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Posted Jul 15/13 - The Schwartz is Back!

It's been a while, but your intrepid reporter is back in action. I'd like to give you some amazing excuse, like I was out saving/destroying the universe, but it was mostly laziness and beer that kept me away.

It's been a bit tough for the Spaceballs lately, culminating with a makeup Saturday that saw some late drop-outs force the team to play short-handed. Two auto-outs and lots of empty space in the field in the first game resulted in a quickie. Fun while it lasted, but ultimately unsatisfying....although it did give the team time for some BP bonding. A huge thanks to sub Ashley for giving us enough players to even play the first game and more huge thanks to Substitute First Class Asshole for coming out on ludicrously late notice to give us nine players for the last two games. One auto-out and one less fielder made for some more competitive, longer-lasting games even if the end results were the same (losses).

The sun was shining (if not a little oppressively) and fun was had until the entire day was almost ruined by one guy in the last game. Who knew it would be such an issue where the auto-out was in the lineup? It's a free out and extra space in the field, not to mention a makeup game in rec league slo-pitch, and the position of the auto-out is worth arguing with the ump about for two innings? Sadly, that isn't the only thing Whiney McShuttheFupalready complained about. Felt pretty bad about the ump, but he really should've tossed the guy in the second inning. He was waaaay too tolerant. Also, the other team took their shirts off and, in one "awesome" case, their pants. Maybe he was looking for****and ain't found it. They were winners.

The next report won't take so long, I promise.

The Schwartz


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