Oct 31/20
3:32 am

Saskatchewan Midget AAA




Welcome to the Web site dedicated to all the AAA midget players in Saskatchewan. This web site can be used to prepare our players for attending colleges in the U.S.

Anyone wishiing to add helpful information(ie: Player rosters 2/3 year midget) please email the administrator or POST it in the forum for possible contact. Due to limited functions of this (FREE) web site most info will be put into the forum.

College Prep Guideline
2nd Year Players
1-Make a Resume(include name.address,ht,wt,L,R,60yd speed, picture, video, ball accomplishments, other sports played, coaches names of all teams, school grades, include any training camps taken, ball stats,to be sent to colleges
2-Research colleges(No scholarships offered in California)
3-Write SAT (Collegeboard .com)(sent to chosen colleges)
4-Arrange financing(Approx.$10,000 US/Yr w/o scholarship
5-Apply for Passport($85.00) (forms available @ post offices)( Immunization records(Public Health Services International Travel Clinic Ph.665-4638)$10 charge Saskatoon
6-Get extra health insurance (Blue Cross or insurance at college)Inform Sask Health that you are going to A U S college
7-Passport,SEVIS-I-901 form($100 U S) and I-20 required to cross border/P.O.E fee
8-Register all serial numbered items at the Canadian customs point of entery for proof of ownership
10-Players should be on extreme exercise/weight(2 hrs/day)/running(8 Miles/day)/ program


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