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Cannon Valley League



BV Eagan Lakeville Rsmt Sav IGH


2010 CVL vs CCVL All-Star Game
Wednesday, July 7, Elko, Frederickson Field, 8:00, Home Run Derby, 7:00 pm

The CVL had nine singles and two runners on base in the first, fourth, seventh and eighth. Evan Walker (Savage) had two singles to lead the CVL.

CCVL             1 2 0  0 0 0  0 1 0        4 6 0

CVL                0 0 0  0 0 0  0 0 0        0 9 3

Moriarty, Hedeen (3), Barta (4), Meyers (6), Pfeifer (8), Ruud (9) and Olson, Bohmbach (6).  Wallace, Lassonde (3), Johnson (5), Hauck (6), Hansen (7), Turnwall (8) and Walker.

W-Moriarty, L-Wallace

2010 All-Star Roster


Charlie Dubanoski
Carter Sackett
Rob Wiens
Matt Johnson
Trent Anderson
Jon Hansen
Jason Grimm
Ash Larsen
Jeremy Chlan
Dylan Thomas
Inver Grove Heights
Dan Lojovich
Jeremy Bade
Jake Hauck
Derek Jacobson
Trent Larson
Jim Gaylord (Injured)
Justin Wallace
Loren Sjoquist
Troy Hoeppner
Matt Tschida
Dylan Porter
John Means
Evan Walker
Jack Lassonde
Ben Turnwall
Dylan Peterson


2009 All-Star Game

CVL wins All-Star Home Run Derby, 6-5 over CCVL!

Rosemount Black Sox Loren Sjoquist hit 2 home runs, Alex LaShomb of the IGH Diamond Kings hit 2 home runs, Savage Outlaws Ben Braaten hit 1 HR in the derby and Apple Valley Millers Kyle Baran hit 1 HR.

CVL     110 003 040 0; 9 Runs, 14 Hits, 3 Errors
CCVL  052 200 000 1; 10 Runs, 10 Hits, 0 Errors 

CVL Loses 10-9 In 10-Innings During Big Comeback Effort In Red Wing
by Tim Watts

The 3rd annual CVL-CCVL All-Star contest was another great game, even though the Cannon Valley League lost in extra innings by one run. Savage Outlaws Ben Braaten hit a home run in the 1st inning. The CVL put up one run in the 2nd by Rosemount Black Sox Loren Sjoquist to take a quick 2-0 lead, but the CCVL came back and scored five runs in the bottom half of the 2nd to take a 5-2 lead. The CCVL scored in pairs, four times before the 5th inning, to lead the CVL with a 9-2 score.

Derek Jacobson gets set to drive a lead-off single in the 6th inning.

In the 6th inning, the Cannon Valley League fortunes turned for the better. Lakeville Athletics Derek Jacobson took over at shortstop and started the 6th with a lead-off single to right. Eagan Bandits Brandon Paetznick"s walk brought Jacobson to 2nd and then a wild pitch advanced them to 2nd and 3rd. Jacobson and Paetznick scored on a two-RBI double by Inver Grove catcher Alex LaShomb. Center fielder Jon Gaylord of Lakeville reached on an error by the 2nd baseman who ranged too far wide to his right on a tough ball that probably should have been taken by the shortstop. Gaylord was left stranded at 1st, but the CVL plated three to cut the score to 9-5.

Jake Hauck gets ready to deliver a pitch during a hitless 6th inning.

Lakeville Athletics Jake Hauck came on to pitch in the bottom of the 6th and shut the door on the Classic Cannon Valley League, allowing no hits and one walk, while rolling up a groundout and two fly outs to end a scoreless 6th for the CCVL.

The last fly-out was an outstanding diving catch in center field by Jon Gaylord, who helped to strand the go-ahead run at 3rd.

Jon Gaylord steps to the plate before pounding a double in the 9th inning.

