Hamilton Sport & Recreational Bowling League 2021-22



PRESIDENT: Dave Winger (905) 574-5581

VICE PRESIDENT: Gordon Burns (905) 318-9158

SECRETARY/TREASURER: Sue Burns (905) 318-9158

TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR:Russ Ruggles (905) 574-0218


1) The league will consist of 34 nights. The league is open to all bowlers 15 and over. Bowlers 15-17 must have a parent bowling in the league.

2) The league will be a mixed league consisting of no more than 8 teams of 4 bowlers.

3) Bowlers from the previous year must use their year ending league average from the previous year for the 1st 15 games of this season.

4) Points will consist of 1 point per game and 1 point for total pin fall for the night.

5) 1/2 point will be given for each team for all ties.

6) Bowling starts at 7:00 p.m. Lanes will be on for practice at 6:50 p.m.

7) A fee of $20.00 per week will be paid by each bowler.

8) A bowler later than the 2nd frame will miss that game. A bowler will have 2 minutes to start a new game or will receive 0 for their frame.

9) Should rule 8 apply, the bowler will still be required to pay $20.00.

10) Should a player be absent, they shall be required to pay $10.00 for each night away.

11) Captains will be required to collect all fees from their team.

12) From the $20.00, $6.35 goes to the league.

13) Each bowler is a sanctioned member of the Hamilton 5 Pin Bowlers Association. The membership will be paid by the league.

14) Any league bowler who wishes to qualify in league play for the Hi-Lo Doubles, Holiday Classic and the Provincial Triples Tournament, will have their entry fee covered by the league.

15) A bowler who misses 3 consecutive nights (without bowl-offs) without notifying their captain or league executive will be dropped from the league. All bowlers who fail to pay fees for 3 consecutive weeks will be dropped from the league.

16) A bowler must bowl 60 games to be eligible for individual award(s).

17) A team which has an absent bowler will use the bowlers full average for all absences.

18) Teams will bowl on the same lane for the whole night. (COVID-19 Protocol)

19) Captains must make sure all game sheets are properly filled out with games won, points won, and bowlers totals. Addition will be checked and any mistakes will be corrected. Points will be adjusted if necessary due to any error(s) made.

20) A handicap system will be used as follows. 10 pins for each point difference in the standings, to the lower standing team. (These pins will only count in the individual games and will not be added in the total pin fall for the night.) As well, 1 pin for each difference in team averages to the lower team. No maximum handicap.

21) All teams will be entitled to all handicaps they are awarded from average or point differential. As a courtesy, it is requested that the handicaps be put into the system by the captain, or any member of the league. If a team does not have scores from at least one bowler for that night, they will forfeit all points for the night.

22) In the event of a tie, at year end, there will be a one game roll-off for teams that are tied for 1st place. Tiebreaker will be highest pins over average.

23) Should a pin be falling as the shield comes down, it will be counted down.

24) Bowl-offs will be allowed on the last night of bowling. A printout of scores must be given with your scores. Please have a staff member initial your sheet.

25) Please bowl-off if you are going to be absent. (Note) For all bowl-offs, you do not pay until returning the following week, at which time you will be required to pay the $20.00. Bowl-offs may be banked and kept in care of the bowling alley. You may bank as many bowl-offs as you wish. All bowl-offs must be used. We will notify you in the last 5 weeks of how many bowl-offs are in the bank. No banked bowl-offs may be used in the last 2 weeks of bowling. All bowl-offs left at season end will be converted to open bowling prices and paid to Mountain. If you fail to do so, we will deduct from your prize money all monies owed Mountain. All bowl-offs will be used in the order they were bowled. All banked bowl-offs will get used on a bowlers absence as it happens. 

26) The foul lines will be in effect at all times. A foul is a deduction of 15 pins per foul, to be deducted at the end of the game in which they occur.
27) In case of a cancellation due to severe weather, the scores that all bowlers recorded on the last night of bowling in the month of October will be used for that week. It will be as if every bowler bowled off for that week and you will still be required to pay the $20.00 weekly fee. If a 2nd week is required it will be the 1st week of November scores. In case of a mechanical breakdown and there are no available lanes to be used, the scores from the previous week of bowling will be used for all unfinished games whether it be 1, 2 or 3 games. The scores that will be used are from the 1st game to the 3rd.







No business at year end for 2020-21 due to COVID-19 Pandemic




2018-19 - High Single Zach Colwell 322 and Kim Culp 298
2018-19 - High Triple Roberta Macleod 728 and Ryan Gibson 763
2018-19 - Most Improved Bowlers Dave Winger +17.2 and Muriel Smiley +6.3
2018-19 - Tail End High Average Koren Hackett 159.5 and Roy Peart 161.0
2018-19 - High Average Heather Komadowski 194.6 (Absent) Bob Ruggles 226.8
2018-19 - Tail End High Triple Terry Reardon 569 and Ann Primmer 660
2018-19 - Tail End High Aggregate Terry MacCharles 16,479 and Murray Neath 16,476
2018-19 - High Aggregate Russ Ruggles 23,302 and Deb Billard 19,438
2018-19 - League Champions, Terry MacCharles, Bob Slater and Deb Billard. Absent is Rob Slater. Congratulations!!
2018-19 - Tail End High Single Barb Winger 261 and Alex Simonyai 233
  • The top bowlers for Week 30 were Kyle Thompson (741) for the men and Susan Burns (582) for the ladies.
  • The Bowling Banquet will be Friday May 27th at the Mandarin on Upper James at 6:30 p.m.
  • After 28 years it is time to say goodbye. Thanks to everyone for all the years that we spent together. I wish you all the best in future years with the league. Cheers!! Gord :)

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Recent Results
Fri May 13/22 7:00pm:
Team 8 1
Team 6 3
Fri May 13/22 7:00pm:
Team 7 Blazing Bowlz 4
Team 5 Gord's Angels 0
Fri May 13/22 7:00pm:
Team 4 2
Team 2 Alex and His Wing Men 2
Fri May 13/22 7:00pm:
Team 3 4
Team 1 Splits and Giggles 0
Fri May 6/22 7:00pm:
Team 2 Alex and His Wing Men 1
Team 1 Splits and Giggles 3
Fri May 6/22 7:00pm:
Team 4 3
Team 3 1
Fri May 6/22 7:00pm:
Team 6 4
Team 5 Gord's Angels 0
Fri May 6/22 7:00pm:
Team 8 3
Team 7 Blazing Bowlz 1
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