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Posted Jun 27/12 - Drunk Reporter Challenges Grammar to a Fight

Frak you Grammar, I'm win more!

And now, fresh off my victory over Grammar, here's the latest Dodger news (typed with extra carefulitude). On Monday, the Dodgers won a couple of mercy games (19-6 and 11-1) over what was obviously a short-handed, but still super fun Nads team. The bats were hot, except for that lazy-ass first baseman and the gloves were even hotter. The hottest glove was none other than the player of the night, SS Shaun. There was an inning or two where it was the Shaun show and the rest of us were just spectators. The outfield played like spectators the entire night, possibly explaining the dropped ball or two......

To go along with the hot glove, was a hot bat. In two games, he was 5 for 6 with a single, a double, a triple, and two homers, scoring four runs and batting in another 10. Of course, the lazy, but efficient (and far sexier), first baseman managed 5 RBIs off only two singles. Just sayin'.

However, the first baseman can't win all the awards, so it was decided that Shaun "Fernandez" Johnson gets the nod for this week while sexiest ass went to Rob. Is this reporter the only one who thinks Rob has the finest ass/vagina combo in slo-pitch? I think not.




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