remarking on the similarity of each other's belts, and hitting on a waitress that didn't speak English


2011 Fines


$1 Adrian- Drunkenly stumbling into the vines at Parade Stadium while peeing

$1 Adrian- The "Cinnabon"

$1 Rink- Doing many gay things during 40 day.

$1 Jensen- Forgetting to vote after a fine.

$1 Zawacki- Remarking that Ben Schroeder was "Just like Justin Verlander"


$1 Q- Running back to dugout to get ankle guard on 0-2 count and then taking called strike 3 the very next pitch

$1 Lenertz- Seeing that the home team was winning 13-1 in the game before ours. Asking who was winning while standing 2 feet from the home dugout and team.

$1 Q- Thought we were playing the Pub even though the Pub had just played. While standing behind the dugout where the Pub was getting undressed asked incredulously, "We're making the Pub switch dugouts??"

$MAX - Wengenroth- Forgetting 2 gloves at field while quickly rushing off to be a fill-in for a softball game

$1 Germar- "Accidentally" going down on Wengenroth for previous fine even though it was Germar's softball game that Wengenroth was rushing off to get to.

$1 Dahl- Going 0 for 8 in softball the night before

Wengenroth (not guilty)- Fined by Q for fouling a ball off his inside knee and rolling around in dirt. Wengenroth's defense? "I don't have a guard..." (Said while sneering).


$1- JE- "Double cut", i.e. lingering around the mound for no good reason after a hit to left scored a runner

$1 Q- Tiny flip to JE at 1st when he could have easily walked over there himself

$1- Q- Doors blown off by not-so-fast fastball

$1- Jensen- Screaming "MEOW" when he popped up to the catcher

$1- Jensen- Loving up the Blue Sox post game (Side note: Casually flipped his dollar over his shoulder. Dollar landed directly in Mason's chair cupholder. Really awesome.)

$1- While saying how sweet Legion Ball was, he mentioned that during sections he went "21 for 20" and the only time he got out was when he hit a comebacker that hit the pitcher in his back, "flew straight up in the air like a pop-up", and was caught

$1- Rink- Thinking that "PFP" stood for "Perfect Fielding Position" instead of "Pitcher Fielding Practice", and then demonstrating PFP as he knew it.

$1- Lenertz- Using evasive maneuvers to escape being hit by a really slow curveball 2 straight times.



$1 Rink- Throws over shortstop's head after catching fly ball

$1 Rink- Hanging out with "2 dudes and a Mom" instead of warming up with KT

$1 Rink- Terrible, bizarre defenses to fines

(Rink also told "The Gay Story". It was a rough night for him.)

Golf Tourney Fines:

$1 Jensen: Putting a 20 in the raffle ticket jar instead of the shoebox

$1 Q: Asking about the total distance of the par 3 course in an attempt to ascertain whether or not to bring a 5-wood.

$1 J.E. : Putting the advertisement sign on hole 1 backwards (Note: This was actually Erik Dahl's fault but JE got fined anyway and convicted)

Max Fine Germar- Forgetting his entire bag in Q's car

$1 Billy D- Having a tiny umbrella that barely covered his "circumference"

$1 Billy D- Pants tucked into socks

$1 Billy D- Forgetting water bottle in Q's car

$1 Wengenroth- Asking if anyone is going to fine him $1 for forgetting his chew

$1 Wengenroth- Searching all over for his chew, including hopping fence at now locked Parade Stadium to search dugout. Still not finding chew.

$1 Rink- Spilling beer all over girlfriend

$1 JE- Forgetting to cover 1st on potential double play ball

$1 Q- Forgetting to cover 1st on same double play ball

$1 Q- Angrily flinging beer after getting fined

$1 Dahl-"Doors blown off" vs guy throwing 71



$1: J.E. - Horrible throw back to P after first pitch of the game

$1: KT - Wearing #18 because he forgot his jersey

$1: Q- Leaving glove in dugout

$1: Billy- Being in the PN forever and still asking if we were home or visitor when we were on the home side. (Also skated for wearing white tube socks and something red)

$1: Schroeder- Rocking the fleece in this heat


$1: Goose- Eating a mayonnaise sandwich

$1: J.E.- Doing the book and still not knowing the score

$1: Rink- Going to the other dugout instead of hanging with the Cobras

$1: Quarberg- Getting Ric Flair's catchphrase mixed up with Randy Savage's, so he yelled, "Randy Savage, WOOOOOOO"

1 can: Homeless guy- Having a disgusting thing on his tummy and showing it to us



$1: KT - Hit by batted ball.

