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Wakeland Wolverines





2009 9-4A District,
Bi-District, Area, Regional Quarterfinal Champions!!!

2008 9-3A District, Bi-District, AREA, REGIONAL Champions!!!

29-7-0 Overall
11-3-0 in District
4-2-0 in Playoffs


Wakeland Finishes Outstanding Season!!!!!!

Details to come...


Regional Semi-Final Championship:
3 Game Series vs. Forney HS at Plano West HS
Game 1: Forney 10 vs. Wakeland 2
Game 2: Wakeland 1 vs. Forney 5


Regional Quarterfinal Championship:
1 Game Series
Wakeland 4  vs.  Rockwall Heath 0


Area Championship:
1 Game Series
Woodrow Wilson HS 0 vs. Wakeland HS 17


Bi-District Championship:
3 Game Series
Game 1:  Wakeland  11 vs. JJ Pearce HS  0
Game 2:  JJ Pearce HS  0 vs. Wakeland  13
Game 3:  Not Needed






District 9 - AAAA Results
(Standings on Left Button)

March 10th 2009                                   April 3rd 2009

McKinney  5  vs.  Wakeland  3                                Wakeland  6  vs.  McKinney  3
Sherman  3  vs.  Frisco  5                                          Frisco  3  vs.  Sherman  1
Liberty  7  vs.  Denison  6                                         Denison  8  vs.  Liberty  7
Centennial 5 vs. McKinney North 2                        McKinney North 3 vs. Centennial 0

March 13th 2009                                   April 7th 2009

Wakeland  2  vs.  Centennial  0                               Centennial  1  vs.  Wakeland  5
Sherman  1  vs.  McKinney North  0                       McKinney North  8  vs.  Sherman  0
Frisco  7  vs.  Liberty  0                                            Liberty  2  vs.  Frisco  6
Denison  1  vs.  McKinney  14                                 McKinney  17  vs.  Denison  4

March 16th 2009                                   April 10th 2009

Wakeland  9  vs.  Denison  3                                  Denison  0  vs.  Wakeland  6
McKinney  7  vs.  Frisco  1                                     Frisco  2  vs.  McKinney  4
Centennial  1  vs.  Sherman  0                                Sherman  0  vs.  Centennial  4
Liberty  1  vs.  McKinney North  4                        McKinney North  10 vs. Liberty  1

 March 19th 2009                                   April 14th 2009

Sherman  0  vs.  Wakeland  10                               Wakeland  1  vs.  Sherman  0
McKinney North  0  vs.  McKinney  8                  McKinney  3  vs.  McKinney North  1
Liberty  0  vs.  Centennial  6                                   Centennial  4  vs.  Liberty  0
Frisco  7  vs.  Denison  1                                         Denison  1  vs.  Frisco  7

March 24th 2009                                    April 18th 2009

Wakeland  6  vs. Frisco  2                                      Frisco  0  vs. Wakeland  6
McKinney  2  vs.  Centennial  3                            Centennial  3  vs.  McKinney  0
Liberty  0  vs.  Sherman  5                                     Sherman  2  vs.  Liberty  4
McKinney North  10  vs.  Denison  0                    Denison  0  vs.  McKinney North  4

March 27th 2009                                     April 21st 2009

Liberty  0  vs.  Wakeland  8                                    Wakeland  10  vs.  Liberty  3
McKinney North  6  vs.  Frisco  0                           Frisco  2  vs.  McKinney North  4
McKinney  8  vs.  Sherman  4                                 Sherman  0  vs.  McKinney  9
Centennial  3  vs. Denison  0                                   Denison  0  vs.  Centennial  8

March 31st 2009                                       April 24th 2009

Wakeland  2  vs.  McKinney North  3                      McKinney North  9 vs.  Wakeland  5
McKinney  10  vs.  Liberty  0                                    Liberty  0  vs.  McKinney  14
Denison  5  vs.  Sherman  8                                       Sherman  0 vs.  Denison  5
Frisco  0  vs.  Centennial  3                                       Centennial  1  vs.  Frisco  0


Wakeland Sets Focus On Playoffs

The Wolverines lost a good game to McKinney North who came out and played a Great game.  McKinney North jumped out to a 3 - 0 lead in the 1st, but the Wolverines were able to claw back and tie them up in the 3rd.  McKinney took the lead again the next inning, and was able to hold Wakeland off through the finish.  The final was 9 to 5, and allows Mckinney, Centennial and Wakeland to Share the District Title.  Wakeland has the #1 seed because of their record against the other two teams, and will play JJ Pearce HS on Friday for the 1st round of the playoffs.  Directions and a map can be found under Fields as well as  1600 N Coit Rd | Richardson, TX 75080-2805

Wakeland Sweeps Frisco High!!

