Oct 25/20
6:10 pm

Nanaimo Major Blues




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Welcome to the Nanaimo Major Blues New Home Page.

As we close up another season of hockey, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to the success of this team. 

I've had the priviledge of being involved in team sport my entire life, and can say without hesitation, that this is the greatest group of coaches, parents and kids that have ever been put together.

Coach Clint...our fearless leader.  You are a great role model, and leader to this young group of boys.  The emotional look you had after every win, every goal, every great save, and even every hard working shift showed the class of a winner and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were the right person to lead this group of young gentlemen.

Assistant Coach takes alot of fortitude to place the good of teaching a team over the instinct to teach the game to your son individually.  I thank you for taking the time to work with each of the kids to make them better players and better people.

Assistant Coach Brad...without the work you did with Keaton and Blake, I'm sure we wouldn't have had the success the we did in the tournament.  Thank you for turning them both into bright, young stars of the future.

Assistant Coach Kevin...your patience and demeanor made even the most difficult games a positive experience for the boys.  Quite possibly, you turned a loss on the scoreboard into a win in the kids hearts.

Assistant Coach Tyrel...The way that you controlled the kids on the bench and worked with each one on an individual basis after a shift was a great pleasure to see.  From consoling an injured boy to getting him back on the ice working hard without missing a single shift was an honour to watch.

Manager Jana...The mark of a teams leadership starts in your position.  The way you brought the parents together to create a "family" in the stands was admirable and inspiring.  The difficult, time consuming task in setting up our tournament activities, fundraisers, and other important events that went on without a flaw was incredibly professional, and created memories for both the team, their siblings and their parents.  

Thank you to the parents for creating a memorable past 7 months.  I, for one, will never forget the times that we all shared...the friendships that developed...the memories we have shared and the bond that we have together.  Although the season was designed for the kids, I honestly feel that the "family" that was made among the parents had a positive effect on the boys success on and off the ice.

This season, the boys grew and developed their craft on the ice more than any other team in our far.  Although they didn't have the success on the ice during the regular season that we all hoped, they all showed the heart and courage of champions during the tournament...and they should be very proud of that.  More importantly, they created friendships among their teammates that they will carry for the rest of their hockey careers...and beyond!

On a personal my Angels...  It's difficult for me to put into words what you all mean to me.  You are one in a million!  This past 7 months has been an absolute thrill for me.  This group of misfit moms and 1 goofy dad made some of the greatest memories of my life...and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

Fancy, CoCo, AJ, James, Brenda, and Mon Petite Angel...HELMERS ANGELS ROCK!

Always remember one thing...Wherever our paths take us in the future, Helmer and his Angels are only a phone call away...that's why you have Angels on your cell phones!

Thank you all for the past 7 months's been an honour, and a priviledge...and a pleasure.





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