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Posted Apr 24/19 - 2019 AGM

On Wednesday, April 24 the AGM was held at Tapps in Yorkton. Each team will return from the 2018 season,  with the Yorkton Yankees officially changing their name to the Parkland Pirates. 

Each team will have a 14 game schedule, with the exception of the Parkland Padres and Yorkton Orioles playing a half schedule of 7 games. The rainout week is July 2-8. The 7 teams competing for the League Title will be the Back Forty Brewers, Canora Supers, Grandview Lakers, Langenburg Legends, Parkland Pirates, Roblin Stars and the Willowbrook Royals. Games vs the Padres and Orioles will count in the standings.

The playoff format will remain the same with the #1 seed receiving a 1st round bye. The other series will start July 9-18 with #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5 competing in a best of 3 with the higher seed getting home field advantage. Round 2 will be July 19-26 with the #1 seed vs the lowest remaining seed and the other two teams competing in a best of 3. The final will start July 27 in a best of 5

To be eligible for playoffs, players must participate in a minimum of 3 regular season games. 

Also, teams now have the option to bat more than 9 players with unlimited subs against all teams in the league, and not just the Twilite teams. Teams still have the option to start 9 players or use the designated hitter. The unlimited batting order and subs rule is only in effect for the regular season. The playoffs reverts to 9 man baseball with the option for a designated hitter

To speed up the games, the Parkland Umpires Association has requested that players must keep one foot in the batters box. If failure to comply, a strike will be called on the offending player.  

All games sheets must be either texted or emailed to league webmaster Greg Andreychuk by the home team within 48 hours of game completion. Failure to comply will first result in a warning. A second offence will be a $25 fine. A third offence will be a $50 fine, and a fourth offence will be a forfeiture of the game. 

Subsequent League Executives have been determined to be in the following order:

-2020/2021 Langenburg Legends, 2022/2023 Yorkton Orioles, 2024/2025 Roblin Stars, 2026/2027 Grandview Lakers, 2028/2029 Back Forty Brewers



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