The Wolverines Beat Frisco for the second time this season with a score of 6 to goose egg.  Wakeland had 8 hits and only gave up 1.  Alexis Cantu Struck Out 9 Batters and the Defense played Great!!

With the score 0 to 0 and 2 outs in the Bottom of the 3rd, Bases Loaded, Kelci Garza stepped up to the plate and Knocked a GRAND SLAM over the Right Center field fence!!!  The other two points of the game came the next inning, with 2 outs, when Brittany Gehle put one in left and drove in Hannah Newcomb (who had doubled) and Kayla Wilkins (who had singled) in.  Other hits were made by Brittany Gehle (again), Darian Dunn, Hannah Newcomb, and Jaime Ohm.

The Team is looking Strong going into the last week of the regular season.  The Wolverines play at Liberty on Tuesday, and then back home against McKinney North.  Come out and cheer the team to VICTORY!!!




Wakeland Swats The Ladyjackets!!

The Wolverines beat Denison 6 to Nula Friday Night at Wakeland High School.  Alexis Cantu was Strong on the Mound, Striking Out 15 out of 22 Batters!!  On offense, Kelci Garza Hit her 6th Homerun of the Season!! She also had a single along with Brittany Gehle, Jules Graney, Alexis Cantu (2), and Brook Cline.  Jaime Ohm Drove in one run on a triple.  The ball was hit hard off the wall, and Jaime was speeding around the bases, running 3 stop signs, 2 red lights, and a train rail crossing to slide safely into third and avoiding a certain massacre on the field.  Congratulations to the Ladies as they remain in First Place in the District and on track to reach the playoffs by getting better each week. 

The Wolverines will play Sherman on Monday at 7:00pm in Sherman.  Come out and show your support!!!!


Wakeland Sweep Titans

The Wolverines used the short game to knock off Centennial 5 to 1 Tuesday Night.  Brook Cline started it off with a single in the Bottom of the Second with 2 outs.  Jaime Ohm stepped up next and got hit by a pitch, then Kayla Wilkins slapped a Double down the third base line to drive in Brook and put Jaime on Third.  Brittney Gehle Hit a single and scored Jaime and then Jules Graney stepped up and hit a single to right to score Brittany.  The final run for the Wolverines came in the Bottom of the 4th when Brook Cline started it off again with another Single.  Jaime moved her to 2nd, Kayla moved her to 3rd, and Brittany Gehle knocked her in with a single.  Centennial scored their only point of the game in the 7th inning, but the Wolverine Defense which played Tremendous, behind Alexis Cantu's 10 Strike Outs, all game stopped them from getting any more.

The Wolverines will play Denison on Friday at 7:00pm at WHS.  Come out and show your support!!!!


Wakeland Beats McKinney
6 to 3

The Wolverines got a Big win Friday Night at McKinney High School.  Alexis Cantu Struck Out 18 Batters!!!!  Alexis also hit 2 Singles and a Double to help the Offense.  In the top of the 5th, Kelci Garza Smashed a Double off the Center Field Wall with the Bases Loaded, emptying them, and Drove in the Winning runs.  Darian Dunn Drove in the 1st 2 runs with a single in the 3rd, and the last run in the 7th.  Jules Graney Hit a Single along with Hannah Newcomb and Kala Wilkins.  Monika Reichhardt scored 3 times (running for Jules), Taylor Redmond scored twice (running for Alexis), and Darian Dun scored one (running real fast for herself).  The win puts the Wolverines back in the District hunt with Centennial up next.

The Wolverines will play Centennial on Tuesday at 7:00pm at WHS.  Come out and Be LOUD!!!!


