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Posted Feb 23/15 - Pluzzling Information

A recruiter made the statement that some college coaches in Texas have whispered that they would rather go outside the state to recruit potential athletes ,giving this quote as the reason [ They haven't been over coached] and offer more of a blank slate to mode, now the problem with this if this is how some of those coaches really feel .

Just a few short years ago the statement was just the opposite , the brunt of the so called problem was stated like this the kid has been playing football since he was 6  and has been over coached the reality check here is that kids, who unless very gifted wait to enter the game of football in the 9th grade are so far behind that even if he should be the fastest kid on the team he won't have technique or position skills and most high school coaches won't be kind and attempt to develop that kid, it's funny those same coaches seem to find a way to host summer camps featuring guess what coaching.

What could be the real problem is control one must remember the mighty NFL is attempting to control the entire game by developing its marketing arm USA Football which is more marketing than any thing else ,just keep the eyes and ears open to see if what this recruiter stated comes out in the open or if it is possible the recruiter himself may hold some type of bias.

This same thing is being said about the college coach by NFL people stating that college players at certain positions are not being developed for the pro game, well one could say it's not the college coaches job to do such things,allow me to leave you with this thought next time you watch a college game watch the so called cover corner in college he is really a turn and run corner he will never play square which you would do if you were a cover corner because he would be man up, he instead will line up tight then bail ,this is why, when you see this player if he goes pro not be able to match up man when asked to he will instead depend on his speed and verses a good receiver is never enough.


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