Mudhens stop Hancock

Posted June 28, 2017

Mudhens stop Hancock

By Byron Higgin

Mascot Sports Editor


Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don't.

Danny Hennen came into the game against Dawson Wednesday night with a 4-0 record.

But it was one of those nights when he didn't have it and Dawson slugged 14 hits, 10 of them off Hennen in just four innings. in an 10-5 win.

Then, guess what, Hennen came back on Sunday and beat Hancock, 4-0.

Unfortunately, Tommy Fischer didn’t fare as well in a rain-interrupted game, also on Sunday, and the Mudhens lost to the Dumont Saints, 10-0 in eight innings.


Against the Drakes, the problem was pitching. The Mudhens kept striking back, but it was too late.

By the time Adam Durfee socked a two-run home run in the ninth, the game was out of reach.

Acting Manager Beau Buysse said, "They were really hitting the ball."

That was enough said.

Esten Weber's solo home run in the second inning (over the left field fence), was indicitive of the Mudhen evening.

As Weber rounded the bases he kept looking to the outfield, then to his third base coach and finally he held his arms in the air, not in celebration, but asking, 'What happened?" 

Weber, a squat second baseman is not used to the ball going over the fence. In the fourth Dawson scored four for a 6-2 lead.

After the Mudhens made it 6-3, the Drakes again went off — this time against reliever Henry Pesch — and scored four more to take a 10-3 lead.

In the ninth, Jesse Drager collected his second hit of the game and Adam Durfee slapped his second home run of the year over the left field fence. It would end, 10-5.

Minneota actually got 14 hits themselves, but stranded nine runners on base.

Pesch slapped three singles in a 3-4 night; Drager was 2-5; Jordan Beck 2-4; Austin Buysse 2-5 and Durfee 3-5 with three runs scored.


Minneota 4, Hancock 0

It was Hennen who helped the Mudhens bounce back with a win.

“He really pitched well” said Manager Tyson Sonnenburg,

 Hennen threw a five-hit, seven-strikeout, three-walk gem against the Orphans.

“It was a quick game, over before we knew it,” said the manager.

The remarkable part was the way Hennen bounced back from a poor game against Dawson, to completely dominate Hancock.

The Mudhens pounded out 10 runs — but it was their youngster, Adam Durfee who launched his third home run of the year.

It came with a man on base in the eighth inning to put the game away for Hennen. Durfee collected three hits.

Jordan Beck also had three hits, scored a run and knocked in one during a two-run fifth.

Beau Buysse also knocked in a run in that inning.


Dumont 10, Minneota 0

Unfortunately, the Mudhens bounced from a “high” against Hancock to a low, losing the nightcap at Wheaton to the Dumont Saints, 10-0.

“Basically it was all a big deal,” — Erik Deal, that is.

The Dumont slugger smashed three home runs, scored three runs and knocked in six of the 10 Saint runs.

Tommy Fischer was the victim of two of those long bombs. “We talked about being ready to pitch and the mechanics,” Sonnenburg said.

Durfee relieved and gave up four runs — including one of Deal’s gems.

Minneota got just three hits off Sam Thielen. Durfee and Jesse Drager had singles and Hennen smashed a double in the seventh inning — but they couldn’t get him home.


DIAMOND NOTES: The Mudhens play at home Friday against Appleton. 

•The rained out Madison game will be held the evening of July 16 at home. The play at Cottonwood that afternoon.

•The July 7 game at Hadley may be erased to play a rained out game at Morris that evening.



Dawson Drakes 10, Mudhens 5


Beau  Buysse, 2b 5-0-0-0; Jesse Drager, c 5-0-2-0; Ryan Koopman, cr 0-2-0-0; Adam Durfee, ss 5-2-3-2; Jordan Beck, lf 4-0-1-2; Austin Buysse, 1b-3b 5-0-2-0; Danny Hennen, p-1b 4-0-1-0; Preston Nuy, 3b-rf 4-0-0-0; Tommy Fischer, rf 0-0-0-0; Henry Pesch, rf-p 4-0-3-0; Brock Buysse, cf 4-0-0-0. Totals 40-5-14-4.

