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After 2 years of being in existence, it might be worthwhile to take a look back at what this team has done since its conception. While the team has been through a few different re-creations we have still never had a losing season to date. However, at the same time we have never won a playoff game. In a way the two even each other out. I will try and keep this up-to-date as well as I can, and give an overview of the series as the seasons go on.

Showboats - 3-0 (The two teams played an awful lot for a 5 week season.  Reece Umatum pitched strong for the BULLS whenever he faced the Showboats, picking up 2 wins and a save.  The offense of Mike Johns and Jesse Rimmer was too much for the Showboat pitching, as the two of the carried the BULLS to 3 victories.)

Hitmen/Convicts - 3-0 (Two of these wins came with ease, the other one not so much. The 08 Spring season saw the BULLS beat the Hitmen 21-2. Not much of interest really happened in this game, but there were a few positives that came out of the game. Jeff Matthews started for the second time, and picked up his 3rd win of the season. Also, this marked the first game Jon Verde played with the BULLS. The two teams met up later that summer, the first game was just as bad as their first meeting. The BULLS won 10-0, and finished of the Convicts within 5 innings. Jeremy Smith through well through 5 innings, only allowing 3 hits, and the BULLS bats carried the team to a W. The final meeting, however, wasn't as simple of a win. The starting pitcher seemed to lack desire, and this gave the Convicts hope. The teams battled it out the whole game, with the BULLS barely hanging on to win 16-11. This series may not be over, though the team has changed their name again, they still are hanging around the ZBL, and may show up again in the Summer of Winter seasons.)

Aces - 2-0 (For some reason, the BULLS were never able to beat this team with ease. One game saw the BULLS needing a last inning comeback to escape with a win, while the other saw the Aces fight back against the BULLS all game to keep the score under a 10 run differential. The Aces took a break after the 07 Fall season, and Jeff Matthews joined with the BULLS in the spring. As of right now, unless the teams meet in a mixed ZBL/LVBA tournament, it appears unlikely that these two teams will ever meet on the field again.)

Yesco - 2-0

ZBL FA Team - 2-0

Coyotes - 1-0

Outfitters - 1-0 (The Outfitters were a new Pro Division team that faced the BULLS in week one of the '09 Winter Season.  Miles, Chris and Reece mowed down the Outfitter offense, striking out 17 and allowing only 1 run.  Mike Johns lead off the game with a home run, and Eddie Alvarez showed how much power he had with a screaming line drive home run in the second inning.  The game was definitely one sided, but it was a good way to start a season.)

Raptors - 4-1

Black Sox - 2-1 (These two teams first met in the losers bracket of the Labor Day Tournament. Jon held the Sox in check most of the game, though he was assisted in a major way by the 30 MPH winds that were blowing straight in. Regardless, the score showed what the BULLS could accomplish against this team. The 08 Fall season saw a pair of lopsided score. First, a shorthanded BULLS team dropped their third straight game of the season to the Sox 11-2. Defensive mistakes, and a lack of an offense normally means a loss and that is just what happened in this game. The BULLS managed revenge against the Black Sox in the form of a 16-6 win in the final game of the season. Jon managed to through 9 masterful innings (again), and the offense never let up.)

Titan Stairs - 2-1

High Rollers - 2-1 (In the 07 Fall season, the BULLS came out victorious twice against the High Rollers, though be it with a little more trouble then there should have been. Regardless, Brian Frei and Jeremy Smith pitched well enough to give the BULLS the W. In the 08 Spring season, the hard times vs the High Rollers caught up to the BULLS as they lost to the Rollers by a score of 6-4. Then High Roller, Sam Cohoon, held the BULLS to only 7 hits, and the Roller offense came through in clutch times. The BULLS could have used this game to clinch 1st place later in the season. Like all of the original Rec. Division teams, the High Rollers disbanded, so this 2-1 record looks like it will have to hold. It's a winning record, but 3-0 should have been the final outcome.)

Lobos/Cobras - 4-3-2 (The BULLS have played no other team more than the Lobos. Everything started in the 07 Summer Season. Even though the BULLS dropped both their games to the then Cobras, the one bright spot was Zac Bouch striking out 18 batters in their playoff loss. The teams didn't meet again until the 08 Spring season, and by that point the name changed from the Cobras to the Lobos. Jeremy Smith held the Lobos to 2 runs in their first meeting, and Jeff Matthews picked up the win by throwing a near perfect 8th inning. After the acquisition of Jon Verde, the BULLS won their next few matchups with the Lobos with relative ease, putting them into the Summer Championship in the process. Then the 08 Fall season saw Miles Stephens throw 7 dominate innings, while striking out 16, and Sam Cohoon finishing off the job for a 1-0 win, putting the BULLS on top of their series standings once again.)

