Dennis Mitchell
Cincinnati Reds
I would like to thank all the people involved in Fall Ball for their hospitality extended to me on Sept 20-21 in Regina.
I was very impressed with the number of players who attended and with the number of teams in varying age groups which I had a chance to see. . I have always felt that kids need to be outside in the summer and fall, playing baseball , football or doing anything active .  I am not a fan of kids being stuck in a rink from late August to late April.
I actually gave out some information sheets to 3 players and have another 12 names from the bantams I watched. These players will be monitored through their midget years by myself or some of the part time people who work for me in Western Canada. I only gave out 4 info sheets during the North Dakota Legion Championships so the caliber of Fall Ball was very high.
While I normally have my part time people in Western Canada check out Bantam and Peewee Players, it was great to be able to see these kids myself. I will be back future years to check out FALL BALL and will be mentioning the program to other scouts who are in my area.
To the kids in Fall Ball, work hard but have fun too. Baseball is a wonderful opportunity. It can pay for school, allow you to travel and be a part of a great baseball community. To the organizers and coaches, thank you.
Dennis Mitchell
Cincinnati Reds


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