Apr 7/20
11:07 pm

Showdown League




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HI, my name is Bobby !!!AND THIS SITE HAS NO ERRORS!!! (i hope u know). This isthe central site of our league. Other team sites are www.ballcharts.com/ktfury www.ballcharts.com/bosox117 www.ballcharts.com/showdown and www.ballcharts.com/skychiefs. This has standings and news about our MLB showdown league. The other kids in this league is tony (12) Klede (10) Kyle Thomas (13) Michael (9) my brother, and me, Bobby (12), i almost forgot, brian my cousin (14) i think. This legue was started July 14th and will end probably the middle of august. The top two teams (probably i dont know yet if its gonna be 2 or 4 teams)will make it to the playoffs in a best of 7 series. Kyle, tony,michael,brian or klede e-mail me by clickin on the envolpe in the lower left hand corner if u have played games i havent put down yet. U guys can play games on ur own but in can only play the same guy 5 times a night,k. And be sure to e-mail me or call me for the scores. HEY DONT FORGET TO GO TO MY OTHER BALL CHART WEBSITE www.ballcharts.com/minorball


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