Sep 17/21
4:58 am

Wakeland Wolverines





"Work hard. Don't be the last to arrive or the first to leave. Don't skip sessions in the weight room. One good rule for a leader is not to expect anything from your teammates that you wouldn't do yourself." -Joe Montana


"Commitment to the team - there is no such thing as in-between, you are either in or out." -Pat Riley


"Practice it, like you are going to play it."


"What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us, is very little of importance, when compared to what lies inside us." -Oliver Wendell Holmes

Inside of you is a winner! Don't let anyone convince you differently. God has never made a loser and He sure didn't start with you! You are a winner... with a choice. That choice is presented to you each day...

Mediocrity or Mountaintops???

Simple question with a simple answer. Choose mediocrity and you're probably going to end up somewhere in that vicinity. Choose mountaintops and you'll soar. This life-shaping, life-changing question stands before you each morning when your face hits the mirror... will my life reflect mediocrity or mountaintops? In your attitude... what will it be? In your work ethic? In your lifestyle outside your softball commitment? In your belief system?

It's your decision!!!

Am I going to make an impression or an impact? Will I ride the fence or choose a side? Will I take the unpopular road where few decide to travel or choose the mainstream with the in-crowd? Will I set a goal and work through it's highs and lows or sit with those who don't dream much, work much or experience life? What map will it be for you and more importantly...WHICH WAY WILL YOU CHOOSE TO TRAVEL?

Don't wait until tomorrow. Don't wait until season's end. Don't wait until your high school days are long gone. This is valuable time. This day... hour... second... is ripe for the exploration, it's ready for the adventure, it's primed for the challenge of mountaintops.

You can't bring back the past! But, you can make an impact on the future... by what you decide TODAY. It's in your hands.




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