Mar 31/23
1:23 am

Senators Baseball
Sparkman High School





If you have the first gate shift of the day, obtain the money pouch from the concession stand. Please make sure the bag you get has GATE marked on it.  DO NOT take the change bag used for the concession stand. Look in the bag and make sure the tickets are there along with the money to be used for change. Be aware that this is considered a public account, which means the front office of the school will hold us accountable for the amount of tickets sold matching the amount of money collected. The tickets are numbered in order to allow us to more easily track what has been sold and what dollar amount should be in the bag.  Sell the tickets in order. The gate fee is $4.  If you have the last shift of the night, once you are finished collecting, place the remaining tickets in the bag and take the bag with the money and tickets back to the concession stand. Count the money, verify that the amount collected matches the number of tickets sold, and then fill out the reconciliation sheet. Personally hand the bag to Marlo Christian, the new concession stand manager. If you have a problem or any questions, please find Susan Machnica or another available officer. If you cannot find any of them, tell Marlo (concession stand). 


If you are working the last shift of the day, you will need to stay until the 5th inning.  The end time for the last shift posted on SignupGenius is approximate and will vary.


During gate duty, you are required to be at the gate at all times. The Diamond Dolls will be available to assist if needed, but the parent is the responsible party at all times.


You are responsible for finding a replacement should a conflict arise with your scheduled gate time.


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