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Posted Sep 9/13 - Middle School Meet 9/10/13

1. Tuesday's meet is at JL Newton.The girls begin at 4:30. The boys will follow (usually 5ish).

2. IF YOUR CHILD needs to a ride home from the meet, I must have a note Monday or Tuesday from you saying that you give your child permission to ride home with "parent name". This is very important!

3. Below is the sign up list for people bringing items to the meet: Thanks for volunteering!!

Case of Water    Elizabeth Mathews 
Case of Water    Jennifer Martindale
Case of Gatorade    Robyne Clower 
Snacks    Anna De Jong 
Snacks    Anna De Jong 

4. KIDS: we will make an announcement to dismiss you from class about 2:30. Immediately get packed up, go to the bathrooms across from the cafeteria (on the cafe study hall side) to get changed and come to the 6th grade car line out front and wait. Going to that particular bathroom helps me keep up with who is getting ready to go. If you have PE 6th, please remind the coaches that you are leaving at 2:30 and you may also want to keep track of the time in case they forget!

5. PARENTS DRIVING: Thanks again! Please make sure I have a copy of your DL/Insurance cards Monday! You may send them with your child, email them to me or fax them to SFMS at my attention. Please be here by 2:30. We need to roll out of SFMS by 2:40. Please park in the front parking lot. 6th grade car line will be taking up the lane directly in front of the school so we will need to be out of their way in the parking lot.

THANKS TO EVERYONE!! An email about the upcoming party will be sent soon.

Below are the riding/driving arrangements for Tuesday, September 10. PLEASE stick to your assigned driver. It's very important that the office has the correct paperwork. This is what I am giving them so please just follow this!


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