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Mission Statement.

Metropolitan All-Stars mission is to collaborate increasing education and health awareness thru competitive competition. The players serve as mentors to the youth as inspiration to overcome their current obstacles in life, which ranges from being in the hospital for different medical conditions to participating in violent groups (gangs) or being victim of violence.

Kids, teenagers and young adults look up to our players and our players hold themselves to a high standard to serve as positive role models for our youth. Health is a big problem in the United States right now and the All-Stars have recruited trainers that are educated in that department to make sure players are aware and beat obesity. 

Metropolitan All-Stars talks to kids, teenagers and young adults that need that extra guidance, help in food drives, raise money for events such as diabetes, and breast cancer. They also help their players play abroad and fulfill their dreams with our semi pro team that is based in Washington DC (which is a feeding program for teams that play abroad) and/or the tours (Peru, Mexico, etc) where 12 to 20 players are chosen from all over the world to entertain,compete and play the sport they love with the purpose of being recruited to play in one of those chosen cities.

The Tour.

Metropolitan All Stars tour 2012 and  2013 are the result of ongoing  efforts  of Metropolitan All Stars staff to  give  basketball  players the opportunity  to  show  their  skills  on this sport,  assuring  exposure  to  Peruvian  coaches  of  basketball  (as well as chilenian in case of the game in Iquique-Chile), promote  basketball in Peru and have a life experience in terms of tourism.

  • Metropolitan All Stars tour 2012 had eight basketball players signing for the League of Lima  (Peru)
  • Peru can be the stepping stone for a basketball player who is starting a professional career overseas. Most of our players had Peru as a starting job, continuing their careers in Mexico ,  Argentina, Canada or staying in Peru they had the opportunity to participate in tournaments  such as  in Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela (Southamerican FIBA Tournaments).
  • Metropolitan All Stars tour will give you the opportunity to show your skills and share time with the fans.

Metropolitan All Stars is proud to serve the community and encourage harmony in our society thru the sport we love: Basketball.

  • Welcome to the new home of the Metropolitan All-stars
  • Metropoltain we now be in the TTBL Triple Treat Basketball League

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