Wolverines Drop One To North

The Wolverines battled McKinney North Tuesday night, but came up short, losing 2 to 3.  Wakeland had a comeback going in the top of the seventh with runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs, but could not get both of them in.  The Ladies had 5 errors and left 10 runners on base.  Singles were hit by Brittany Gehle (2), Darian Dunn, Kelci Garza and Jaime Ohm.  The Wolverines finished the 1st round of District Play with a good record of 5 and 2.

The Wolverines will head to McKinney on Friday at 7:00pm to start the second round of District Play.  Come out and see the Ladies in action!!!!


Wakeland Shuts Out Liberty

The Wolverines took down the Liberty Redhawks 8 to Zilch Friday night at Wakeland High School.  Jules Graney and Alexis Cantu each Hit a Homerun, Kelci Garza Hit a Triple, and Singles were hit by: Darian Dunn, Brittany Gehle, Jules Graney, Alexis Cantu, Kelci Garza, and Tess Soefje (2).  Runs were scored by Andrea Combs, Monika Reichhardt, Brittany Gehle (2), Jules, Alexis, Darian and Kelci.  Brittany, Jaime Ohm, and Monika each had a stolen base.  RBIs were made by: Jules, Alexis (2), Kelci (2) and Tess.

Alexis Cantu pitched a Great Game, striking out 12 Batters and walking NO one.  Brittany and Brook Cline each threw 3 batters out to help Shut Out Liberty.

The Wolverines will head to McKinney North on Tuesday at 7:00pm to end the first round of District Play.  Come out and see the Ladies in action!!!!


Wakeland Takes Down Frisco

The Wolverines beat Frisco High 6 to 2 Tuesday Night.  Alexis Cantu pitched a Great Game, and the Wolverine Defense played Great behind her.  Wakeland had 9 hits:  Singles by Jules Graney (2), Kelci Garza, and Kayla Wilkins (2), and Doubles by Alexis Cantu, Tess Soefje, Brook Cline, and Hannah Newcomb.  Alexis Cantu had 2 RBIs, and Kayla Wilkins had one.  Jaime Ohm and Monika Reichhardt each stole a base, and Brittany Gehle laid down a great sacrifice bunt.  Taylor Redmond ran the bases and scored along with Monika, Kelci, Brook, Kayla, and Andrea Combs.

The Wolverines started quickly, loading the bases with no one out in the top of the first, but could not quite get to the plate.  In the second, Brook Cline started off with a Double to Left Field, and Kayla Wilkins knocked her in with a single to take the lead.  In the top of the 4th, Tess Soefje led off with a Double to Center, Jaime Ohm, and Brittany Gehle each got on with a walk, and Tess scored on a wild pitch.  The Racoons tried to make a comeback in the bottom of the 4th, scoreing 2 runs, but in the 5th the Wolverines took the lead for good.  Darian Dunn walked, and Kelci Garza moved her to third with a single.  Tess Soefje walked and Jaime reached first and Kelci scored on a Frisco error.  The Wolverines put the game out of reach in the 6th when Kayla started off with a single, Brittany Gehle moved her to second with a sacrifice bunt, Jules moved her to third with a single, and Alexis drove Kayla and Monika (runnning for Jules) in with a Double off the upper left corner of the center field wall.  Alexis Scored the final run when Darian hit the ball, and Frisco made another error.

The Wolverines will host Liberty on Friday at 5:30pm at WHS!!!  Come out and see the Ladies in action!!!!


Wakeland Shuts Out Sherman

The Wolverines Shut Out the Sherman Lady Cats 10 to 0 after 5 innings.  Alexis Cantu Pitched a Tremendous No Hitter while Striking out 10 of the 15 batters she faced.  Darian Dunn put a hole threw the back of Target with a Homerun, and Kelci Garza Knocked one out of the park to make in 5 for the season.  Other hits were made by Brittany Gehle (Single and Double), Jules Graney (Double), Alexis Cantu (Single), and Kayla Wilkins (2 Singles).  Brittany Gehle had 3 RBIs, while Alexis, Darian, Kelci, and Tess Soefje each had 1 RBI. Taylor Redmond, and Monika Reichhardt ran the bases and each scored 1, while Andrea Combs had a steal, and Ashlee Bowman scored after being hit while batting.