Spartans - 2-2 (In the two seasons we faced the Spartans each team has managed a win. It seems as if the Spartans can only beat the BULLS if the BULLS sit on a lead and don't keep the pressure on. The Spartans pitching has never really contained the BULLS, and in one match up in the 08 Spring season, 3 BULLS went deep off of then Spartan ace Keoki Wright. This match up has gained some meaning once Mike Friedemann and Jeremy Smith left the BULLS to join with the Spartans. Outside of that, these games generally seem to be well played and even matched.)

Mustangs - 2-2 (In the 08 Spring season, the BULLS could do no wrong against this team. In the second week of the season, Jeff Matthews started for the BULLS going 5 innings and picking up the win in a 15-10 BULLS win. Later in that same season, even after revamping their lineup, the Mustangs still could not overcome the BULLS as we picked up another win. After adding on players from several upper tier ZBL teams, the Mustangs became the powerhouse of the league, and the BULLS fortunes switched. Opening Night of the 08 Fall season saw the BULLS lose 13-4. Errors and a lack of hitting was the downfall for the BULLS in that game. Looking for revenge later in the season, the BULLS came within outs of handing the Mustangs their only loss for the season. Instead some mental errors came between the BULLS and victory, losing the game 7-5.)

Legacy - 1-2 (This team was all the talk coming out of the 08 Rookie Season, but they didn't seem to hold their weight when they played the BULLS. The record might be 1-1 but it undoubtedly should be 2-0 in our favor. The BULLS dropped a heart breaker in their first meeting 4-2, but the BULLS could only field 8 players for most of the game. The pitching of Jon Verde held the Legacy, and if it wasn't for the defense, the game could have ended different. The second game saw the same dominant pitching from Jon, but the BULLS offense came through and the defense played rather strong to help the BULLS pull out an 8-6 win. The BULLS faced a much different and revised Legacy team in the playoffs.  The score ended up being 8-1 and another promising season was ended in the first round of the playoffs.)

Mad Dawgs - 1-1 (A joke of a series, neither team actually won, but rather forefitted to each other. The team was put together as a "free agent" team by the league, and it broke up right after the 07 Fall Season. With the teams never playing each other during the season, and the chances of them playing in the future seemingly 0% this series will end at 1-1.)

Devils - 2-1 (Jesse Rimmer dominated the first inning of the first game between these two teams, striking out the side, but suffered an injury in the process which limited his work the rest of the game. The offense was held in check by an average pitcher, and the BULLS only managed a lone run. The bright side was after this game, the BULLS went 6-1-1 to close out the season. It was never expected that these teams were to face each other again, but after a take over of the old Lobos team, the Devils name quickly came back.  Chris Gschwender threw a 1 hitter, and Sam Cohoon pitched the BILLS to a championship, as the BULLS improved their record against the Devils to 2-1.)

Gamblers - 0-1 (This loss came at the worst possible time, the 08 Summer Tournament Championship. The BULLS offense was kept in relative check all game by Keoki Wright, and Jeremy Smith just didn't have the arm the BULLS needed to keep them in the game. The BULLS fought back to keep the score close late in the game, but the early deficit they put themselves in was just too much to overcome. Don't know if this team will be resurrected, but if they are it should be a good game.)

Venom - 0-1 (The only team that the BULLS ever played outside the league. This was the game where Jon Verde became the ace of the team. The BULLS hung close, but were obviously over matched on the offensive end. It was a good sign though for the BULLS that they were able to compete with a higher level team. Hopefully we will get the chance to even up the score.)

Titans - 0-1 (Not much to say here, the only time the teams were supposed to face was on opening day of the 07 Fall season. It ended up as a forefit loss since the BULLS couldn't get definite answers from a majority of the team.)

Scorpions - 0-2 (The Scorpions were the first team the BULLS ever faced as a team. There were obviously some kinks to be worked out, but it was a respectable loss. As the 07 Fall season came around, the odds were still stacked against the BULLS. They were short on pitching and their bats just couldn't compete with the Scorpions pitching. Since the team is no longer in commission this is another team the BULLS won't have a chance to even the score against.)

Assassins - 0-3 (This was one of our biggest rivals, even though the overall record is a little one sided. During the 07 Fall season, the Assassins were beating teams by 10+ runs per game, the BULLS managed to hang close in their two games losing by a combined 3 runs. The 08 Spring season saw the BULLS fall again, but this time the game was called early due to injuries and the BULLS having a depleted team at the time. Unfortunately, since the team no longer exists, this record will stay as a black mark on the BULLS record.)

Overall Record - 36-23-2
Win % - .590


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