Washington State Championship Report

Posted July 8, 2013

Federal Way Warriors Washington State Champions!
The Federal Way Warriors defeated Washington FCA by a 5 - 3 score tonight at Chaney Stadium to become Washington State Champions.  The Warriors went undefeated throughout the Tournament.  In fact the Warriors have lost only one game this year in Tournament play and that was when the Mounties eliminated them from the Kitsap County Classic Tournament on June 9th.  Congratulations to the Warriors for being crowned Washington State Champs as they were without a doubt the class of the tournament winning every game they played. 

Mounties 3rd Best in Washington State Championships!
The Vancouver Mounties were close to accomplishing the impossible as they fell to the high powered Federal Way Warriors by a 6 - 4 score in Semi final action at the USSSA Washington State Championships in Centralia, WA.  The Mounties can only DREAM ON to what might have been!

The Mounties played 6 games in 3 days in sweltering heat but nothing could have prepared them for the last day where the Mounties played two high energy games against two teams who were going to do everything they could to knock the Canadians out of their State Championships. 

In the Quarter final the Mounties came up against a stingy Gametime team which had only given up 10 runs in their first 4 pool games.  The Gametime parent group seemed to want this game as much as their players as they all sat next to the Mountie bench trying to intimidate the players at every turn.  The game was tied at 2 until the 5th inning when all hell broke loose.  The continued abuse hurled toward the Mountie players had gone on long enough and a brouhaha erupted between the Gametime parents and the Mountie bench.  When the dust settled two Gametime parents were ejected from the park and the Mounties scored 4 to break open a tight game and take a 6 - 2 lead.  The Gametime team was down, and the Mounties sensing a kink in their armour continued to pound the Gametime starter putting up 5 more runs in the 6th and finally knocking him out after 101 pitches when Dray hit a 3 run shot sending him to the showers.  It was an emotion filled game and the Mounties realized during the postgame handshake just how much this tournament meant to the Washington teams as several Gametime players were teary eyed.  Final Score Mounties 11 Gametime 4.


This win set the stage for a rematch with the Federal Way Warriors.  The winner of this one was going to the State Championship game at Chaney Stadium in Tacoma next week.  One month ago the Mounties knocked the Warriors out of the Kitsap County Classic Tournament with a 5 - 3 score.  The Warriors got revenge handling the Mounties easily giving them their only loss in earlier pool play beating them Mounties 7 - 1.

The Mounties jumped out to a 4 - 0 lead with 2 runs in the 1st and 3rd but the heavy hitting Warriors were too much for the Mounties and there bats erupted in the bottom of the 3rd scoring 5 runs on a couple of devastating clutch hits.  The Mounties threw out all the stops the rest of the way but were unable to score any more off the Warrior starter who was throwing gas and seemed to get stronger as the game went on.  The Warriors scored a back breaking insurance run in the 5th inning and went on to win by a 6 - 4 score.

The Mountie dream of a Washington State Championship along with Championship rings and a chance to play in Chaney Stadium was abrubtly over and they had to settle for a 3rd place finish in the tournament.  Although the Mountie goals were set high for this tournament, in a couple of days when reality sets in, the boys will realize that they were the 3rd best team in Washington State.  The team left with their heads held high knowing that they were beaten by a strong Federal Way Warrior team.  They Mounties played tough, did not sag or collapse, did not get blown out or mercied in any games, and stayed mentally tough for ALL 6 games.  Not bad for a bunch of Canadian kids.

The Mounties would like to once again thank USSSA Tournament Director Matt Creaser for all his efforts.  The Mounties would also like to thank TriCity coach Randy Downes for allowing one of his players to play the last 4 games of the tournament with the Mounties, to fill in for the missing Mounties’ Ensing who was unable to participate in the tournament.  The Mounties would also like to thank Jordan Dray and his dad Doug, who after a late Friday night game in Tri City, got up at 4:00 in the morning on Saturday to drive down to Centralia for a possibility of only 2 games not knowing if the Mounties would make it through to the next round.   