DAWSON (AB-R-H-RBI) Braden Thompson, c 4-2-2-0; Jordan Kack, lf 5-1-3-1; Derek Gritmacher, 3b 3-1-1-2; Josh Staab, p 5-0-1-0; Joe Haugen, ss 5-1-2-1; Scott Ochsendorf, 1b 4-1-0-2; Eston Weber, 2b 3-1-1-0; Ken Sather, rf 3-0-0-0; Rick Bothen, rf 1-0-0-0; Braxton Thompson, cf 4-2-3-1. Totals 37-10-14-7.

Score by Innings:

Minneota              002 010 002 — 5   14 3

Dawson                024 040 00x — 10 14 5

E-Minneota: Beau Buysse 2; Drager; Dawson-Haugen 2, Gritmaker, Staab, Braxton Thompson. LOB-Minneota: 9; Dawson 9. SB-Minneota: Brock Buysse; Dawson: Ochesendorf, Weber, Braxton Thompson. SAC-None. DP-Minneota 6-4-3 (1); Dawson1-6 (8). 2B-Dawson: Haugen. 3B-Minneota: Durfee. HR-Minneota: Durfee; Dawson-Weber.

Pitching         IP     R    ER    H    BB    K


Hennen (L)      4       6    6       10   1       3

Pesch              3       4    2       4     2       2

Z. Nuy             1       0   0        0     0      3


Staab (W)        9       5   3        14   1      4

HP-Gritmacher (by Pesch).


Mudhens 4, Hancock 0


Beau  Buysse, 2b 4-1-1-1; Jordan Beck, 1b 3-1-3-1; Tyson Sonnenburg, cf 4-0-1-0; Adam Durfee, ss 4-1-3-2; Jesse Drager, c 4-0-0-0; Austin Buysse, 3b 4-0-0-0; Henry Pesch, lf 4-1-1-0; Danny Hennen, p 3-0-1-0; Preston Nuy, rf 3-0-1-0. Totals 33-4-10-4.

HANCOCK (AB-R-H-RBI) B. Foss, SS 3-0-1-0; A. Rustad, 3b 3-0-1-0; S. Kidder, cf 4-0-1-0; B. Shaw, 2b 2-0-1-0; M. Milander, ph 0-0-0-0; D. Foss, p 3-0-0-0; R. Haugam, ph 1-0-0-0; Paul, 1b 4-0-0-0; B. Shaw, ph 1-0-0-0; A. Shaw, rf 4-0-1-0; C. Brown, lf 3-0-0-0; A. Steege, c 2-0-0-0. Totals 29-0-5-0.

Score by Innings:

Minneota          000 020 020 — 4 10 0

Hancock           000 000 000 — 0 5  1

LOB-Minneota: 9; Hancock 8. SAC-Hancock: Rustad; Minneota: Hennen, Nuy. HR-Minneota: Durfee.

Pitching               IP  R  ER  H  BB  K Minneota

Hennen (W)         9   0   0      5   3     7


Foss (L)               9    4  4      10  2    2 

Dumont 10, Minneota 0


Beau  Buysse, 2b 4-0-0-0; Jordan Beck, 1b 4-0-0-0; Tyson Sonnenburg, cf 2-0-0-0; Adam Durfee, ss 3-0-1-0; Jesse Drager, c 3-0-0-0; Austin Buysse, 3b 3-0-1-0; Henry Pesch, lf 2-0-0-0; Danny Hennen, p 3-0-1-0; Preston Nuy, rf 3-0-0-0. Totals 28 0 3 0.

DUMONT (AB-R-H-RBI) James Paul 4-1-1-0; Paul Zach, dh 1-1-1-0; Sam Thielen, p 3-1-0-0; Erik Deal, rf 4-3-3-6; Mason Lampe, 3b 4-0-1-0; Peder Schmitz, ss 1-1-0-0; Cameron Maudal, lf 1-0-0-0; Brad Dahlen, cf 4-1-1-0; Brad Staples, rf, 2-0-0-0
Spencer Ellinson, cf 1-0-0-0. Totals 25-10 -8-6.

Score by Innings:

Minneota                000 000 00 — 0  3 1

Dumont                  211 002 04 — 10 6 1

HR-Dumont: Deal (3). 2B-Minneota-Hennen.

Pitching             IP    R    ER    H   BB  K

Fischer (L)          6     6     6       5    3     4

Durfee                2     4     4       3    3     0


Foss (W)            8     0     0       3    3     4



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