MENS SENIOR LEAGUE BASEBALL - LV Rattlers Compete in 35/45/50 & 55+ Age Divisions, Nationally


2018 MSBL LV Kickoff 45+ American Division CHAMPS!

CONGRATS to LV Rattlers 45 Team!!

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LOCAL 2018 Spring Season Started February 25, 2018  35+ LV Rattlers

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NEXT Local League, 35+ Game Sunday, March 18, 2018 12 PM vs. ACES at Mt Ridge Park



2018 MSBL Desert Classic 35+ American CHAMPIONS! 

Palm Springs, Ca

(See INFO and Photos BELOW)


LV Rattlers 50's Capture 2017 MSBL World Series Title!

LV Rattlers 50's go 9-0...Undefeated, Unbeatable, to win a 2017 World Series Ring and Championship Victory!

1. Sam Pacheco - UT/P

2. Manny Ocampo - 3B/P

3. Mike Rippenkroeger - UT/P

4. Mike Santonino - RF/DH

5. Dan Clemens - P/1B

6. Jim Rini - 2B/P

7. Marco Gutierrez - C/DH

8. Evert Versloot - C/DH

9. Anthony Arenz - OF

10. Greg McMeans - SS/P

11. Jeff McMeans - 3B

12. Raul Moreda - OF

13. Alier Ricardo - P

14. Scott Pleus - OF/P

15. Eric Ogletree - P/DH

16. Earl German - P/1B/DH

17. Roland Swartouw - 1B

18. Aad Vander Landen - 2B

19. Steve Jay - P/1B

20. Titus Blom - OF



THANKS to a Great Pitching Staff, with Dan Clemens and Alier "Javey" Ricardo carrying us into the Finals and Championship Victory. Great performances from ALL players above, as we expierienced a very positive, cohesive and supportive group of teammates who pushed hard, EVERY game, and faced all adversities Head-On - seeing no defeat! ...Outstanding Job Boys!! - Manny Ocampo, Manager.





2018 MSBL Palm Springs Desert Classic

LV Rattlers 35+ American CHAMPIONS!

Seated:Manny Ocampo -MGR/P/UT, Left to right (kneeling): Larry Peralta -OF,  Rick Mendez - 2B, Willie Landa - SS, Anthony "Tri" La - CF, Dave Scanlan - P, Mike Rippenkroeger - P/UT, Mike Counterman - C/Assist Coach, Standing (Left to Right): Kim Fuerniss - C/P, Alfonso "Junior" Gandara - P/1B, Jim Rini - 2B, Earl German - P/1B, Mike Strader - 3B, SS, Javier Arias - RF, Tommy Montoya - RF, Adrian Solano - 3B, Anthony Arenz - LF



COCO CRISP, Former MLB Red Sox, Indians, Royals & A's Player Hosts Field to Rattlers at Shadow Hills High School, Indio, Ca (Coco Crisp & Las Vegas Rattlers Manager, Manny Ocampo)




***2018 MSBL Las Vegas Kickoff Classic ***

LV Rattlers 45 TEAM March 10-12-18



Earl German - P/DH/1B

Jim Rini #29 - 2B/SS/P

Javier Arias #10 - OF

Tri La #3 - OF/SS

Dan Clemens #21 - P/1B

Tommy Montoya #27 - OF

Mike Strader #12 - SS/3B

Dave Scanlan #7 - P/OF

Marco Gutierrez - C

Alier Ricardo - P

Manny Ocampo #25 - MGR/P

Sam Pacheco #6 - 3B/P

Dave Scaringe #51 - OF

Mike Counterman #20 - C

Junior Gandara #26 - 1B/3B/DH

Eric Ogletree - P/UT

Drew Zoulko - C/P

Great Pitching By Dan Clemens and Dave Scanlan

After Dave Scanlan pitched a full nine innings to eliminate the Las Vegas Warriors (8-3) In the Semi Final game to go on to face The Bar in the Championship game, Dan Clemens took the ball for the Rattlers and pitched a full game to claim victory over The Bar, 6-1. This was after the bar smoked the Colorado Bandits 20-2 in their Semi Final game.

The Rattlers dug deep and still had the, "lets have some fun" attitude and a whole lot of heart. The Rattlers defense was solid with Mike Strader leading the Infield at shortstop and Jim Rini at second base. Outfielders Dave Scaringe, Tri La, Javier Arias and Tommy Montoya endured outfield coverage throughout the weekend.
An aggressive and smart offense gave us enough to succeed, knowing we had strong pitching and a great defense. Drew Zoulko and Marco Gutierrez were rocks and cannons behind the plate and other contributing/starting pitchers that made a difference were Earl German and Eric Ogletree. It should be noted that Sam Pacheco and Alfonso "Junior" Gandara handled the hot corner at third base with a lot of love shared between the two!
Props go to Mike Stader for handling the "Made to Order" laundry service for all players between game days!!