Next up on the Mounties Hit List: Aldergrove Dodgers

USSSA 15U Washington State Championships
Sunday June 30th
Seattle Select Black 15U 10 VS. Cloverdale Spurs 15U 2
Vancouver Mounties 15U 11 VS. Gametime 4
Washington FCA 15U 8 VS. Seattle Select Black 15U 7
Federal Way Warriors 15U 6 VS. Vancouver Mounties 15U 4

Final: Federal Way Warriors Vs. Washington FCU July 8th, 4:00pm at Cheney Stadium.

Mounties And Spurs Avoid Each Other FOR NOW!

The Vancouver Mounties and the Cloverdale Spurs both advanced to the USSSA Washington State Championship Quarter Finals with Identical 3 - 1 records.  The Mounties who gave up 15 runs in 4 games are in the 6th seed due to having higher runs against than the 5th seeded Spurs who gave up 14.  The Mounties will play the 3rd seed Gametime Baseball Club 3 - 1 with 10 runs against and the Spurs will play the 4th seeded Seattle Select Black team 3 - 1 with 12 runs against.  The Winners will meet  the #1 seeded Washington FCU and #2 Seeded Federal Way Warriors who both went undefeated through the seeding round with 4 - 0 records and both received bys into the Semi finals.

USSSA 15U Washington State Championships

Saturday June 29th
Reality Sports 15U 11 VS. Tacoma Tigers 15U 3
Washington FCA 15U 8 VS. Tacoma Tigers 15U 0
Vancouver Mounties 15U 11 Vs. West Hill Vipers 15U 4
Seattle Select Black 15U 10 VS. Showtime 15U 2
Washington FCA 15U 5 VS. Showtime 15U 3
Vancouver Mounties 15U 9 VS. Reality Sports 15U 4
Seattle Select Black 15U 9 VS. West Hill Vipers 15U 0
Federal Way Warriors 15U 10 VS. Northwest Blaze 15U 0
Bellevue Baseball 15U 6 Vs. Brooklyn Baseball Academy 15U 5
Cloverdale Spurs 15U 1 VS. Gametime 15U 0
Gametime 15U 5 VS. Bellevue 15U 4
Northwest Blaze 15U 13 VS Brooklyn Baseball Academy 15U 5
Federal Way Warriors 15U 11 VS. Cloverdale Spurs 15U 3

Mounties Prove Pundits Wrong

The Mounties came away with two hard fought victories against two tough opponents in Day 2 of the USSSA U15 Washington State Championships. They took the early game 11-4 against the West Hills Vipers and then came back with a 9-4 victory over the Reality Sports 15U where the Mounties never trailed. Pitching was outstanding on the day as was the defense. Timely hitting help boost the score up. 

The Mounties are now in a good position to make the top 6 of the tournament. First place is out as the Washington FCA went 4-0 but every other spot is still open. The earliest game time on Sunday will be 1:30 pm. Stay tuned as there are still games going on at the park.

Mounties in Tough Heading into Day 2

The Vancouver Mounties find themselves in 8th spot after day 1 of the USSSA 15U Washington State Championships. After a morning game where everything went right in a 12-0 victory over the Tacoma Tigers, the Mounties came up well short in a 7-1 loss to the Federal Way Warriors. The top 6 teams after pool play will advance to Sunday's bracket games. Teams 7-13 will be heading home.

The Mounties still control their destiny but will likely have tough games against the 0-2 West Hills Vipers who beat them twice in the Kitsap County Classic and the Reality Sports team whom have played their two opponents tight giving up only 2 runs over their two games.  

USSSA 15U Washington State Championships
Friday June 28th:

Federal way warriors 15u 4 VS. Bellevue Baseball Club 15u 2
Gametime - 15U 6 VS. Northwest Blaze 15U 5
Reality Sports 15U 9 VS. Seattle Select Black - u15 1
Showtime 15U 10 VS. Tacoma Tigers 15U 2
Washington FCA 15U 3 VS. West Hills Vipers 15U 2
Cloverdale Spurs - 15U 9 VS. West Hills Vipers 15U 2
Washington FCA 15U 1 VS. Reality Sports 15U 0
Gametime - 15U 11 VS. Brooklyn Baseball Academy - 15u 0
Cloverdale Spurs - 15U 9 VS. Brooklyn Baseball Academy - 15u 1
Seattle Select Black - u15 8 VS. Northwest Blaze 15U 1
Bellevue Baseball Club 15u 3 VS. Showtime 15U 1

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