Jun 6/20
8:58 pm

Ballwin Blues



St. Louis

Team Ticker:
  • Welcome to the new home of the Ballwin Blues
  • Captain of the Blues is #20 Matt Woerner
Countdown to First Practice
(Oct 12/11)

Practice Info: We are going to have a practice Wednesday, Oct. 12 at the Pepsi Center. It will run from 3:30 to 5:00. We will have some really important information regarding the season. This workout will be tough so make sure to have water and any other materials you will need. Please wear sweat pants and a cup, this is hockey, not golf.

I would like to announce the positions of the Ballwin Blues temorarily unless other arrangments are neccessary.

Center: #20 Matt Woerner

Right Wing: #17 Christian Fernandez

Left Wing: #5 Steven Jordan

Goal Tender: #23 Michael Haenni

The Ballwin Blues street hockey club is a hockey team that was formed in 2011 and has grown alot. We are hoping to eventually play against a real street hockey team if we can ever find one. For now, we just practice and play team games one on one with a defensive man and a goalie on the weekends. This team is strictly for fun.

NOTE: Our practice schedule is Tuesdays, optional, Wednesday and Thursday. We like to play games on Friday afternoons.

We play at the Pepsi Center, our large rink in the street that we created especially for our type of game. We play our games here and we practice skating in such a large area.

We also practice at Woerner Arena for shooting practice and basic stick handling.

Games start after the SkyBox Stadium Wiffle Ball playoffs have ended. We will keep everyone updated.


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