Gaylord walked in the 8th and scored on single by Billy DeNet from the Eagan Bandits. Jacobson picked up his second hit of the game, only to be left stranded at 1st, but not before the CVL tied the game with four more runs by Apple Valley Millers Josh Nelson and Jason Novack as well as Savage Outlaws Anders Engberg.

In the top of the 9th, with two outs, Gaylord stroked a double down the left field line that somehow stayed fair to give the Cannon Valley League a chance to go on top. Josh Nelson of Apple Valley then hit a shallow fly ball to right, but a hesitant right fielder got a poor read on the ball before making a diving catch for the 3rd out.

The Classic Cannon Valley League led off the bottom of the 10th with a strikeout looking and then a hard to handle infield base hit to the left of the pitchers mound. A stolen base put the runner into scoring position, with a hit to right scoring the winning run.


2009 All-Star Game Roster (in alphabetical order by team name)
# 5 Alex LaShomb, IGH
# 4 Matt Tschida, Rosemount

First Base:
# 25 Jason Grimm, Burnsville
# 22 Tony Peterson, Savage

Second Base:
# 17 Roddy Hjort, Burnsville
# 3 Billy Denet, Eagan

# 18 Derek Jacobson, Lakeville
# 9 Loren Sjoquist, Rosemount

Third Base:
# 10 Jason Novack, Apple Valley
# 8 Scott Lindner, Burnsville

# 2 Josh Nelson, Apple Valley
# 29 Brandon Paetznick, Eagan
# 9 Ben Braaten, Savage

# 24 Kyle Baran, Apple Valley
# 5 Steve McGuiggan, Apple Valley
# 20 Tony Johnson, Eagan
# 1 Jonathan Wulff, IGH
# 19 Jon Gaylord, Lakeville

# 19 Nick Karlovich, Apple Valley
# 28 Jeremy Liebherr, Eagan
# 6 Matt Johnson, Eagan
# 17 Jake Hauck, Lakeville
# 11 Ben Lemke, Rosemount
# 2 Justin Wallace, Rosemount
# 21 Travis Pugliese, Savage
# 3 Brandon Walczak, Savage
# 4 Anders Engberg, Savage
# 34 Ben Turnwall, Savage

HR Derby
# Alex LaShomb, IGH
# 9 Loren Sjoquist, Rosemount
# 24 Kyle Baran, Apple Valley
# 5 Steve McGuiggan, Apple Valley
# 9 Ben Braaten, Savage

Head Coach: Travis Peterson, Savage


Cannon All-stars hit when it counts PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 11 July 2008

Cannon Valley League stars lost the home run derby to Classic Cannon Valley League, but out-hit home team Wednesday at Cannon Falls Field 

by Jason Olson
Thisweek Newspapers

The second edition of the Cannon Valley and Classic Cannon Valley League’s midsummer all-star game ended with the same result as the first game last season, with the CVL winning 6-4.

The CVL won for the second year after last year’s 6-5 win in 10 innings in the first all-star game in Miesville.
Before the 2008 all-star game, the two teams traded long balls in the home run contest, with the Classic CVL out-belting the CVL 12-4.

“The Classic League really hit some bombs out there,” said CVL director Dudley Olson, describing the pregame derby.

The Cannon Valley League trailed 3-0 after the first inning and took the lead for good on an RBI base hit by Eagan’s Brandon Paetznick to go up 5-4 and Dan Norsten added an insurance run for the 6-4 score.

Burnsville’s Jason Grimm gave the visitors a 4-3 lead with his three-run home run. Rosemount pitcher Tim Radmacher picked up the win with a scoreless fifth inning for the Cannon Valley League. 

Eagan pitcher Jeremy Liebherr started for the CVL but gave up three runs, all unearned, in the opening inning.cvl-5.jpg

Olson said the combined league venture was a hit among baseball faithful for the second time.