The Ladies scored early and often, putting points on the board every inning.  In the first, Brittany started off with a walk, and was knocked in by Darian Dunn's Homerun.  In the second, Brook Cline got hit by a pitch, and scored after being knocked around by Kayla, and in by Brittany.  In the third, Alexis Cantu hit a single, Darian Walked, and Kelci got on after hitting to the shortstop and Monika avoided the tag going to 3rd.  With the bases loaded, Tess got hit by a pitch, and Monica came in.  In the fourth, Kayla Wilkins got a base hit, was moved around (scoring) on a throwing error after Brittany hit it to third.  Jules has a Double.  In the fifth, Kelci Garza hit a shot over the center field wall which must have hit a water main, because the runs started flooding in.  Tess came up and got hit again, Ashlee got hit, Brittany knocked them both in with a Double, but decided to go ahead and score herself on the throw, and an error.  Jules Walked and Alexis Walked.  Jules decided enough was enough, and scored the 10th run when the ball was thrown into center field.

The Wolverines will face Frisco on Tuesday Night, 7pm, at Frisco's Softball Field.  Come out and watch the Excitement!!! 


Wakeland Beats Centennial and Denison

The Wolverines bounced back from the District opener to win 9 to 3 against Denison, and 2 to 0 against Centennial.  The Ladies played well in each of the games, and continue to get better each week.  Against Denison, Alexis Cantu and Kelci Garza both hit Homeruns in the 3rd inning.  Alexis, Darian Dunn, and Brook Cline each hit Doubles, and Brittany Gehle (2), Jules Graney, Darian Dunn (2), Kelci Garza, Hannah Newcomb, Brook Cline, Jaime Ohm and Tess Sofeje each had singles.  The Ladies had a total of 15 hits.

Against Centennial, the Wolverines started out quick, with Jules Graney getting a base hit, Alexis Cantu knocking Monika Reichhardt (who was running for Jules) around the bases with hit of her own, and Monika scoring on a bad throw to third.  It wasn't until the 6th inning that the Wolverines were able to get going again.  Brittany Gehle led off with a single, and Jules Graney laid down a sacrifice bunt to move her to second.  Darian Dunn knocked Brittany in with a base hit to score the 2nd point of the game.  Tess Soefje also hit a single in the top of the 7th.  Brook Cline and the Wolverines played Great Defense behind Alexis Cantu to earn the Shut Out Victory!!

The Ladies will be at home on Thursday Night to take on Sherman at 7pm.


The Wolverines lost their District Opener to a tough McKinney team.  The Ladies played a Great game, but had a few fielding errors that allowed McKinney to get started.  Wakeland jumped out to a 3 - 0 lead through the 5th, but could not finish it out.  Brittany Gehle, Alexis Cantu, Darian Dunn, and Kayla Wilkins all had hits.  Jules Graney, Alexis Cantu, and Darian Dunn each had an RBI.  Kelci Garza made some Great catches in the field.

The Wolverines will be heading to Centennial on Saturday for their next District game.


Wakeland Goes 4 and 1 in the
FISD Tournament

The Wolverines had a Fantastic Saturday as the Beat Burleson 5 to 2, and Lewisville 10 to 2.  Alexis Cantu, Hannah Newcomb, and Darian Dunn all hit Homeruns!!  The team had a Total of 11 hits, and played Great Defense.  The Ladies now turn their Full Attention to McKinney High School as they host the District Home Opener on Tuesday Night.  Come out and Cheer them to Victory, and bring a Friend!!! 


Wakeland Rebounds with 2 Wins in the 2nd day of the FISD Tournament

The Wolverines Played two Great Games on Friday, Winning both.  The Ladies Beat a tough Plano High team 2 to 1 in the last inning, and Beat Brewer 3 to 1.  The Wolverine Defense was back in action with Kayla Wilkins making some Great catches in left field, and Brook Cline making some Great throws from third base.  Darian Dunn hit a Powerful Homerun to start the scoring for the day.  Both Alexis Cantu and Hannah Newcomb performed well in the circle striking out 11 total batters.  The Wolverines will take the field again Saturday at 9am, and again at 3pm. (The 7pm game has been cancelled).  Hope to see you there!!!


Wakeland Crushes Lovejoy 9 to 0.

