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Posted Apr 29/19 - 2019 Season Summary


4-28-19:  "The Game Without the Outfielders".  10-2 Loss to New Market in 11 innings.  
                *Alex Donkers  **Matthias Duevel  ***Cody Pirkl

5-12-19:  "The Game Where Porter Grounded Out 5 Times in Front of Peggy on Mother's Day."  6-2 Win over Prior Lake
                *Zach Bakko  **Cody Pirkl   ***Tanner Oakes

5-18-19:  "The Game Where it Was So F$%^ING Cold".  10-2 Loss at St. Patrick
                *Jeremy Heitkamp  **Zach Bakko  ***Wade Olsen

5-24-19:  "The Game With the Impenetrable Infield Grass Army"  7-2 Loss to Montgomery.
                *Mitchell Martin  **Nick Heitkamp  ***Jeremy Heitkamp

5-26-19:  "The Game Where the Officer Pinch Ran For a Teammate Who Didn't Know Who He Was"  12-8 Win vs New Prague
                *Carter Johnson  **Mitchell Martin  ***Nick Heitkamp

6-1-19:  "The Game Where We Didn't Compete"  8-0 Loss to Shakopee
              *Cole Minnick  **Carter Johnson  ***Matthias Duevel

6-2-19:  "The Game The Baseball Gods Punished Us For the Day Before"  3-2 Loss to Union Hill
              *Trey Kocher  **Cole Minnick  ***Jeremy Heitkamp

6-5-19:  "The Game Where TJ Evanson Had a +10.0 WAR"  8-1 Loss to Elko
              *Mitchell Martin  **Trey Kocher  ***Alex Donkers

6-7-19:  "The Game Where We Make Zero Plays When It Matters"  12-5 Loss to Faribault
              *Ryan Gale  **Carter Johnson  ***Carter Hodapp

6-9-19:  "The Game With The 420 Foot "Foul" Ball"  4-3 Win vs Faribault in 10 innings
             *Mitchell Martin  **Trey Kocher  ***Jeremy Heitkamp

6-12-19:  "The Game with 23 Walks and Hit Batsmen"  21-10 Win vs Veseli
              *Ryan Gale  **Matthias Duevel  ***Zach Bakko

6-19-19:  "The Game where we kept hitting people"  17-6 Loss to St. Patrick
                *Carter Hodapp  **Andrew Huss  ***Trey Kocher

6-22-19:  "The Game With the Playoff Vibe"  5-4 Loss to Montgomery
                *Cole Minnick  **Alex Donkers  ***Carter Johnson

6-23-19:  The Game Where We Looked Like a Baseball Team"  10-0 Win vs Veseli
                *Carter Hodapp  **Jeremy Heitkamp  ***Mitchell Martin

6-26-19:  The Game Where We Missed Each Other"  9-2 Loss to New Prague
                *Mitchell Martin  **Carter Hodapp  ***Cody Pirkl

6-28-19:  "The Game Where We Played Well in All Areas"  11-2 Win vs Lonsdale
                *Zach Bakko  **Mitchell Martin  ***Alex Donkers

7-6-19:    "The Game Where Andy Henkemeyer Moved His Sliders Up to 100"  10-2 Loss to New Market
                *Cole Minnick  **Tanner Oakes  ***Andrew Huss

7-7-19:    "The Game Where We Wanted to Play 2 More Innings"  13-5 vs Lonsdale
                *Andrew Huss  **Zach  Bakko  ***Tanner Oakes

7-10-19:  "The Game We Were Locked Out When We Arrived"  3-0 Loss to Prior Lake
                *Nick Heitkamp  **Alex Donkers  ***Carter Johnson

7-12-19:  "The Game CJ Popped the Cherry"  9-2 Win vs Union Hill
                *Tanner Oakes  **Jeremy Heitkamp  ***Carter Johnson

7-14:19:  "The Game We Again Refused to End in 7"  13-6 Win vs Webster
                *Andrew Huss  **Zach Bakko  ***Matthias Duevel

7-19-19:  "The Game the Opposing Pitcher Refused to Leave the Mound"  13-4 Win vs Shakopee
                *Jeremy Heitkamp  **Mitchell Martin  ***Zach Bakko

7-21-19:  "The Game Played in 1 HR 40 Minutes"  3-0 Win vs Webster
                *Cole Minnick  **Shane Ahlbrecht  ***Paul Hentges







Posted Apr 22/19 - 2019 Season

2018 3 Stars of the Game:

5/4/18     3-1 Win at Belle Plaine.  *Shane Ahlbrecht  **Cole Minnick  ***Jimmy Vollbrecht

5/13/18   10-9 Win at New Market.  *Jon Huss  **Matthias Duevel  ***Tanner Oakes

5/23/18    8-6 Win at New Prague.  *Tanner Oakes  **Paul Hentges  ***Zach Bakko

6/8/18     19-8 Win at Lonsdale.  *Mitchell Martin  **Trey Kocher  ***Andrew Huss

6/15/18    3-1 Win at Montgomery.  *Tanner Oakes  **Jeremy Heitkamp  ***Trey Kocher

6/24/18   15-14 Win vs Veseli.  *Andrew Huss  **Scott Eischens  ***Jon Huss

6/29/18     4-2 Win at Faribault.  *Tanner Oakes  **Tanner Oakes  ***Tanner Oakes

7/1/18       6-5 Win vs Prior Lake.  *Jeremy Heitkamp  **Tanner Oakes  ***Mitchell Martin

7/8/18       10-9 Win vs Lonsdale.  *Paul Hentges  **Zach Bakko  ***Matthias Duevel

7/15/18     7-6 Win vs Shakopee.  *Mitchell Martin  **Jon Huss  ***Tanner Oakes

7/16/18     14-2 Win vs Webster.  *Andrew Huss  **Mitchell Martin  ***Jon Huss

7/22/18     8-3 Win vs New Prague.  *Cole Minnick  **Andrew Huss  ***Tanner Oakes

7/24/18     7-6 Win vs Veseli.        *Jeremy Heitkamp  **Zach Bakko  ***Matthias Duevel

7/26/18     10-9 Win vs Veseli.   *Paul Hentges  **Andrew Huss  ***Scott Eischens



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