“What a great showcase for amateur baseball,” he said. “I think the games have been very competitive and we’ve established a rivalry now with the Classic Cannon Valley League. It’s really been a privilege to get to play in two great parks in Miesville and Cannon Falls.

“It’s definitely two highlights in my eight years I’ve been involved in it,” he said. “It’s really outdoor baseball at its best.”

The CVL’s starting lineup included, starter and backup:
C: Mark Radmacher, Rosemount; Kyle Sovde, Apple Valley;
1B: Tom Buske, AV; Brandon Paetznick, Eagan;
2B: Roddy Hort, Burnsville; John Bauer, Eagan;
SS: Jeremy Chlan, AV; Derek Jacobson, Lakeville;
3B: Charlie Dubanowski, Bville; Tony Peterson, Savage;
UTL: Billy Stitz, Burnsville; Dan Norsten, Eagan;
OF: Kyle Baren, AV; Jason Grimm, Burnsville; Jason Kirshman, Rosemount;
P: Tom Buske, AV; Jeremy Liebherr, Eagan; Matt Doornick, Rosemount;  Brandon Walczak, Savage; Trevor O’Shaughnessy, Burnsville; Tim Radmacher, Rosemount; Ben Turnwall, Savage.
Final push

Heading into the mid-summer break, Eagan continued to lead the Cannon Valley League by one-half game over Savage.

“We’ve had an all-around good season for us, but it would be nice to get the first or second seed heading into the playoffs for the first-week bye,” Bandits manager Eric Swanson said.   

The Bandits held a half-game lead over Savage heading into Thursday’s game. Eagan played Apple Valley before finishing the regular season with a pair of games against Savage.

“We control our own destiny, but a first-round bye would really help our pitchers rest up for the second half of playoffs,” Swanson said. “Our main goal this season is still to make it back to state.”

The District 5B round one playoffs run Monday through Wednesday, July 28-30, at Alimagnet Park in Burnsville starting at 7:30 p.m. The top two teams in the final standings received a first-week bye, while the bottom four teams play a double-elimination tournament. The top two teams from the first week move on for the second week of double-elimination play.

The top two teams left from the district playoffs will move on to the state tournament set for Aug. 14-17, 22-24 and 29 and Sept. 1 in Chaska and Shakopee.

Outlaws rallying

Savage increased its winning streak to five games before the holiday break by sweeping Hampton 6-4 in nonleague play before returning home to beat Lakeville 11-2 in CVL play.

On June 28, it was Savage all-star catcher Tony Peterson who put the Outlaws into the lead with a two-RBI single before closer Brandon Walczak shut down Hampton in the ninth inning for the win.

The Outlaws pounded out 15 hits in an 11-2 win over Lakeville on June 29.

Adam Evanoff, Tony and Tyler Peterson each hit a home run, and Chris Steenberg added three hits. Relief pitcher Tyler Ball tossed three scoreless innings.   

The Outlaws beat Arlington 10-5 on July 1 before beating the Lakeville A’s for the second time in one week, 15-13, on July 2.

After dropping five-straight games to fall to 3-5, Savage found a way to win with a 7-1 record since June 19.

Jason Olson is at


2008 CVL All-Star Roster


Starter; Backup, (Alt). 25 total. 2 CA, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B. 3 UTL, 6 OF, 7 P.

CA - Mark Radmacher, Rosemount; Kyle Sovde, AV (Adam Evanonff, Savage).
1B - Tom Buske, AV; Brandon Paetznick,
Eagan, (Josh Threolkeld, Burnsville).
2B - Roddy Hort,
Burnsville; John Bauer, Eagan no alt.
SS - Jeremy Chlan, AV; Derek Jacobson, Lakeville (Tyler Peterson, Savage).
3B - Charlie Dubanowski,
Burnsville; Tony Peterson, Savage (Pat Dockendorf, Eagan).
UTL - Billy Stitz,
Burnsville; Dan Norsten, Eagan; Loren Sjoquist, Rosemount.
OF - Kyle Baran, Apple Valley; Jason Grimm, Burnsville; Jason Kirshman, Rosemount; Robbie Weins, Burnsville; Matt Tschida, Rosemount; Jon Gaylord, Lakeville (Landon Harris, Eagan; Mike Krejci, Apple Valley).
P - Tom Buske, AV; Jeremy Liebherr, Eagan; Matt Doornick, Rosemount; Brandon Walczak, Savage; Trevor O'Shaughnessy, Burnsville; Tim Radmacher, Rosemount; Ben Turnwall, Savage (Kent Huls, AV).

