Jun 17/21
5:34 pm

Tampa Bay Patriots





The Tampa Bay Patriots, inc. is a registered non-profit Minor League Football organization that is dedicated to providing exciting community events, as well as the growth and development of our local youth at the Police Athletic League. (P.A.L) P.A.L. provides affordable after school, summer and athletic opportunities to more than 500 Tampa Bay youth. P.A.L. has partnered with the Tampa Police Department to provide a safe, healthy environment for our community’s children and teens. P.A.L.’s partnership with the police department provides mentorship as well as safety and crime prevention programs. In addition, P.A.L. has partnered with the Tampa Bay Patriots and a number of community organizations to provide athletic, educational and recreational development. While P.A.L. serves a large number of youth, typically from low to moderate income households headed by a single parent, all children are welcome and encouraged to participate in our programs. The biggest challenge of the PAL organization is the high cost of equipment and uniforms. The Tampa Bay Patriots provide volunteers (Coaches, etc,) mentors, equipment and money to help with uniforms. In addition to our youth and community support The Tampa Bay Patriots will Donate 10% of all proceeds from advertising and Donations to the Disabled American Veterans. A gift to the DAV Charitable Service Trust makes a powerful statement of your compassion and gratitude for the sacrifices of our nation's disabled veterans. The Tampa Bay Patriots football organization, its staff as well as its players understand image and brand are very important. The first goal of the Patriots is to always maintain a high quality business organization which uplifts the image of minor league football as a whole. The Patriots also feel the key to success is to establish a well disciplined team led by an organized and professional staff. Everyone under the Patriot umbrella will be committed to carrying themselves with an extremely high standard in regards to conduct. The Patriots will not tolerate anyone under this umbrella to tarnish the image of either the UFF or the Tampa Bay Patriots organization. In short we will bring to the Tampa Bay Community, quality, integrity, accountability, respect, community activism and a great product. In order to make this program as successful as possible we need help from the community, local business leaders, friends and neighbors. Please help us in our effort to provide the most rewarding and exciting athletic experience possible!


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