The Wolverines Scored in just about every inning to defeat the Lovejoy Lady Leopards 9 to Zilch.  Alexis Cantu Struck out 12 (9 of which never saw the ball).  Brittany Gehle, Brook Cline, Darian Dunn, Kayla Wilkins, Jules Graney, Kelci Garza, Jaime Ohm, Kelsey Hawter, Andrea Combs, and Hannah Newcomb all played Great Defense.  Alexis, Brook, Jaime, and Darian all hit Singles, and Doubles where hit by Jules (twice), Kelci, and Darian. The Wolverines played an overall outstanding game and worked on many situations that will help them as they prepare for District.

Wakeland will play in the FISD Tournament starting at 8pm on Thursday.  Other games will be played at 6pm and 8pm on Friday, and 9am, 3pm and 7pm on Saturday.  All games will be at WHS.  Come out and Support the Wolverines in their last tune up before District!!


Wakeland Wins 10th Annual CFBISD
Tournament of Champions!!!

The Wolverines came out ready to play Saturday as they Beat Athens 14 to 0, then Royse City 3 to 1, and finally The Colony 13 to 0 to win the Championship.

The Ladies overall did an Outstanding Job from Pitching to Fielding to Batting and Running Bases.

The Wolverines will now continue to get ready for District Play as they host Lovejoy Tuesday evening at 7:30pm at WHS.


Wakeland Squashes the Yellow Jackets 9 to 1.

The Wolverines had 10 hits in a blowout victory over Rockwall Tuesday night. Brittany Gehle, Jules Graney, Kelci Garza, Darian Dunn (2), Tess Soefje, Brook Cline, and Jaime Ohm (2) all had Singles, and Tess Soefje drove in 2 runs with a Double.  The Ladies played Great Defense behind Alexis Cantu who struck out 12 Batters.

The Wolverines showed their toughness after pushing threw a few bumps and bruises: Alexis and Tess being hit by the pitcher, Coach Tabor and Littleton being hit by balls (Coach Tabor says Thanks Tess), and Monica Reichhardt colliding with the catcher!!

The Wolverines will Head to the Farmers Branch Tournament Thursday through Saturday as they continue to get ready for District.





The Wolverines Had a Great Tournament this weekend in the Sulpher Springs Tournament.  They were 4 and 1 with victories over Royse City, Gilmer, Sulpher Springs, and Wills Point.  The Ladies fell to Rockwall Heath after jumping out to a 2 run lead after 2.  The Wolverines had a bad 3rd inning, making many mistakes, and gave up 3 runs.  The game got called after 3 and a half innings because of time.  Brittany Gehle, Jaime Ohm, and Kayla Wilkins each got a single.

The Wolverines will be headed to Rockwall on Tuesday Night at 7pm for the next non-district game.


Day 2 of the Sulpher Springs Tournament:

Wakeland came out focused against Wills Point, and won 7 to 0 in 4 innings.  The Wolverines had 6 hits, and only gave up 2.  Alexis pitched the first 3 innings and faced 10 Batters, striking out 7 of them.  Hannah Newcomb pitched the last inning and  faced 4 Batters, striking out 2 of them.  Kelci Garza had a Double and 3 RBIs, Jules Graney had 2 singles and 2 RBIs.

The Wolverines faced Sulpher Springs next and came out on fire, scoring 3 runs in the first inning.  They ended up winning 10 to 4, and had 12 hits.  Darian Dunn and Kayla Wilkins both went 3 for 3 with 3 singles.  Brittany Gehle, Jules Graney, and Tess Soefje each had 2 RBIs.  Alexis Cantu cranked her second Homerun of the Tournament.

The Ladies will play their last game of the Tournament on Saturday at 12:00.


The Wolverines had a good first day of the Sulpher Springs Tournament.  They first played Royse City, and had a little trouble with executing the little things, but picked it up in the last inning to Win the game 4 to 1.  Brittany Gehle, Alexis Cantu, and Kelci Garza all had singles in the game.  In the Bottom of the last inning with 2 outs and Kayla Wilkins and Jules Graney on the bases, Alexis Cantu stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park to Win the game!!

In the second game the Wolverines were ready to play and came out swinging, getting 15 hits in 4 innings.  Kelci Garza hit her second homerun of the season!!  Jaime Ohm and Hannah Newcomb both hit triples, and Hannah's (who also had a Double in the game) knocked in the final runs to end the game early on the run rule.

