Dec 6/23
2:18 pm

Varsity View 14A2





The team administration has reviewed the policy on players missing games.

A player missing a game and/or practice without a phone call and an acceptable reason will sit the first period of the next game he is available to play.
This applies if a player does not phone or e-mail me (Cindy) or if a player phones without an acceptable reason.
Acceptable reasons include, but are not limited to: important family functions (wedding, funeral), school commitments (field trip, exam), or illness/injury.
Unacceptable reasons include, but are not limited to: watching tv, attending a friend's party, going to the movies.
Penalties will increase for repeat offenders.
Exceptions will be made in extenuating circumstances only.

Players ejected during a game are expected to stay until the game is over and come to the dressing room with the team.
Players suspended for one or more games are expected to attend the game(s) but will not be allowed in the dressing room before or after the game(s), as per WMHA regulations.
Players who are ill or injured should attend games and practices if possible.


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