Sep 17/21
5:22 am

Wakeland Wolverines
SB 101





This page was created to help you understand some of the basics of softball.

1. Explain what this means: “Two outs? So What!”

2. Swing at the first pitch only if…?

3. If the batter prior to you walks on four pitches, what do you do?

4. What’s the job of the on-deck hitter with a runner at third or second?

5. Explain: “We cannot win the close games unless the hitter that goes to the plate plays within the team concept.”

6. We are down by three runs in the bottom of the seventh. You are the first hitter up. More than likely, you are doing what?

7. What three things do you do or consider when you reach first base?

8. After doing these three things, what do you do next at first base?

9. What do great hitters do on 2-0 and 3-1 counts?

10. Explain: Hitting is from the waist down, the elbows down and the neck up.”

11. What is the most underrated but most important phase of offensive softball? If given the opportunity, will you do this?

12. Where do we want sacrifice bunts to go?

13. What’s the goal of the leadoff hitter in each inning?

14. What’s the goal of the hitter with a runner at second and no outs? 1 out? 2 outs?

15. What’s the goal of the hitter with a runner at third?

16. If you are a dead duck on a tag play and the ball is exposed in the fielder’s glove, do what?

17. As a base runner during a hit and run, slap and run or bunt and run, what do you do?

18. As a hitter during a hit and run, slap and run or bunt and run, what do you do?

19. True or False: A base runner should never tag up at first base unless she is definitely going to advance on the catch.

20. As a base runner, what’s the simple rule at second base on advancing to third base?

21. What do you do on a steal as a base runner?

22. What do you do on a blind steal as a base runner (the hitter doesn’t know you are going)

23. What do you do on a bunt and run – as a batter?

24. What do you do on almost all change-ups except with two strikes?

25. As a base runner at second, what can you do to help the hitter?

26. With a runner on third and you are at first base, there is a shallow fly ball to any of the outfield spots. What do you do?

27. True or False: You should always tag up if the person ahead of you is tagging up, regardless of which base.

28. Give three situations when the delay steal can be used.

29. When does the base runner take off on the delayed steal?

30. On a Squeeze as the hitter, if the defense throws a pitchout, what do you do?


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