Dec 2/23
4:16 pm

Kerry Park Islanders
Female Midget AA



Mill Bay


Islanders Midget AA Game Day Routine

Pre-game Nutrition/Hydration
Hydration must begin 24-48 hours ahead of game time. By the time youíre thirsty, itís too late.
Pre-game meal, 2-4 hours ahead of game time. Choose how you fuel the machine wisely. Pastas, vegetables, chicken, fish, fruit, juices are great. Avoid fried foods, candy, chips, and soft drinks. 

Game Day Dress Code

For games, players will wear their Islanders track suite and designated shirt.


Arrive at the arena 1 hour before game time. Check equipment, re-tape sticks. This allows everyone time to prepare.
**45 Minutes before the game Warm-up exercises. Warm-up should be done as a group. Be ready!
**30 Minutes before the game Dress
**10 minutes before the game Coaches pre-game talk 

Post Game

Immediately following the game into the dressing room, helmets off, coaches talk.
Gear down, warm down run, as a group.
Gatoraide or water will help replenish your bodies electrolites after a game. This is important in tournaments.


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