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Our mission is to build a professional program that would allow our participants to develop discipline, morals, and character as individuals while operating as a harmonious and successful unit. We also will blend individuals into a team with the opportunity to improve on fundamentals, position skill set, and increase knowledge of the game, while attempting to optimize both personal and team potential. A particular important part of our mission is to prepare each team member to use their talents to achieve their goal in playing at a higher level whether it’s OVERSEAS or WNBA.



Through professional sports, athletes are taught the value of hard work, discipline, team building, sportsmanship, and other values that help develop character. A large part of our self-esteem is derived through positive athletic experiences. The goal of this team is to build a competitive basketball environment in which our team members achieve not only athletic success but lay the foundation for success in life as well. In order to ensure that athletes are prepared for the commitment and personal sacrifice needed to be successful in athletics, coaches must help them develop and understand the importance of desire, dedication, and self-discipline that play a major role in reaching individual and team goals. While striving for victory is the nature of athletic competition, it is only one criterion when determining a season’s success. Guiding a team to reach its maximum potential and an athlete to reach her maximum potential are the ultimate goals. Along with this comes emphasis on good sportsmanship, which includes being modest in victory and accepting in defeat.

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