Alexis Cantu Struck out 17 Batters in 9 innings. 

The Wolverines have scored a total of 23 runs and only given up 1 so far this season!!!


The Wolverines opened their season with a Blow Out Victory over Irving High School, 9 - 0.  Wakeland Had a total of 10 Hits, and only gave up 1 single to Irving.  Alexis Cantu had 17 Strikeouts out of 23 batters.  Kelci Garza and Jules Graney each hit a Homerun.  Alexis Cantu hit a Double, and Brittany Gehle, Jules Graney, Kayla Wilkins, Brook Cline, Jaime Ohm (2) and Darian Dunn each added a single.  The Ladies played Great defense and had Tremendous Energy all night.  Their next challenge comes this weekend in the Sulpher Springs Tournament.



The Wolverines finished their last scrimmage on Saturday vs. McKinney Boyd and Forney High School.  They had a Tremendous day both in the field and at the plate.  The Wolverines gave up no runs, and scored a total of 5 on the day.  Brittany Gehle, Monica Reichhardt, Alexis Cantu, Darian Dunn, and Jaime Ohm all scored a run.  Alexis Cantu (2), Brook Cline, Jaime Ohm, and Kelsey Hawter had the RBI's.  Alexis had a Single, Double and a Homerun, Brittany, Tess Soefje (2), Jules Graney, Darian (2), and Kelsey Hawter each had base hits, and Jaime Ohm hit a Triple.  Alexis had 16 Strikeout for the day and only gave up 4 hits.  The Wolverines are ready to open the season on Tuesday Night vs. Irving HS at Home.  Come out and show your support!!!


As a reminder, Stats/Win Lose/Etc... do not count toward anything for scrimmages.  They are basically just an opportunity to practice against another team and evaluate different situations in order to prepare for the season!!

The Wolverines had a Great Scrimmage vs. Keller Thursday night.  The Ladies played Great Defense and got their bats going towards the end.  Darian Dunn got her first scrimmage with the team as she played first base and hit some hard balls.  Brittany Gehle made some great throws from short stop, and Brook Cline did the same from third base.  The Ladies scored the only run of the night when Brittany Gehle knocked Brook in with the bases loaded.  Overall, the Wolverines continue to improve with one more day of scrimmages (on Saturday) before starting the 2009 Season!!!


The Wolverines have gotten off to a Great Start!!!!


The Team traveled to Nimitz High School on Tuesday for the first scrimmage and had a Great night.  The girls worked hard and got better, which is the goal of all the scrimmages.  Alexis Cantu had a Great Night on the mound before Hannah Newcomb came in and got some good work there as well!!  The Wolverines made some exceptional plays on the field, and hit the ball very well.  They had many hits, including several doubles, and a triple by Jaime Ohm.  It was a great scrimmage to help prepare the Wolverines for the upcoming season as everyone got to play and some tried out new positions to see where they can best help the team.


The Wolverines will scrimmage again this Saturday against Celina.  The JV will start at 12, and the Varsity will get started about 1:30.  Come out and watch as the girls continue to prepare for the start of the season.


The Wolverines Traveled to Celina on Saturday for their second scrimmage of the season.  The girls worked hard and did some exciting things.  Again the goal was to continue to improve and get ready for the upcoming season, and that goal was accomplished.  Alexis Cantu and Hannah Newcomb both got to work on the mound, while Tess Soefje did a Great Job behind the plate.  Jules Graney and Ashlee Bowman got some work at First Base.  The Team as a whole are working good together, and are excited about the opportunities for this season.  The next scrimmage will be at Wakeland HS vs. Keller at 5pm and Prosper about 8pm.  We would love to see you there!!!




