Feb 19/20
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Posted Apr 14/15 - Question your choice ?

As a head coach one of the choices you will have to make is building a staff ,this can be tricky because if you add one coach who is not a good fit your season will be a long one, because that coach can bring down your entire staff.

First thing is the coach referred from someone else if so be careful just because one your friends suggested he is a good coach doesn't mean he is a good fit, as he may not believe in what you are doing and will talk about how he would do things now it is ok to hear him out if he comes to you one on one to talk about something he noticed but if he spreads his own right and wrong way of going about things within the staff there will surely be a problem.

If the choice is a guy you choose there should be no problem because he comes from what you think needs to get done in order to win and he will support that system all the way without question, the season is short so make this choice with that in mind as it takes time to jell as a team but if the coaching staff is put together well you will have a better chance of the team coming together quickly and giving the entire program the opportunity to be successful.  


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