$1: Germar - Green belt.

$1: Roth - Leaving GAC hat in JE's car...Found guilty due to inaudible defense. 



$1 JE - Softball batting stance.
$1 Kahtan - Warming up in the bullpen with a first basemans glove
$1 Wengenroth - Passing Urseth on the rural road, then stopping and asking him for directions.
$1 Roth - FNG
$1 Zawacki - Facebook PDA




$1 Goose - Not knowing the date at his daughters 1st birthday party.

$1 Goose - Applying the tag on a runner at home (There was a force at home)

$1 Kahtan - Asking Goose for Saints tickets at 4pm for a 1pm game.

$1 Kahtan - Hitting into a triple play

$1 Adrian (Lip) - Dropping sandals into parade stadium dugout water.

$1 Dom (Metro Merchants) - Doing a funny dance after catching a flyout from Kahtan.



$1 JE- Not getting fined

$1 Mason- Skipping a game and then facebooking his location from a bar during the game

$1 Schroeder- FNG

$1 A Chez-Shaw- FNG

$1 Al-Dollar- Not paying attention to a long conversation about the other team's jerseys being similar to ours, then noticing their jerseys and being really surprised at how similar they were to ours. Too busy thinking of puffy clouds and masturbation.




$1 - JE: Throwing around the horn with 3 outs against Mudhens


1 - Wengy: Sliding feet first into first base against Mudhens


$1 - Parade Stadium: Not having a bullpen on the home side, removing the rubber and plate from the terrible bullpen last year.

$1 - Jensen: Writing Nack Zawacki instead of Nick Zawacki in the write up.

$1 - Soccer Dad: For letting his 4 (all under 6 years old) children run onto the baseball field mid game to retrieve a soccer ball.








$1 - JE: Terrible bat tosses on walks in previous games

$1 - Q: Broke Ass Car Bumper

$1 - Zawaki: FNG

$1 - Zawaki: Almost killing teammates with car

$1 - JE: Rambling Fine of Q

MAX - Germar: Entire Game Performance

$1 - KT: Fines himself for tripping over 2nd base against Princeton



$1 - JE: FNG

$1 - Q: FNG

$1 - Lenertz: FNG

$1 - Billy D: FNG

$2 for 3 - JE: Terrible throws back to pitcher (guilty plea for no good reason)




Rink $1 - Wants to have booth at the Gay Pride Fesitval for a fundraiser....
Belto $1 - FNG
John W $1 - Stopping mid-wind-up to look at Mason who was encouraging him on.....

Rink $1 - "Primate & Eagle"...interesting....

Kahtan $1 - showed up 10 minutes before game, forgot jersey in car and wore undershirt while catching during the top of the first.
Mason $1 - forgot batting gloves in dugout last game (Blamed new guy Davis for having same gloves)

Rink $1 - practicing swing in LF (no bat)
Kahtan $1 - ran an out an up in RF instead of a fly route
Goose $1 - got absolutely dominated by his cup and sliding shorts before game

John W $1 - Leaving keys in car door at Cannon Falls Tourney
Camp $1 - Voluntary dollar for getting thrown out stealing 3rd down 2 in the 7th. 

Rink $1 - Trouble with bat weight, tried to chisel it off with another bat...
Rink $1 - Port-a-Potie pitching change in LF
Camp $1 - Missing bunt sign three straight pitches
Kahtan $1 - Running to 1B on missed bunt attempt (first strike)
Kahtan $1 - Scaring young girls in parking lot by asking for their phone #.  They actually ran away

Kahtan $1 - No help on fly ball to KT
Rink $1 - See above - same fine
Joey $1 - Overthrow of pitcher, run scores
Joey $1 - Behind back pass to RF (trying to toss GB to second base in warm-ups)
John W $1 - Very short purple women's shorts while golfing

John W $1 - (At Cannon Falls Tourney to hot girl) "We don't have to pay to get in, do we?"
Nico Balcos $1 - FNG
Kahtan $1 - Box Scores
Kahtan $1 - Cingular

Kahtan $1 - "Are we vistors or home" (Standing right in front of Visitor sign on dugout)
Kahtan $1 - Texting in dugout

John W $1 - Forgot glove in dugout
Kahtan $1 - Forgot balls in sweet truck
Johnny Campo $1 - FNG
Davis $1 - Sniper at NAFE

Davis $1 - FNG
Adrian $1 - Sprinkler got him while peeing
John W $1 - Zipper down
Goose $1 - Forgot mask to catch inning

Deetz $1 - Sniper in trees at SLP
Food $1 - First pitch swinging after 4 pitch walk
Kahtan $1 - Breaking Adrian's bat
Food $1 - "Face Baby" at 1B
Adrian $1 - Falling over catching pop-up....weird
Mason $1 - Disrespecting the Court
K T $1 - "We all don't look alike"
Rink $1 - Late track

2009 Fines

Mason $1- Really poor throw back to the pitcher
Jensen $1- Falling out of his shoe on a play not involving him
KT- $1-Asking, "On average, how many years do you think I played my first 3 years?"
KT- $1- Announcing, to no one in particular, "I gotta cream."

