Jun 21/21
4:28 pm

R E A D Y . . . U N I T E D . . . N O W



Oakland-Macomb County

Member of the Women's Blue Chip Basketball League

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Posted Jun 4/11 - Oakland-Macomb hammered by Flint Lady Monarchs
So much for that "good feeling" after the first game. The extra week to prepare and make strides was all-but absent, as the home team from Flint showed why they're considered to be one of the favorites in the division. With a core group back from last year, as well as an array of talented additions, the Lady Monarchs dominated almost every facet of the game, en route to a 37-point win over the RUN -- final score: 107-70. In this league, 100 points is way too many to give up; and shows two things: 1) the winning team shot the ball extremely well; 2) the defense being played was not nearly effective-enough. When coupled with the poor shooting first half (unlike our first game); and an array of turnovers caused by the assertive efforts of the Flint squad -- a margin like this comes completely into focus. Still, in looking for something to take from this game, the proverbial "wake up call"; as well as the fact that our athletes played hard the entire time, never giving up. Tonight, we just ran into a buzzsaw; the team from Flint, and they did damage.


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