Feb 26/20
5:32 pm

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Posted Jan 26/15 - The Side Line Parent/Coach

If you have attended a youth or even a junior high school game you have had to witness the side line parent/coach while well meaning but completely out of line ,here is the thing if the kid has a knowledgeable coach who has worked on certain technique and skills development in practice the parent doesn't have too yell or even walk the stands to yell things at his kid that may be completly out of line with what the game plan if there was one to carry out. This type of parent at the youth level goes alone with in some cases poor coaching and while their may be a chuckle the same can be said at the middle junior high school level as well . There will always be a parent who is guilty of this act so I'm not here to state that the answer is ! I'm just stating the fact it will continue to happen where there is poor coaching.


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