Oct 24/20
1:46 am

Regina D-Backs




Team Ticker:
  • D-backs go 0-2 and were eliminated in round robin play in the league playoff
  • D-Backs go 0-4 and were elimiated in round robin play in Provincials
July 29 - 04:28pm

Hey folks, I just wanted to make one final post on season.

All in all we had a pretty good season. Having 9 of our 15 players making the final stats leaders board and several of those players leading in more than one catagory is a great accomplishment considering the slow start we had on the season and the fact that we had probably one of the youngest teams in the league!

I'd like to thank everyone that has helped out at one point or another throughout the season especially the following people:

Greg Laroque and Don Johnson for helping with coaching the team.
Leann Gelmich for keeping the website updated and adding a lot of the new pages, etc.
Marty Poncsak for helping with the managing of the team
Sandra Lipsett, Sherry Deane, and Wendy Sokolofsky for helping with the stats and score keeping.

All games scores, etc are completely up to date for anyone that missed any of the recent games.

If anyone has pictures from the season that can be posted on the website, please e-mail them to me at and I will try to get them up. (Please don't send them to my work e-mail as they will get caught up in the spam filter). If anyone has any feedback for me on the season please feel free to pass it along as well for things I can keep in mind I would appreciate it. The only request I have is if there is any negative feedback, please provide exact examples and/or suggestions on how to improve it, not just a general complaint.

One final note, I would like to sincerely like to thank you all for offering and helping cover my expenses this weekend in Saskatoon from the left overs from the team funds. In the 9 seasons I've coached mostly all the teams have acknowledged and shown appreciation for my helping out as a coach with a small gift of some kind, but NONE have ever offered to cover my costs, so I truly do appreciate it! While making sure the kids enjoyed the season is my first concern, I coach becuase I love the game and it's more of a hobby I enjoy, so it's a very nice touch to not have to spend as much money on the hobby. This generousity was very much appreciated...THANK YOU ALL!

Hope you have a great winter and see you next year!

Coach Chris


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