Apr 8/20
5:48 pm

Waconia Girls Rugby Club
The Gryphons




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Posted Apr 21/12 - St. John's Tournament
Today the girls participated in the St. John's Tournament. Even though it was cold and rainy, it didn't seem to slow down the girls too much. They played two games; one against Edina and one against Orono. The first game was a close score, and the girls really tried hard. There was few injuries on either team... Just one broken nose on the opposing team. However, during the Orono game, the cold and rain was starting to get to the girls, which didn't mix well with their exhaustion. As hard as they tried, the other team had more energy. They hadn't played at all yet, and it showed. When they scored their only tri, they had a little party on the field. Alex Anderson, who scored the tri, was especially excited. However, at the end of the day, the girls were ready to go home and take a nice long warm shower.

Pictured are Emily, Christin, Kelly, Sonja, and Alyssha


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