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Posted Aug 20/12 - Artful Dodgers are Division 3 B-side Champs!

Yes, you read that correctly. The Dodgers pulled off their first of hopefully many championships this past weekend. Things started off slowly with a 1-2 record on Saturday and some relatively silent bats. Playing with a 6-4 lineup and missing some big bats, Sunday morning still started off with an 11 run bang in the top of the first against the Blue Jays. Despite the good start, defensive woes contributed to a 14-13 loss, dropping the team to the B-side.

The semi-finals saw a match-up with some friendly faces in Kind of a Big Deal. Strong bats and a few key defensive plays pushed the Dodgers to an 18-14 win and a trip to the finals and a rematch with Stumblers (the only team the Dodgers beat on Saturday). It was a closely contested game, filled with unfortunate injuries and a really small strike zone that both pitchers had to adapt to. It came down to runners at 1st and 3rd in the bottom of the fifth with one out in a tie game and the Captain up to bat. In what might be the last at-bat of her Dodgers career, she came through with the clutchiest of clutch hits in Dodgers history to drive in the winning run! Now that's retiring in fashion.

It was a great season filled with highs, lows and plenty of Rob's vagina. The team continues to improve and maybe an A-side final is in the near future? I look forward to reporting on the next Dodgers team.



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