2017 (Summer Season)

LV Rattlers 35+ Make Championship Finalists!


1. Marshal Nisbett - CF,P

2. Paul Joncich - SS

3. Mike Strader - 3B, SS

4. Corey McCormack - LF

5. Manny Ocampo - 1B, 3B, P

6. Lou Tassone - UT

7. Kim Fuerniss - C, P

8. Scott Nastase - 2B, C, UT

9. Hilton Nass - UT

10. Ryan Bohanan - 1B, P

11. Courtland Smith - OF

12. Dave Scanlan - P, OF

13. Mike Counterman - C

14. Drew Zoulko - RF/P

15. Mike Santonino - OF,1B,DH


*2018 Local Las Vegas FALL League Starts February 18th*

NEW UNIFORMS for 2018 Local League!!



PAST Tournaments/Events:




2017 MSBL Las Vegas Open 55 CHAMPIONS!!

MAY 27-29, 2017


Billy Clouse, Steve Archambo, Saul Soto, Manny Ocampo, Joe Gho

Bob Biskup, Mike Santonino, Mike Lehtola, Todd Stoltenberg, Bruce Volpe,

Joe Cervantes, Scott Hunt, Mike Rippenkroeger, Dave Nutter, Mike Ryan, Paul Joncich




PAST 2016 Phoenix 50+ World Series Cactus LV Rattlers



2017 LV Kickoff RESULTS:

MSBL Las Vegas Kickoff March 4-6 and March 11-13!

Las Vegas Rattlers 45's

Las Vegas Kickoff FINALISTS!!

March 11-13



1. Tommy Montoya - RF (W)

2. Dan Clemens - P/1B

3. Shane Saunders - LF (W)

4. Jeff Zawislack - P

5. Michael Strader - 3B/SS

6. Saul Soto - P/UT

7. Dave Scanlan - P/RF

8. Steve Jay - P/1B

9. Manny Ocampo - P/3B/2B

10. Steve Archambo - SS

11. Tim Bowers -1B

12. Philip Ellis - P/UT

13. Drew Hutchison - P/2B/SS

14. Noberto "Joe" Soto - CF

15. John Tomanio - C

16. Mike Thompson - C






45+ WB American Division (8 teams) next best 8 overall records
3:30pm Children's Memorial Park - Diamond Dream Mustangs 6 Las Vegas Rattlers 11
3:30pm Doc Romeo Park - Fresno Knights 0 The Bar 17
3:30pm Peccole Park - Utah Red Sox 20 Team Las Vegas 10
6:15pm Hadland Park - Seattle Rainiers 13 Mineros de Denver 8


9:00am Arroyo Grande # 9 - Utah Red Sox 7 Las Vegas Rattlers 12
9:00am Burkholder Park - Seattle Rainiers 6 The Bar 9


12:30pm Arroyo Grande # 9 - The Bar 10 Las Vegas Rattlers 3



MSBL 2017 Desert Classic in Palm Springs, Ca 



January 14-16, 2017

Larry Peralta, Dan Dalton, Manny Ocampo, Tommy Montoya, Ricky Mendez, Rick Mendez, Adrian Solano




 Dan Clemens (P)

 Jeff Zawislak (P)

 Manny Ocampo (P/UT/MGR)

 Dan Dalton (OF)

 Ricky Mendez (2B/UT)

 Tommy Montoya (OF)

 Adrian Solano (3B/C/P)

 Larry Peralta (OF)

 Rick Mendez, Sr. (1B/Assist MGR)

 Willie Landa (SS)

  Kim Feurniss (C/P)

 Jose Romero (P/3B/OF)

 Brian Thatcher (CF)

 Anthony Tri La (UT)

Javier Arias (OF/1B)

 Lorenzo Gomez (P/OF/C)

GREAT JOB BOYS...2-1 in Pool Play and seated up to National Division, but tough loss to Montebello Angels! National or American...Let's WIN IT in 2018!!







                                      Vegas Valley/Southern Nevada Baseball League
                                                                35 + Rattlers 2017 Local League Team 
NEXT GAME: June 04, 2017 at Peccole Field 12 PM
1. Mike Strader - 3B/SS/MGR
2. Paul Joncich - SS
3. Steve Archambo -SS
4. Manny Ocampo - P/2B/3B
5. Dean Tanner - P
6. Mike Counterman - C/UT (DL)
7. Lou Tassone - UT (DL)
8. Mike Santonino - RF/1B
9. Jeff Zawislak - P (DL)
10. Corey McCormak - LF/CF
11. Kim Fuerniss - C
12. Marshall Nisbett - CF/P
13. David Scanlan - OF/P
14. Eugene Morey - RF
                  2016-2017 Players


      Marshal Nisbett                      Corey McCormack                       Louie Renteria                          Dean Tanner

Some Core 2016 RATTLERS 35+ Local League TEAM Players


Eugene Morey                  Paul Joncich                  Mike Strader               Mike Counterman         Courtland Smith