Starting Lineup -
CA - Mark Radmacher
1B - Tom Buske
2B - Roddy Hort
SS - Jeremy Chlan
3B - Charlie Dubanowski
OF - Kyle Baran
OF - Jason Grimm
OF - Billy Stitz
DH - Jason Kirshman



All Stars by teams:

Apple Valley (4) - Tom Buske, Jeremy Chlan, Kyle Sovde, Kyle Baran.
Burnsville (6) - Roddy Hort, Charlie Dubanowski, Jason Grimm, Billy Stitz, Robbie Weins, Trevor O'Shaughnessy.
Eagan (4)- Jeremy Liebherr, Dan Norstan, Brandon Paetznick, John Bauer.
Lakeville (2) - Derek Jacobson, Jon Gaylord
Rosemount (6) - Jason Kirschman, Mark Radmacher, Loren Sjoquist, Matt Doornick, Tim Radmacher, Matt Tschida
Savage (3) - Tony Peterson, Brandon Walczak, Ben Turnwall


2007 All-Star Game:

CVL Drops Three Run Lead, Recovers and Downs CCVL 6-5 in Ten
By Jeff Barthel

The 2007 Cannon Valley League vs. Classic Cannon Valley League All-Star Game took place in beautiful Miesville, Minnesota Tuesday night at Jack Ruhr Field. Approximately fifty players from the respective leagues participated in the inaugural event, which began with a homerun derby at 7:00pm. The CCVL won the derby, but the CVL would survive a rough ninth inning and a questionable call to defeat the CCVL in ten innings.

In the homerun derby, five players from each league faced a piercingly, bright sun as they reared back and took their homerun swings. Fans squinted their eyes or dimmed the sun with their hands as they watched the CCVL edge out the CVL 3-2 in the derby. Despite the defeat, Savage’s Joe Loftus launched two homeruns for the CVL. Both teams enjoyed watching each respective league’s teammates as they cheered on their homerun contestants and prepared for the game.

At approximately 8:12, Hasting’s Mark Moriarty delivered the game’s first pitch to Burnsville’s Roddy Hjort. Moriarity pitched a 1-2-3 first inning, but would struggle in the second as Apple Valley’s Mike Krejci doubled in Rosemount’s Matt Tschida for the game’s first run.

CVL pitchers kept CCVL bats silent through the first three innings, then Apple Valley pitcher Zach Schneider (who had an 11-person fan club named "Zach Attach" in the crowd) entered the game in the fourth and allowed two quick walks. The CCVL had runners on second and third with two outs when Red Wing’s Kyle Blahnik laced a Schneider offering toward the right center gap; Blahnik’s hit would not find the ground though as Lakeville centerfielder Jon Gaylord tracked it down to make the catch and end the CCVL rally.

Eagan’s Andrew Kes put the CVL up 2-0 with a run-scoring single to right field in the top of the fifth. However, on the same play, a possible second run was gunned down by Dundas’ Carson Jones, then Bay City catcher Bump Ulvenes threw a pellet to third to get Kes for the third out to end the CVL threat.

Dundas pitcher Ed Hagberg struck out two CVLers in pitching a scoreless top half of the sixth inning for the CCVL. The CCVL followed Hagberg’s performance by scoring two runs in the bottom of the sixth to tie the score 2-2.

