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Greater Dal Southern Bball





GDSBL Mission

The mission of the Greater Dallas Southern Basketball League (GDSBL) Pro Am Division is to provide players an opportunity to showcase their skills and enhance their game, while gaining exposure for possible International clubs around the world, the National Basketball Association (NBA), Continental Basketball Association, D-League, and International Women Basketball Association (IWBL).

The mission of the Greater Dallas Southern Basketball League (GDSBL) Youth Division is to teach, develop, train and enhancing natural playing ability, while allowing players to showcase their talents.

While providing each team, player and community an exciting game of summer basketball for both divisions.

Our mission is to equip our athletes with the necessary tools to further their basketball career; to assist them as much as possible to accomplish their sports goal(s) (whether that be playing collegiate, professional overseas or d-level or just enhancing personal skills).

The GDSBL Vision

Our visions is to become a nation wide respected and recognized Semi-Pro basketball league.

GDSBL Purpose

Our purpose is to serve as Dallas league of opportunity for its players for exposure and to serve as a training camp to develop future professional and better players on and off the court.

GDSBL will also provide a fundamental development camp/clinic for youths and will focus on assisting its players with agent contacts, as well as community building and involvement.

The talent pool in this league will consist of Rookie players fresh out of high school, former professional basketball players, select ball players, and/or former/current college players.

The purpose of the Greater Dallas Southern Basketball League is to provide pro-am, semi pro and high competitive teams in Dallas, Texas and surrounding cities and other states with a consistent, competitive formal league structure that will give teams the opportunity to play year round. Most teams participating in this league are pro-am, semi pro, former pro players, former collegiate athletes, and/or very competitive teams. 

We believe in windows of opportunities!

That is why GDSBL will be known for the league every player wants to be involved in and the league that offers more opportunities for players to enhance skills in basketball and in life. GDSBL will offer all scouts and scouting agents to observe any and all games to find their future star(s) at no cost or obligation to the league!

GDSBL…….The next best new pro-am league!

More About GDSBL

Greater Dallas Southern Basketball League (GDSBL) is a new Pro-Am league in Dallas, Texas and strides to becoming Dallas own League of Opportunity. Greater Dallas Southern Basketball League (GDSBL) is also as dedicated in its youth sports, from development basketball to select. GDSBL Pro-Am League and Tournaments will provide players an opportunity to showcase their skills and get exposure and enhance their game. GDSBL Youth Division is geared towards development of skills, enhancing players natural game ability and to showcase their talents.

GDSBL Pro-Am will assist players with exposure for International clubs around the world, the National Basketball Association (NBA), Continental Basketball Association, D-League, and International Women Basketball Association (IWBL).

GDSBL not only strides to becoming Dallas League of Opportunity, but we stride to becoming Dallas springboard for young and experienced players alike.

Greater Dallas Southern Basketball League (GDSBL) season will run from Mid June until late August. For all GDSBL teams and draft hopefuls, GDSBL will hold team registration and tryouts in May. (see calendar for more details).

GDSBL Pro Am League will be the premiere summer league, which will offer a smooth and sound transition from high school to the colliegite level to the professional game. GDSBL’s playing rules are National Pro-Am rules, with the stipulation that all players must completed high school and is at least 18 years of age. Teams may carry up to 15 players on a roster, to allow maximum exposure and opportunity for players to showcase their talent.

In addition to youth players development and player exposure, GDSBL offers excellent opportunities for those whose would like to gain experience for their respective careers in coaching or officiating, or even becoming a part of the dance team, or for those scouts and agents seeking players; also have an opportunity to owning your own team.

        Coaches: get experience by building a strong team, working With players, designing  plays and game strategies

Referees: get challenging experience officiating a fast paced and professional game with a well organized league.

Team Owners: get involved with the ownership aspects and have the opportunity and experience in management and operation of a professional sports team.

Sponsors: get more involved with your community by helping a team with sponsorship. Providing sponsorship for a team helps a team to become an active vehicle for positive role models and community service, which helps to building stronger communities.

GDSBL youth league will include summer developmental camps/clinics that will be offered free to those youths who qualify (contact us for more information), starting summer 2010.

Greater Dallas Southern Basketball League (GDSBL) is designed as a semi pro league utilizing team ownership opportunity. GDSBL offers potential team owners the least expensive team ownership to participate and operate in the DFW.

Corporate sponsors also have the benefits of association with the team and have the opportunity of advertising with GDS BL (contact us for more details).

Greater Dallas Southern Basketball League (GDSBL) puts a strong emphasis on operating a well managed league, providing quality games and offering better basketball in the DFW.


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