           Mike Santonino                                 Ken ("Hock") Ham              Manny Ocampo              Steve Archambo

LV Rattlers 55+ Go Undefeated and WIN 2016 LV OPEN, 4-0-1!!!!:
When we check our egos in the parking lot and walk on the field, knowing out true selves, we can reach our Pure Potentiality and all is possible!
MSBL Las Vegas OPEN - May 28-30th
(Not shown: Sam Pacheco and Bruce Volpe)
Las Vegas Rattlers:
1. Sam Pacheco - CF, SS, P  
2. Mike Counterman - C/1B     
3. Manny Ocampo - MGR/P/1B/RF      
4. Eugene Morey - RF/CF             
5. Phil Galloway - P, C, 1B      
6. Joe Gho - SS                  
7. Bob Biskup - 3B                   
8. David Rampey - 2B    
9. Bruce Volpe - CF          
10. Gary Simpson - OF, P       
11. Mike Wright - P, 1B            
12. Todd Stotternberg - LF     
13. Hector Landin - 2B/DH  
14. Rigoberto Perez - P/2B
15. Jose "Chavelo" De Los Angeles - P/1B/C 
Las Vegas Rattlers 4 @ Tri Valley Pirates 4
REBL Giants 8 @ Las Vegas Rattlers 23
So Ca Fire 4 @ Las Vegas Rattler 10
Semi Final:
LV 55's 4 @ LV Rattlers 16
So Ca FIRE 3 @ LV Rattlers 6
2016, LV Rattlers Tournament Jerseys!
Black - Vegas Gold - Grey - White
*2016 MSBL Phoenix World Series 50+ TEAM -  (October 16-21)
1. Brett Donaldson #46 - OF 
2. Jim Odasz #8 - C/P 
3. Greg Molina # 17 - OF/P 
4. Keith Larson #13 (a) - P/1B
5. Manny Ocampo #25 - P/2B
6. Mike Santonino #24 - OF/1B 
7. Dale Haines #22 - P/1B  
8. Sam Pacheco #6 - P/CF/SS 
9. Gene De Los Santos #5 - DH
10. Steve Archambo #1 - SS 
11. Ronny Stegall #23 - P/1B 
12. Buddy Graves #15 (b)  - OF
13. Freddie Stewart #31- OF 
14. Dan Clemens #21 - P/1B  
15. Phil Galloway #15 (a) - P/C 
16. Raul Moreda #11 - OF 
17. Dave Bajula #99 - 3B/P 
18. Chuck Farmer #34 - 3B/C 
19. David Agado #10 - OF
20. David Thrall #13 (b) - 2B/P 
21. Ray Avalos #19 - SS/P 
22. Andre Taylor #44  - EH/OF
23. Mike Rippenkroeger #28  - P/UT/C
Check out Roger Clemens and Oil Can Boyd Interview - Click on Videos!______________________________________________________________________________________________
2007 MSBL WS 45+ Rattlers Tournament Team memory:




Go Rattlers!!

Mens Adult Hardball Baseball!

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Competing in local Las Vegas Leagues and National & Local Tournaments!

Get out and play HARDBALL!!

~Baseball is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams of nine players each. The goal of baseball is to score runs by hitting a thrown ball with a bat and touching a series of four markers called bases arranged at the corners of a ninety-foot square, or diamond. Players on one team (the batting team) take turns hitting against the pitcher on the other team (the fielding team), which tries to stop them from scoring runs by getting hitters out in any of several ways. A player on the batting team can stop at any of the bases and hope to score on a teammate's hit. The teams switch between batting and fielding whenever the fielding team gets three outs. One turn at bat for each team constitutes an inning; nine innings make up a professional game. The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins.

...That's it!   Make it FUN!!

ALWAYS Remember Fletch:

Saddened from the passing away of 34 yr old, LV Rattlers Player, Todd Fletcher, Monday, Feb. 10, 2009, due to a brief illness. He was born in San Antonio, and resided in Las Vegas for 18 years. Todd is survived by his mother and stepfather, Renni and Dean Whitman of Las Vegas; father and stepmother, Fred and Patty Fletcher of San Antonio; brother, David Fletcher and wife, Melinira, of Las Vegas; two half-brothers, Sean and Bryan; one stepbrother, Aaron; three stepsisters, Teri, Denise and Wendy; grandmother, Sheryl Williamson of Canton, Texas; and great-grandmother, Shiela Whitman. Todd was an avid athlete, a member of the local Teamsters and worked for Johnson Brothers' Wine Distributors. Rest in peace, "Fletch"...although you're in a better place now, we miss you.

Harry Wade... We haven't forgotten you either, pal!






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Palm Springs Division Listing and Rattlers Roster

  Posted November 16, 2015

PALM SPRINGS Desert Classic Update:...

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Championship Pitcher Full Game 6-1 Victory!!