Rink $1- Terrible throw
Mason $1- Terrible throw after first terrible throw
Food $1- Half-assed, lazy, looping throw to begin around-the-horn at Catcher.
Zach (Convicted in Absentia)- Saying "You've got room" to 1st baseman and then having the ball doink high off the frame of the batting cage way out of play.
Jensen $1- Not running on pop up with two outs and then blaming 1st base coach when there was no 1st base coach.
JW $1- FNG Fine.

Mason $1- Terrible throw back to pitcher
Kahtan $1- FNG fine
Mason $1- Answering his phone in a really gay way (something about beauty and cutie)

Deets $1- Missing Mason by many feet on around the horn. Also for wanting schedule to be password protected so crazy people won't know when the games are.
Zach $1 (convicted in absentia)- Spending 2 complete innings hanging with high school people knowing dollars were coming.
Jensen $1- Remarking that being hit directly in the butthole with a baseball didn't feel that bad.
Adrian $1- Fining someone and doing a really poor job of explaining the fine.

Mason $1-Diving twice to get a ground ball. Getting mocked by the guy that hit the ground ball.
Zach $1 (Retroactive to Tonka Game)- Singing "YMCA" while pitching.
Rollwagon $1-FNG fine. Also skated for having polka dot boxers on that you could see through his baseball pants.
Adrian $1-Suspiciously not falling over enough this year.

Jensen $1- Phone ringing in dugout.
Farni $1- Dancing to phone ringing in dugout
KT $1- Breaking the styrofoam beer cooler by resting leg on it.

Mason-$1- Telling a sexually explicit story that had a "Face Baby" in it.
Tyler $ FNG Fine
Z - $1 FNG Fine
Deets -$1 Jumping like a fairy to touch home plate.
Jensen $1- Telling Castle to "Go home to your last name" and laughing really hard at his own joke. Felt the $1 fine was worth it to be able to say that.
Rink $1- Wearing dress shoes and dress socks with shorts and Cobras T-Shirt after the game.

Goose $1- Loving up Donny Whritenour for too long and delaying court
Jensen $1- Breaking two bats, and getting mocked by a 9 year old.
Ben Grams $1- FNG Fine
Kahtan $1- Not knowing the names of ANY baseball players. Using Bud Grant as one of his names.
Greg the Umpire $1- Really scared of called third strikes.


Natron $1- Channeling Rick Ankiel on consecutive pitches in the 6th.

Jensen $1- Swearing instead of hustling on booted ground ball to second. Turns into 4-4-4-3 putout.

KT $1- Rocking the fleece and then forgetting it in the dugout

Mason $1- Lack of belt

Mason $1- Carrying his bat all the way down to 1st base on a pop up.

Kahtan $1- Lallygagging to the field even though the game was starting and he was playing outfield.

Nate $1- Telling Kahtan to be a good 2 out hitter when there was only one out.

Larry Gallagher $1- Being Larry Gallagher (recurring fine).


Kahtan $1- Swinging at a 3-0 pitch down 1 run with nobody out

Z $1- Saying that "Badminton is the shit."

Z $1- Writing the lineup in the book in an incorrect and confusing fashion

Kahtan $1- Forgetting batting gloves

John W $1- Forgetting how to slide or stop running, and smashing into 3rd baseman.


Kahtan $3: Stealing second up 19- Love,  and being surprised when it happened. First almost max fine of the year. Kahtan was especially angry because he forgot his Black & Mild's and his girlfriend ( who finally got out of the truck) would not roll him anything similar.

Z $1- Asking if there is a run limit per inning like tee ball.

Kahtan (skated)- Hitting KT in his tiny thigh during BP.

Zach (Many dollars)- Never sticking around after games to avoid certain fines that come along with being a dollar factory.

Kahtan (Not a fine yet)- "Snoop dogg is the shit. He really drops it like it's hot!"


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