Overall 11 - 1 - 0
District 5 - 0 - 0

April 8, 2009
JV goes 2-1 at Frisco Tournament
The JV team had a great outing this weekend in the Frisco ISD tournament.  The day started with a win over Prosper.  All the girls got into the action getting hits and playing good defense.  Next up was Justin Northwest.  This was by far the most talented team the Lady Wolverines have seen all season.  The game was back and forth through the third inning.  Monika Reichhardt, filling in for injured catcher Taylor Redmond, made a great throw to get a runner a second to end the inning, but the ball glanced off a glove and ended up rolling to the outfield allowing the runner to score.  The game ended 1-0.  It was the first loss for the Lady Wolverines this year.  The day ended with a district rematch with Denison.  The girls came out firing led by Taylor Redmond's double to left centerfield, they never looked back in the win.  Overall it was a great weekend for the Lady Wolverines.  Brittany Easterling did an excellent job in the circle not allowing a walk all day and the rest of the team backed her up with great hitting and defense.
JV beats Centennial 14-4
Tuesday the Lady Wolverines got back to work on their district schedule.  This was the first time the two JV teams got to play each other because the first game was cancelled due to weather.  The Lady Titans started strong hitting the ball, but Elisha Chavez was equal to the task getting the first two outs of the inning.  On offense the Lady Wolverines started off with a great hit by Taylor Redmond.  Taylor Wade followed her to the plate and laid down a beautiful bunt that allowed her to move all the way to second.  In the 4th spot, Megan Goolsby rocked a ball over the centerfield fence for the first homerun in JV history!  The Lady Wolverines never stopped applying pressure and went on to finish with a 10 run lead.  Great job ladies!

March 24, 2009

The Wolverines Improve to 7 & 0 with Win Over Frisco HS

The Wakeland JV team came up with another big win at Frisco on Tuesday night.  The night was started with Taylor Redmond getting a hit and moving to 3rd with two stolen bases.  Megan Goolsby drove her in for the games first run.  In the second inning the offense exploded for 5 runs with hits from Emmalee Weber, Brooke Shade, Taylor Redmond, Taylor Wade, Ashlee Bowman and Brittany Easterling.  From the mound Brittany Easterling moved the ball well finishing with 6 strikeouts for the game, 1 hit, 1 walk and no earned runs.  It was a great outing against a very good JV team.  The Lady Wolverines will be busy over the next two weeks not only with their district games, but with tournaments on March 28th and April 4th.  We look forward to seeing you there!
March 18, 2009
Wolverines Start 2 and 0 in District
The JV team continues their Undefeated Season, Crushing McKinney 15 to 0, and Defeating Denison 5 to 1.  Brittany Easterling has done a Fantastic Job on the mound, Strikeing out 21 batters in the last 2 games.  The Ladies have also been hitting the ball very well.  During the McKinney Game, Taylor Redmond and Monika Reichhardt each had 2 Singles and a Triple.  Other hits were made by Taylor Wade, Ashlee Bowman, Megan Goolsby, Brittany Easterling, Hallie Stephenson, Emmalee Weber, and Brook Shade.  The Wolverines will take on Sherman Thursday night at 5:30pm at WHS!!
March 3, 2009
JV beats Lovejoy
In a game that forced the hitters to be focused, Wakeland was up to the task.  Lovejoy's pitching forced the hitters to be focused and selective.  By doing so Wakeland jumped out to a 5-0 lead after the first inning and didn't look back in their 15-0 win.  Brittany Easterling got the job done on the mound allowing only 2 hits and striking out 4.  Elisha Chavez had a double with Taylor Redmond chipping in two hits and Taylor Wade with one.  McKinney comes to town next Tuesday to start district play.
Feb. 17, 2009
The JV team had a good start to their season with a 2-1 win over Irving.  Taylor Redmond went 2-2 and caught one runner stealing.  Hannah Newcomb had a great performance in the circle limiting Irving to only 2 hits.  She started the scoring for the team by driving in Taylor Redmond, with Brittany Easterling following by driving in the game winner.
Wakeland JV Making Great Strides -
After a positive outing against Celina the Wakeland JV played a double header against Keller and Prosper on Tuesday night.  Keller, a 5A softball powerhouse, had a good pitcher with an even better fastball.  Undaunted, Taylor Redmond, Megan Goolseby and Monica Reichhardt had strong showings at the plate, sending the ball into deep outfield.  Defenseively, the Wolverines struggled to find their way, but got stronger as the game went out.  Taylor Redmond, in her first game as catcher, threw out two runners attempting to steal second.  In the second game against Prosper, the Lady Wolverines would not be denied.  Runs came in bunches with all players hitting well and moving around the bases like clockwork.  The defense picked up in the game stiffiling the Prosper offense.  These were great learning opportunities and the girls are improving with each inning.  The Lady Wolverines will take the field again this Saturday against, Forney and McKinney Boyd.


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