The seventh inning featured a spectacular play by Miesville’s Nate Otto to stave off a CVL rally. The CVL had two runners on with two outs when Savage’s Tony Peterson crushed a ball to deep centerfield. With runners blazing around the bags, Otto jetted straight back and tracked down Peterson’s liner near the warning track in dead center.

The CVL scored three runs to take a 5-2 lead entering the bottom of the ninth. An infield single, sharp single to right and another hit to right loaded up the bases for the CCVL with nobody out. Burnsville’s Tyler Ball then hit a batter to make the score 5-3. Jeremy Chlan, who played earlier at shortstop, entered to pitch and immediately induced Northfield’s Erik Anderson to pop up to shallow center for the first out. Chlan walked the next CCVL hitter to make the score 5-4 before Dundas’ Kyle McDemott hit a ground ball to short. The would-be game-winning double play was turned, or so CVL players and coaches thought, but McDemott was ruled “safe” at first and the game was tied at five runs apiece. Chlan would escape the ninth after a line out to third and it was on to extra innings.

In the top of the tenth, Miesville pitcher Dave Johnson retired two CVL batters in order before hitting Savage’s Joe Loftus and allowing a walk to Tyler Peterson. With two runners on, Johnson faced Apple Valley’s Kyle Baran. After Johnson’s first offering went high, Baran knocked a 1-0 pitch to right field to score Loftus for the go-ahead run. Chlan pitched a scoreless bottom of the tenth and the Cannon Valley All-Stars celebrated its 6-5 victory.

CVL 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 1
CCVL 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 3

The following was provided by KDWA 1460 AM Sports Director, Nick Tuckner:

Cannon Valley 6 12 3
Cannon Valley Classic 5 9 1

WP – Jeremy Chlan (CVL, Apple Valley Millers)
LP – Dave Johnson (CCVL, Miesville Mudhens)

CVL leaders: Mike Krejci (Apple Valley) – 2-4, 2B, 1B, BB, 2 RBI
Travis Brown (Burnsville) – 2-3, 2 1Bs, RBI, Run

CCVL leaders: Jordy Horsch (Hastings) – 2-2, 2 1Bs, RBI, Run
Nate Otto (Miesville) – 1-2, 1B, HBP, Run

2007 Cannon Valley League All Star Team

Manager - Josh Wigley; Coaches - Eric Swanson, Kevin McDermott, Doug Johnson, Garret Roach and Grant Mohwinkel

C – Charlie Borrell – Starter
C – Matt Tschida - Backup
C - Kyle Sovde - Backup

1B – Andrew Kes – Starter
1B – Travis Brown – Backup

2B – Roddy Hjort – Starter
2B – Tyler Peterson – Backup

SS – Jeremy Chlan – Starter
SS – Loren Sjoquist – Backup

3B – David Grimm – Starter
3B – Tony Peterson – Backup

OF – Mike Krejci
OF – Jon Gaylord
OF – Will Dahlgren
OF – Joe Loftus
OF – Dave Clements
OF – Kyle Baran

P – Jeremy Hinderks
P – Jeremy Liebherr
P – Zach Schneider
P – Cullen McDermott
P – Lance Anderson
P – Trevor O’Shaughnessy
P – Luke Anderson
P – Tyler Ball

Jack Ruhr Field is located on Highway 61 in Downtown Miesville, MN.


From HWY 52: 52 to 50 East. Follow 50, which becomes HWY 61 through New Trier, into Miesville. The Park will be on your left. You won't miss it.

From HWY 61 (Hastings area): Follow HWY 61 South, until the road comes to a "T" at the 50/61 Junction. Take a left on 61 (T), and follow about 2 miles to Miesville. The park will again be on your left.

From 316 (From Hastings): Follow 316 South to Nicolai Avenue (County Road 91, Sign will point towards Miesville). Take a right at Nicolai, and take it 6-7 miles to HWY 61. Take a right, and follow 61 about a block. The park will be on your right.


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