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Thank you for a great season! 

Here are our undefeated on the season players:

Logan S./Jack C. - Mixed Doubles

Felix Gao - Line 6 Boys Singles

Simar K./Jada D. - Line 1 Girls Doubles

Tori G./Annabella C. - Line 4 Girls Doubles

Fay H./Maitre D. - Line 5 Girls Doubles

Eddy C./Kevin L. - Line 2 Boys Doubles



Beckendorff Junior High has a very proud and successful history with our 9 time District Champions boys and girls tennis program. We stress fundamental tennis instruction and coordinate our instruction with our high school program, Seven Lakes HS.


There are 22 roster spots available for the girls team and 22 roster spots available for the boys team.  Tryouts are only open to 7th and 8th grade prospective athletes. Teams consists of 6 boys singles players, 6 girls singles players, 6 boys doubles teams, 6 girls doubles teams, 1 mixed (boy & girl) doubles team and 3 girls alternates and 3 boys alternates.


If you have any additional questions feel free to email our Head Tennis Coach Vince Woyan at vincentkwoyan@katyisd.org .  


You can visit our webpage at www.ballcharts.com/bdjhtennis to find a practice calendar and more information.






Countdown to
Fourth Match of the Season - vs. TJH at OTHS

(Apr 15, 2021 @ 4:45pm)

Be sure to have a backup racquet, mask, water bottle, hat/visor/sunglasses and uniform for match!


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18th July, 2024
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